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Cakeling is the best villain in LBP25Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-16 05:39:00
My Youtube channel1Lampicka2015-03-15 17:33:00
Something... interesting.3DiamondDiancie102015-03-07 21:56:00
A question about LBP13211Nickey2015-03-04 11:39:00
LBP Hub has screenshots and voice clips!10211Nickey2015-02-08 21:36:00
LittleBigSmash Bros. And The Walking Dead Projects3Sonicthefellow72015-01-16 11:54:00
Need help on little big planet 3 ps43RESERVOIR-WOLF2014-12-30 09:17:00
Five Nights At Freddys - Its Been So Long Music Video Recreation Project2ZombieKitty2014-12-08 18:33:00
Xander Versus The World remake: Project Xander5xan-con2014-11-15 23:21:00
G R I M - Dark Fiction Movie4X_DISARMED_PR0_X2014-10-26 11:37:00
A LBP Christmas Countdown 3!3yugnar2014-10-26 10:18:00
HalloweenToyBox (seeking help)1PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-10-13 23:21:00
Looking for a "Creating teacher"11-Crow2014-10-13 19:38:00
MM s Secret about lbp5Sean12342014-10-01 05:18:00
Littlebigplanet Weird And Wonderful week 2015: Sign up5Deleted User2014-09-18 12:27:00
Cool page back in main menu or front3homieproductions2014-09-15 18:17:00
Toy Story Pack Returns!3Deleted User2014-09-09 09:14:00
LBP2 UCF3Moonscythe3212014-09-04 15:59:00
This Week in LBP10mr_krispy_kreme2014-08-28 00:38:00
Star Wars:Bounty Hunter3Verbal832014-08-20 12:21:00
Favourite characters in story6Lampicka2014-08-16 08:59:00
The Forest In-between! Im currently working on a level that will bridge the gap between LittleBigPlanet 2 and 3!3RedPanda2014-08-13 06:35:00
Anyone need a logo designer on LBP2, for music bands?5sayer69132014-08-12 10:03:00
LittleBigGalaxy has arrived!1RedPanda2014-08-12 03:33:00
halloween project!12deathmachine5792014-08-10 13:45:00
Cross-controller Help needed!2wally-2172014-08-10 09:44:00
"Live on Stage - Sacks on 45: LBP-Medley"2CuriousSack2014-08-05 10:56:00
Share this message!!1Lampicka2014-08-04 06:28:00
Disney?s Maleficent Minipack DLC3Deleted User2014-08-02 08:34:00
Possible Destiny DLC?4Sparky-Gaming2014-08-01 14:06:00
Will we get a free dlc on the store on lbp2 once lbp3 releases7Ticktocksacks2014-07-28 18:31:00
With MM not in charge anymore, can we still get secret pins?4johnmedina9992014-07-28 16:59:00
Artwork logo I made9Ticktocksacks2014-07-24 10:32:00
Icy factory (platformer)3deathmachine5792014-07-23 04:15:00
Touhou Shoot Survival 3 (shootem up)5Akakyu2014-07-22 13:51:00
New project! BUT....5homieproductions2014-07-20 11:30:00
"Live on Stage - X" by CuriousSack2CuriousSack2014-07-20 03:06:00
"Do you fear Death?!" - first trailer by CuriousSack5CuriousSack2014-07-16 10:25:00
Trixel Studios - Signups6Trixel Creative2014-07-15 14:01:00
Obscure Shack (Dark Platforming)5SakuraLBPDragonX2014-07-14 18:57:00
Acidic Meltdown (Platformer)3Sparky-Gaming2014-07-11 23:36:00
Online bug4JellyBellyScout2014-07-08 18:06:00
Moons In Motion applications now open!9ethan23lol2014-07-06 12:35:00
LittleBigPlanet in real life2Lampicka2014-07-06 05:11:00
Im back on LBF!9Lampicka2014-06-16 05:30:00
LittleBigStories3Fatso_The_Frog2014-06-12 05:13:00
Not really sure where this fits :L2amiel4455662014-06-12 02:17:00
Will there be an LBP 3 BETA? :D7Caseythesackboy2014-06-09 20:07:00
X-Raye Platforming3dakrrs2014-06-07 21:47:00
Martin the Spartan Card Battle2Verbal832014-06-06 17:54:00
Cangaceiro Costume and Rainha de Bateria Costume1Lbphart32014-05-27 11:01:00
Get ready for the LittleBigPlanet Cup with some brand new DLC!7Lbphart32014-05-27 10:54:00
Whos developing this game?13wally-2172014-05-26 15:37:00
New 3d sonic4gurren0092014-05-25 21:35:00
Joe Danger is at it again!7sayer69132014-05-20 22:26:00
Lemming dlc this week2Sandro87082014-05-19 10:32:00
Hack n Slash/Beat em Up Combo System3JustABlacksmith2014-05-17 20:07:00
Are the seasonal Creator Kits still coming out in 2014?2johnmedina9992014-05-17 16:10:00
