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[LBA] Update 19-09-2015 - +420 new songs (WOOT!) and 3000rd song (WOOOOOT!)

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2015-09-19 15:46:00 / Author: Shadowriver

Hello! Long time no see! Sorry that i didn't update for something like 3/4 of year :p BUT! i make up of that time by posting over 400 songs (WOOT?), which is like a double update! I also want to improve recording process, thats why i introduce submission thread in 2 forums that i make LittleBigAudio annoucments LBPCentral (which just got back from grave :p) and LiitleBigForum music section, the thread includeds link to giveway level with recording player that i use for recording, allowing you to create record level for me so i can record your music easier. So far only artist from JMC did that (level set up by Oya) and make there music easier to record. So here the link:

But let get to music! First we reached 3000 songs! You know what this means? Yes, special collab made to celebrate it ^^ this time little diffrent as it's made by JMC. Collab is called OtoPla The Sound Planet. Little shorter then last collab but very nice

Also LBA reached over 1,000 subscribers and if i'm not mistaken we got over 100 music creators on it now :o But let get to those 400+ new songs. Btw, this is first update recorded using LBP3 and... PS4! so quality should be a bit better ;)

New Comers

Jusu-Tengu (72 Songs)

Various diffrent songs which could fit to many games

Wounery (52 Songs)

Man who hates PCM :p He comes from LBP Vita music community, i already uploaded his songs from LBP3 Beta, but didn't have proper introduction so here you go

squid2723 (45 Songs)

This scary fellow creates really calm songs with lot of piano.

DigiToast (41 Songs)

As name and art suggest he makes lot of electronic music. I could not contact him for sp(lash art... so hope he likes it... i know, i could not resist :p

BicoastalClock (28 Songs)

Man who waited a long for this update :p if you like Velvet you should his music too

Nerd-dog38 (24 Songs)

Moderator of LBForum music section, that makes nice music ;)

VorbyXS (15 Songs)

This music creator use lot of guitars, very rare breed on LBP, so enjoy

G-Gilgamesh-G (15 Songs)

You might seen him in lot of collabs... but no singles? Thats because he never relesed his music, now he published his first gallery so i record it. He makes high-quality music so you definitely gonna enjoy it

Retsamehtmai (12 Songs)

Varoius songs, some of them are quite jolly

kikouma1098 (12 Songs)

Submitted few songs, anime style, if you like work of HIKOOSEN the you gonna like those songs too



Music from his latest gallery, this time he showed some Unreal-like music


6 new songs from her newest gallery


Obviuesly there would be no update without MastaBlastya :p As a highlight music that uses story voices that some people stole  from story mode... or rether someone from Sumo forgot to turn off something


Some missing music from here ;) Sadly this is most like last update from her as she switched to professional music creation for games... which is not that sad. As a highlight one of best sounding songs in LBP imo


Only artist from JMC in this update, as they are was getting use to LBP3 and busy with the collab


Also new songs from new gallery, i picked song that use new LBP3 instruments

Thats it, Enjoy! ^^
2015-09-19 15:46:00
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2015-09-19 15:58:30 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Loving the 3000rd song! ^^ And great musicians! I'm very happy that they are on LBA now!
Also, great idea for the music level as a player!

Now excuse while I have some music to catch up on and listen to
2015-09-19 15:58:30
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2015-09-20 06:36:30 / Author: nerd_dog
Nice update! And nice to be up there
2015-09-20 06:36:30
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