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2014-05-22 17:46:00 / Author: Velvet--Audio
Hello there Music community! First and foremost, enjoy your stay here! But there's a few little rules we'd like to clear up before you do that so here they are

All the usual site rules apply but there's a few little additions to our little community to make it tailored to you, our music community.

1. Respect all creative work regardless of personal preference - We all just wanna little love!

2. Remember that music isn't a competition - No song or composer should be considered 'better' than another!

3. We encourage everyone to be positive and friendly to each other in the forums - Please no mean remarks directed towards a creator or their work!

4. Try and keep self-promotion out of someone's thread - If you want to get your music gallery out there, please post a new one yourself for everyone to visit and check out!

5. Leave all issues with anyone else you may have off the forum and hopefully off the game too please! It's just not nice.

6. Although we are open to suggestions, the final word is, and must be that of the Mods and Admins here at the site so please respect our authoritahhh!

If anyone wants to ask us something directly that's music related, please give Festerd_Jester or myself a wee message here on the forum. Thanks!

See ya!
2014-05-22 17:46:00
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2014-05-22 17:53:00 / Author: Festerd_Jester
^ What he said

Also - Any musicians wishing to take part in our showcase feature which is coming soon, please go to the "meet the musicians" thread and follow the trail!
2014-05-22 17:53:00
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