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Little big planet 2 won't load4sanfoxer2018-06-16 00:39:10
Little Big Planet 1 Creator Trophy Help2DarthMaster092018-02-08 12:15:57
Game of the Year Edition4iitc2018-02-02 16:17:55
Motionless Idle?8Angelicatoo2017-05-22 08:51:24
HELP LBP2 CROSS-CONTROLER DLC BUT NO PS-VITA!3HungryBoy022015-09-18 11:52:04
How do you make music affects?1Orange Panda2015-08-27 15:23:43
Would the original LittleBigPlanet be worth purchasing?13TheSangheiliGeek2015-07-15 04:17:08
How do I make a endless Little Big Planet Level in 2D form ;o.3petethepug2015-07-02 06:59:00
Logic help needed in LBP1!5Trayvargus2015-06-15 00:36:00
Any voice actors?5TheSangheiliGeek2015-06-07 07:14:00
Any good Builders5Fussy52015-05-03 11:19:00
Im Needing Help5Fussy52015-05-01 15:17:00
Failed to publish level, please try again later. (Why does this keep happening?)1sayer69132015-03-29 09:57:00
Adventure maps not saving1samuasp2015-03-26 19:32:00
Voice Actors1Tomsnodgrass2015-03-11 08:59:00
Switching Movement Modes4FonkDerok2015-02-07 17:49:00
Most of the background is gone4Elmustachio2015-01-29 18:39:00
Halp My World Peace Day Shirt2rukme2015-01-24 15:46:00
Rebuy 80$ worth of dlc? ... (Lbp2)8FutureScope-x2015-01-23 14:58:00
Fixing a Signal4Bonnell72015-01-22 15:01:00
Creating a layer barrier5Ihavedahswag2015-01-18 09:40:00
Camera Help5Raidersabc1232015-01-08 13:20:00
PS4 LBP loading forever if connected internet2j8j8j8jj82015-01-05 13:38:00
Informations about LBP3 backup ...3Peaxie2015-01-05 10:33:00
LBP3 Glitch!7Sackboy1322014-12-31 04:43:00
Can not change to odd sock1Shyster882014-12-29 19:57:00
need help making a floating path appear?3ellzmabob2014-11-30 18:21:00
Previousl paid dlc2orangedog232014-11-28 09:11:00
Need someone to help creating level3ellzmabob2014-11-28 00:52:00
Need help on creating a title screen / menu.7ZombieKitty2014-11-25 13:46:00
What Costumes did this person use?6VoltWolf2014-11-22 19:17:00
Eyes2Tomsnodgrass2014-10-21 12:17:00
[HCB] Private Beta Sign-Ups!7TheExpertz_2014-10-02 18:29:00
What fan site kit dose this site use?9sayer69132014-09-06 13:49:00
HELP! I challenge Steven Isbell to do the ice bucket challenge! HELP NEED 25 PEOPLE TO TWEET HIM!13sayer69132014-08-26 16:56:00
How do I get my lbp2 profile link under my comments?8sayer69132014-08-26 14:09:00
Cant import, has it been disabled?2BlueZebra2014-08-22 15:35:00
LBP3 release date? (PS3)7sayer69132014-08-09 19:58:00
"Failed To Connect to Players" Issue. Please Help!5LitteBigZomzan2014-08-06 19:02:00
Got stuck help me out2Ticktocksacks2014-07-27 20:02:00
How to setup an intelligent counter?8DragonFly25002014-07-25 18:39:00
2 points of view in the same level?9BlueZebra2014-07-22 14:54:00
I Need Help ASAP!6The_99_Skills2014-07-21 15:11:00
I wish there was a way.....7DA_5UPA_CH1CK3N2014-07-14 00:03:00
(LBFBC) Help and questions6sayer69132014-07-11 17:58:00
Were can i find a little big forum logo on lbpv!?2sayer69132014-07-10 18:24:00
Memoriser help!3SwagosPuntos2014-07-06 04:43:00
Help! How do to make a poll?????3Deleted User2014-07-04 10:58:00
Voice actors and actresses are in need!6five-ate-five2014-07-03 07:46:00
Terrible mic feedback online4DigiToast2014-07-02 13:52:00
Crown Earning Tips6Nadiz2014-06-24 16:46:00
Help With Pixel Art5Zohnar2014-06-21 22:29:00
is this possible?5lotye2014-06-21 10:10:00
How do i create a thread on lbpc?13sayer69132014-05-15 11:08:00
Were in the world is LBF picks episode 10 on vita!?1sayer69132014-05-08 17:10:00
My Name3R-V-2-0-1-32014-05-01 21:59:00
How do we put the pic next our names when we post things :O5Caseythesackboy2014-04-30 15:05:00
LBPC Problems6Snoki692014-04-28 03:05:00
Cross Controller help!1IAMHOGG2014-04-22 11:11:00
