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Brainstorm & Projects

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild1maddog9912018-10-23 23:42:03
Working on a new battle system6sanfoxer2018-09-08 14:21:17
Sack Party1TwisterKiller702018-06-22 10:30:03
New level2ImNotARobotISwear2018-05-15 10:43:20
mdkd's ratings3mdkd2018-05-10 08:21:36
Platform World: World 1 to 62noseben2018-05-02 20:32:44
"Solar One - We're Not Alone"3CuriousSack2018-02-27 15:49:30
Moonsider [Single]5VegaWest872017-11-14 04:10:54
Mother inspired video game: Change Of plans28VegaWest872017-11-06 16:22:13
Vega Project1VegaWest872017-11-02 15:21:09
Training for the Anniversary.4TSFRJ2017-10-09 01:15:30
looking for voice actors3EsEv12017-10-01 09:29:33
mdkd's discontinued projects5mdkd2017-09-28 04:40:41
Arcade City15Turretvista2017-09-13 19:37:06
The Sims Recreated in LBP4Lillianna2nite2017-09-02 15:35:28
Looking for help on my platformer (PS3)2EsEv12017-08-30 20:18:11
Mars Conloy24TwisterKiller702017-08-26 06:31:35
Project G.H.O.S.T4MasterOfMachine2017-08-09 20:31:48
Brightfire2koltonaugust2017-08-09 07:23:50
The Fall of The Imagisphere3Lillianna2nite2017-08-05 15:35:56
A Bunch of Level Ideas...3Lillianna2nite2017-07-25 15:09:37
Metroid (1986) LBP Remake Project2AirEnderman2017-07-22 22:28:37
Project Redcap: A Mario Star Collecting Series13fizzlesnoof2017-07-19 14:53:51
My ideas & projects for LBP38mdkd2017-07-17 02:33:36
Plants (Name Pending)5DyMonkie2017-06-20 21:45:25
Find that food! (recreation problems and level design)1Meowforme032017-05-04 14:52:25
Five Reasons Why12CuriousSack2017-05-04 07:56:17
Scary level project14mdkd2017-04-25 23:47:54
The Sync Story , planing the biggest lbp projekt8aykut100110012017-04-20 16:18:17
HELP NEEDED - Finishing Platformers (RTC)5Trixel Creative2017-04-15 00:23:08
Viva Brasil! (Adventure)1DigoKube2017-03-27 17:30:28
The Sackboy Project Generation II Looking for MANY PEOPLE (like you)4BABYABBU2017-03-27 01:23:57
Which LBP3 character is best?6IrishJosh2017-03-21 18:38:28
Making a new level1t567y-2017-02-24 17:16:43
Too late (WIP)17mdkd2017-02-15 00:10:26
Want to work on Return to Carnivalia?3Trixel Creative2017-01-21 09:19:25
Sphinx11CuriousSack2017-01-20 10:21:43
Can Shark Survival be Rebooted? ( And my attempt with a level packed with features )1LeAppleB1T52017-01-20 01:24:48
[LBFC5] Homeless4mdkd2016-12-29 06:59:21
My new LBP3 platformer project5mdkd2016-12-15 12:54:48
I m on an Oddworld-like project !9monsieur_tim2016-12-01 20:30:58
We need to make a level...7Grooseoverlink2016-09-12 04:06:47
Keeping LBP alive :)5Psmerga2016-09-03 14:51:41
[SUPER Secret LBP3 Project] Entropy1lostinseax2016-08-21 02:51:26
Switch Out2lostinseax2016-08-18 01:26:30
another dlc idea :D1moterhead19762016-08-16 18:23:03
Project Full Moon1Tomsnodgrass2016-08-04 13:24:28
LittleBigPlanet Reborn (adventure)3angelthegamer2016-07-30 18:36:46
Work in progress (Platformer & Puzzler)3angelthegamer2016-07-18 05:46:07
New hazards!1angelthegamer2016-07-18 05:41:07
DLC idea :D5moterhead19762016-07-16 13:50:38
Crystal Guardian (Adventure RPG)2Sharfik19952016-07-16 13:06:36
Space Adventure4krokkoguy2016-07-13 07:28:51
A new DLC idea for LBP3!7angelthegamer2016-07-10 21:02:35
Horror Hide & Seek Level Thing (I don't know what to name it yet)4Sparky-Gaming2016-07-10 06:27:37
Save LittleBigPlanet Japan - Group Photo12nyanchuoya2016-07-08 11:42:15
Sackboy Gone Evil Level?3LightningAshes2016-06-14 08:42:04
Looking for a Crew to Make a great Cargo truck Level3MoldyMaggot2016-06-12 15:29:48
Legend of Zelda Game6ironfist2016-05-27 20:18:36
Super Autobahn Highway Rush!31Platysynthesis2016-05-19 22:30:57
Popit Cursor 2 suggestions.7Pan_Ziemniak2016-05-16 07:46:11
