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2014-06-09 01:09:00 / Author: Buddydestruction
Hello fellow musicians! So, I was about to post a whole thread about a new soundtrack I've published on SoundCloud... But then I thought, why waste a whole thread?! So...

Do you have any new works outside LittleBigPlanet you'd wish to share with the community? Post about it here!

Also, feel free to comment on other's works that they've posted here. Build eachother up!

I'll start:

A couple days ago, I published a new soundtrack named "Surge". It is tagged as Cinematic, Dubstep and Orchestral. Click here to have a listen. >

This'd be a lot easier if I could embed the widget here. If le admins could, are you able to allow SoundCloud's widgets to show in posts? That'd be cool!
2014-06-09 01:09:00
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2014-06-10 00:32:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Idgo posted a few songs on youtube. Look up SwirlyBourbons on there
2014-06-10 00:32:00
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2014-07-15 15:41:00 / Author: SUPERSONICpsiii
Lil_Morta7 is now off making music under the name of Subtact. He can be found on his soundcloud:

Nk827 aka nOkbient is making an array of genres as well:

The_Official_TOY is becoming pretty good too:
2014-07-15 15:41:00
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2014-07-15 17:23:00 / Author: TheMorta
@SUPERSONICpsiii Woo! That's me!

Yeah to all who have no clue who I am, I was Lil_Morta_7. I made fun music I guess. I got like a thousand hearts for it so I guess that counts for something. My name is Subtact now, as Sonic said.
Since I became dormant on LBP, I've gained almost 300 followers on SoundCloud now, I'm currently managing an Electronic Dance Music promotional channel on YouTube called Luminant Electro, and I'm also a resident DJ with the future Luminant Podcast, so I'll be broadcasting mixes monthly to, (which gets an average audience of around a thousand people per week, and that's only in its current beta stages. Can't wait for it to launch!) and possibly on certain radio stations in the Netherlands. I might also have a release on Beatport soon, and might take part in forming a record label with the guys at Luminant next year.

So feel free to ask me anything producing-related! Contact me there on SoundCloud or at my email,
2014-07-15 17:23:00
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2014-07-30 14:08:00 / Author: Demondude16
So here's a new liquid dubstep thingy I made
2014-07-30 14:08:00
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2014-07-30 14:31:00 / Author: Sound Friction
Everybody forgot about me. *Forever Alone*
I like YouTube more because you can upload unlimited shiz. Errrr, that's that.
Just listen what you can do with Minecraft's noteblock sounds and Native Instruments' RC24 & RC24 reverb VSTs.
2014-07-30 14:31:00
Sound Friction
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