What happened to MM picks? Why are they Team Picks now? Are we not allowed to talk about them?10johnmedina9992014-04-13 08:59:00
what the heck is happening in lbp? D:7vusco2014-04-11 16:20:00
site is not working...3sayer69132014-04-11 14:29:00
Realistic Rain4Caliboy45992014-04-06 21:36:00
Follower bug2Dertyde942014-04-05 00:48:00
Memorizer4dakrrs2014-04-02 23:05:00
Is their a Little Big Forum app on the i pad mini?9sayer69132014-03-19 14:48:00
Need some logic help9GHOST-SEEKER2014-03-16 14:42:00
LBF Stickers5Snoki692014-03-14 14:51:00
Game Crashing!3Will=lliW2014-03-11 12:30:00
Desactivate Reviews ?3Snoki692014-03-09 15:08:00
Is there going to be a little big planet hub?4sayer69132014-03-04 14:13:00
What does Queue mean?3Mister-L-Jenkins2014-03-02 07:07:00
Hey guys whats a memorizer data?4sayer69132014-02-23 14:56:00
sorry for postin too mutch please read3sayer69132014-02-17 21:37:00
Space Race (Platformer)2sayer69132014-02-17 12:36:00
Save feature1dakrrs2014-01-31 22:36:00
God Glitch help?6EruptionOne2014-01-24 06:25:00
Realistic fire?11lucas_turci2014-01-09 14:33:00
Fan Art Problems...3Tikaki-MooMoo2013-12-20 07:20:00
Syncing SFX and music3Rouger2013-12-13 21:06:00
Odd smoke effect2Rouger2013-12-11 19:47:00
cross-controller problems6Roosterland2013-12-02 02:27:00
is a tearaway costume pack out?4sayer69132013-11-21 14:57:00
My Level is Gone :O3Xixomix2013-11-21 05:10:00
Help Eye Candy Important3sayer69132013-11-14 13:50:00
Question ?5deathmachine5792013-11-14 13:27:00
Help Hurry Important1sayer69132013-11-14 13:02:00
Thread Problem?3TigerSlash2013-11-11 18:10:00
how to trance fer a pic from 22:46:00
(eye candy)3sayer69132013-11-04 21:52:00
Help Help Please Help!5dudley31132013-10-30 01:59:00
Who needs plays? All levels with less than 100 plays are welcome (all the levels in my series have the same problem too,1xan-con2013-10-23 14:16:00
The work that I put into my series is still getting low appreciation from critics thanks to fairly dull graphics. A few5xan-con2013-10-20 13:59:00
Little Big Forum (raw sticker panel logo)1GooeyGhost2013-10-03 17:35:00
Scoreboard being Stupid! Help!5GooeyGhost2013-09-27 16:26:00
is it true the game has some bugs?4jacobqwerty2013-09-12 03:05:00
Controlinator: All except lead player?7epicQ_2013-09-08 21:25:00
How am I supposed to "Dive in 25" ?11dolphins-R-lame2013-09-02 10:27:00
help with music1deathmachine5792013-08-29 02:24:00
help to test my level3deathmachine5792013-08-24 15:05:00
how do i post pictures from my level?5kip_paard_koe1232013-08-04 23:55:00
LBP Qore cap2TheAngler20102013-08-04 17:44:00
Help me of decorated1AerialBlock2013-07-27 20:57:00
Impopularity-Again?!23stuntman15252013-07-26 12:18:00
Under Water Currents3epicQ_2013-07-21 16:50:00
About LBFC313Lampicka2013-07-20 03:30:00
Can u tell me why?3Chrisneve2013-07-09 05:09:00
I Need Help!!!4Chrisneve2013-06-14 03:52:00
Help!7X-SehveN-X2013-06-01 14:40:00
Need Help!7sayer69132013-05-23 15:02:00
Bug Blaster3MaryJStyles2013-05-05 03:12:00
How do I make a sackbot that haves a random costume each time you control it?2ToonLucas222013-02-21 11:47:00
Making a sackbot enemy help3Littlebigbrick2013-02-15 00:27:00
Important!!!!2littleBigparty2012-12-24 02:57:00
Voice actor needed3Frashman12012-11-13 05:52:00
Invisible Earth Glitch5DeKa13572012-10-28 03:23:00
Movie Sequencer Toubles1TRaciti2012-09-11 12:47:00
platformer gameplay elements10littleBigparty2012-09-06 10:23:00
Hacker Alert! Man your stations!14Jaeydan2012-08-28 15:57:00
Voice talent needed!1AgressivePandas2012-08-24 16:46:00
Voice actor4Frashman12012-08-12 07:28:00
logic help6srosenquist2012-07-21 09:36:00
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