Bug testing to a... Sequel...2Pan_Ziemniak2016-05-02 18:59:44
Depth of Terror (Top-down shooter) again (7Sharfik19952016-04-24 18:11:13
Not Alone [Level Idea]7DeKa13572016-04-24 11:57:44
Swoop's Dreamland Beta1DiamondDiancie102016-04-21 12:20:52
LBP3 VR Thing3BLAHBLAH10002016-04-16 20:11:11
Space Station 'Solar One'10CuriousSack2016-04-11 14:50:50
The Legends - CLOSED BETA2Gionator232016-04-01 22:59:23
Story heavy adventure2krokkoguy2016-03-18 01:17:00
Informal Suit Studio - A studio to unite creative players1pokitaruu2016-03-16 12:36:44
Castle in the Gardens2Gionator232016-02-16 17:11:41
What I Create!1GlaceAce202016-01-23 00:17:29
Western Project thing-project1Pan_Ziemniak2016-01-13 22:08:15
silhouette quiz (working title)4Sharfik19952016-01-06 14:50:09
QUANTUM PATROL (top-down shooter)12Sharfik19952015-12-31 16:41:02
Making a new level?4Sharfik19952015-12-28 16:18:56
LittleBigPlanet Christmas Countdown 2015 Recruitment Thread6yugnar2015-12-02 05:04:03
[Next Weekend] - Pollution Man - LBP3 Adventure2Gionator232015-11-24 21:31:39
Pollution Man - [LBP3 Story] - TRAILER 24Gionator232015-10-31 10:18:13
Masterpiece RPG Project (working title)8ironfist2015-10-24 06:30:47
I need help for my new level!7DMBIRK50002015-10-08 22:32:30
Pollution Man - [LBP3 Story] - TRAILER 15Gionator232015-09-09 19:37:52
Dynamic Split Screen For Vs Levels! WE NEED EM.3Gbatman282015-09-07 05:49:32
Copper Mine3dakrrs2015-09-03 02:42:13
Pollution Man - [LBP3 Story]3Gionator232015-08-27 11:22:40
Gladiator 30156Sharfik19952015-08-16 22:00:21
Champion of Avengard3Verbal832015-08-10 23:15:44
Ideas for my next TD level!!!4t567y-2015-08-10 19:51:35
Grandure of Nol [LBPMORPG] Sign Ups available!4cheese33232015-08-10 00:58:31
"Twisted Dimension"- PLATFORMER!!! YAY8t567y-2015-07-28 18:36:25
(Unnamed RPG)5XZombieKing1999X2015-07-28 06:34:13
Dynamic Movie Camera (Open-Source Tool/Engine)3AL2009man2015-07-20 22:55:54
Sackland (RPG)6Nova2015-07-16 20:54:09
Custom Animations Idea!4MadzMonstrillz2015-07-16 20:29:24
need help with my project1mark3y_man2015-07-11 13:38:42
Basic Fighting Sackbot AI7MrMonstrums2015-07-10 22:50:32
Sunderstone (1 Player RPG)8supmike2015-06-30 12:46:00
Looking for a voice actor for my next huge level!5t567y-2015-06-29 13:35:00
Project: Ballvatars, Adorable Avatars for the LittleBigPlanet 3 Community!30DiamondDiancie102015-06-25 12:27:00
Flying carpet level update.1Laxen3332015-06-23 13:43:00
Unnamed sci-fi themed level.5Pan_Ziemniak2015-06-16 03:41:00
In Search of Voice Actors for my movie: Missing Shoelace!5Hamster_fluff2015-06-13 14:53:00
Sackworm Testing!4BLAHBLAH10002015-06-06 18:33:00
Any photos imported into Little Big Planet 34mandogy2015-06-06 11:59:00
Top-Down Platformer Project (Adventure Forward - PS4)1CubeRoot062015-06-01 19:14:00
Tah Ums Shrine1Pan_Ziemniak2015-05-30 08:22:00
A horror level4Pan_Ziemniak2015-05-29 10:27:00
.:Woodland Nights:. {Platformer}3BoojiBoyTravis2015-05-25 10:41:00
Gateway to Greatness8dakrrs2015-05-24 07:23:00
Project "Air"9Pan_Ziemniak2015-05-18 22:39:00
I need Logic Ideas!3mandogy2015-05-18 15:51:00
Super Hero Movie in LBP3five-ate-five2015-05-12 10:35:00
Flying carpet9Laxen3332015-05-11 10:56:00
A Side Project... :)3sana_882015-05-05 00:36:00
Little, tiny, really small hint whats going to be my next BIG thing.9Pan_Ziemniak2015-05-04 13:32:00
Mossy Caverns! [Platformer] [EN/JP]14sana_882015-05-01 11:40:00
Lbp MMO7Sean Michael Gordon2015-04-30 16:53:00
[LBP3] Welcome To Hell, Sackboy! Remastered (PS3)3GamesVlog2015-04-27 14:51:00
Escape Goat Remake. (PS3)5Lenni the hidden2015-04-22 23:23:00
Shinobi no mono10Psmerga2015-04-19 09:38:00
Attack on titan on PS3 (closed)5Pvt_Fishcake2015-04-18 10:58:00
Alien theme7Psmerga2015-04-17 18:51:00
Moonlight Disco [Platformer] [EN & JP]25sana_882015-04-16 21:49:00
Project: Mega Walrus5VoksMaiGosh2015-04-16 13:50:00
Fluffy and The Gas Powered Wand! (Full Length Movie! :D)1Hamster_fluff2015-04-15 10:50:00
Top Down Shooter project9Epic2015-04-13 20:19:00
"Live on Stage - Time Dance"3CuriousSack2015-04-12 21:30:00
[LBP] Block Party improvements =P.1petethepug2015-04-10 14:59:00
moving without really moving7panhandler922015-04-05 01:51:00
Ruins of New AhkTosh10sana_882015-04-05 00:54:00
spacebound - a journey across the stars8samuasp2015-04-04 05:17:00
Im not making a snow level3Pan_Ziemniak2015-04-03 02:33:00
Mr. Keys Brainfart-o-Tron14Mr. Key2015-04-02 16:45:00
Five Nights at Bunnys4Littlebiginstagram2015-04-01 13:27:00
How to get more popular?18Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-31 08:14:00
Funniest thing you did when playing with your friends?8Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-31 02:26:00
Possible iCandy Platformer/3D Free roam!9sana_882015-03-30 06:00:00
Crystal Light Cave (platformer)3dakrrs2015-03-27 23:01:00
SpaceCraft! [Upcoming Platformer]6sana_882015-03-27 03:46:00
new adventure1samuasp2015-03-25 16:45:00
The Curse of the Cheshire Cat9The Wiz2015-03-23 17:44:00
Sumo, why you didnt do that?!7Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-22 04:58:00
Tropical beach resort1homieproductions2015-03-21 08:37:00
Mossy Forest (Platformer)9Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-20 03:37:00
The Adventures Of The Locksmith3samuasp2015-03-20 01:10:00
Creating a *reverse* slide2Indomitus19732015-03-18 22:00:00
artifical computer or AI5samuasp2015-03-16 23:29:00
guys I has a showcase ready3samuasp2015-03-12 18:51:00
What are the most annoying platformer clichés in LBP3s community in your opinion?14Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-09 11:13:00
The eye of judgement5samuasp2015-03-04 13:05:00
Planetary Fracture (platformer)6dakrrs2015-03-02 21:02:00
LittleBigPodcast! (LBPodcast)3Khnok2015-03-01 15:15:00
Musicians needed for steam city5samuasp2015-02-23 22:10:00
"Pairs Unleashed" by CuriousSack9CuriousSack2015-02-20 02:01:00
LittleBig Kingdom Hearts3Deleted User2015-02-13 19:15:00
Five Nights At Bethanys1Josh-Kun2015-01-29 08:37:00
Mario Endless Stairway2KickAypoo2015-01-23 10:48:00
LBI Corp2Littlebiginstagram2015-01-21 12:34:00
Working On A Two Player Game Need Help1samuasp2015-01-20 21:32:00
Tactix Reborn8Mhx Air2015-01-20 00:48:00
Opposite worlds1rolofunk2015-01-18 21:34:00
Dont Starve/Terraria Crafting System5mr_d222015-01-18 18:33:00
How do I let swoop breathe fire4Jtb20002015-01-18 11:54:00
Logic Help!!!!! Help!!!9JRisme2015-01-12 10:21:00
I Wanna Be The Hero! - The Childs Journey3Josh-Kun2015-01-09 09:09:00
Tale of Three Mages - Own adventure LPB3 PS4 - Help with design and other things2SonOfSparda2015-01-07 14:28:00
A creative challenge for you guys1Hyperfairy7772015-01-05 13:35:00
Some ideas for Swoop costumes!1dinorap12015-01-04 07:51:00
The great maze, level idea4Hyperfairy7772015-01-04 07:19:00
Something to make Swoop change layers midair?9dinorap12015-01-03 14:26:00
Help with quests2SonOfSparda2015-01-02 06:52:00
Fixing the Cool Levels12SUPERSONICpsiii2014-12-30 08:45:00
Five Nights at Freddys level night one5Squeakboy2014-12-28 14:14:00
rock climbing level1WARMAN77852014-12-27 18:00:00
Things you can make in LBP34Squeakboy2014-12-26 14:02:00
3D Movement System For You6Zohnar2014-12-22 23:30:00
What I want from Lbp3 creator packs19JellyBellyScout2014-12-16 08:08:00
LittleBigPlanet3 hat?1ZombieKitty2014-11-30 15:59:00
Revolve-formers5XZombieKing1999X2014-11-21 20:48:00
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