Share the music9Sandro87082014-05-12 18:54:00
Minecraft 2D6kubac20002014-05-10 18:59:00
Gravity Drop (LBP Band)7XZombieKing1999X2014-05-10 18:11:00
Artisti-Splat City7XZombieKing1999X2014-05-10 12:00:00
Sea Callin (platformer)5jhonsiak2014-05-05 05:05:00
Official fonts from LBP, MM, and Tearaway!! (X-post from Sackinima Forums)6GlitchMaster72014-05-03 23:00:00
Forest Of The Monster5PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-05-03 17:28:00
BEYoND NEoN (Sneak Peek)11R-V-2-0-1-32014-04-30 13:35:00
LittleBigTeamPicks (EVERY Team Pick from LBP 1, 2, Karting, and Vita)14dakrrs2014-04-29 21:47:00
Some of my ideas for next LBP game (LONG)16JellyBellyScout2014-04-28 22:30:00
The Concept for my level.3Darand2014-04-28 13:37:00
My Mini-map idea3Darand2014-04-28 11:15:00
House Floors Logic1Darand2014-04-28 10:25:00
Abes Oddysee DLC this week!4CogMonkey2014-04-28 03:24:00
My HUGE Project Open World RPG2PyroTrooper912014-04-27 12:56:00
Mana Bar/Magic System Help10JustABlacksmith2014-04-26 09:38:00
Memorizer Memory3PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-04-24 17:59:00
do you have some new information?17vusco2014-04-23 04:35:00
Hello a sackbot i made :) ( ART )16Caseythesackboy2014-04-21 16:28:00
Doesnt exist7Seleven72014-04-20 16:43:00
Brainstorming ideas for "The Hidden: LBP edition"1Bodaciouslycrazy2014-04-20 10:48:00
Constructive Obstruction10WaffleGod3452014-04-18 12:26:00
Rare T-shirt and Cap9stem-war2014-04-18 01:31:00
Cosmic Colors7dakrrs2014-04-11 23:00:00
What is your favorite LBP mini-game 1 or 2?5PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-04-08 21:50:00
Innovative Platforms (Build Colab)2Quickfire_Artist2014-04-08 15:47:00
New Update6Sandro87082014-04-08 13:53:00
Nightfury Flight6dakrrs2014-04-07 21:57:00
I made my own fan site! Check it out here!4sayer69132014-04-06 14:54:00
Splinter cell North Pole base, need help3Chrisneve2014-04-05 18:58:00
Sunset Dreams (platformer)8jhonsiak2014-04-05 09:44:00
LBFC4 Trailer11GooeyGhost2014-04-01 11:57:00
Metal gear solid 5 costume lbp22Gino_viscarra@yahoo.com2014-03-31 18:30:00
Ramp Returns!9StevenI2014-03-28 06:29:00
Beyond: Two Souls DLC7CogMonkey2014-03-24 10:36:00
Play Station plus i highly recommend...14sayer69132014-03-21 00:02:00
Should I do it?8King_HG2014-03-20 13:15:00
LittleBigMusical-Hub7sayer69132014-03-19 23:25:00
Idea for a FaceBook Page1PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-03-17 22:45:00
Name Help3PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-03-17 14:29:00
Moderator Corner - An Interview with the Moderators of LBP Fan-sites!4Hyperdude532014-03-17 13:01:00
SpaceStation514PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-03-16 21:17:00
is TwistedMindTM69 a hacker?5sayer69132014-03-15 01:15:00
Retro Tank Battles! In progress. 45%3sayer69132014-03-14 23:27:00
How to expand Little big forum!15sayer69132014-03-10 19:29:00
HUB2dakrrs2014-03-08 21:07:00
Sudden Rude Behavior on LBP13dakrrs2014-03-03 20:16:00
Nacons Temple Fury (Mini Game WIP)12OMGYOUWOULD2014-03-02 17:55:00
FreddyFerrari little big planet vita spot light team!10sayer69132014-03-02 16:23:00
Trecktor (a series)9deathmachine5792014-03-02 03:17:00
They need to make a play station forum3sayer69132014-02-22 12:47:00
Balloon Dartz: mini game ps vita only2sayer69132014-02-21 11:03:00
Immune2dakrrs2014-02-19 20:08:00
Space Race (PLATFORMER)2sayer69132014-02-17 21:33:00
Slippery Slopes!9dolphins-R-lame2014-02-17 17:30:00
Sneak peek of Lodestar2dakrrs2014-02-16 14:53:00
Lodestar1dakrrs2014-02-15 11:09:00
The Hidden - LBP edition8Bodaciouslycrazy2014-02-02 13:11:00
Um, Hello is the Staff here?1GooeyGhost2014-02-02 12:36:00
Help this become the next Team Pick5dakrrs2014-01-27 18:18:00
my level evil buttons of doom2ericplaystar2014-01-22 19:01:00
What would happen if I DELETED one of my Team Picked levels?7dakrrs2014-01-19 22:12:00
Latest Add-ons RSS feed1sackbot142014-01-17 13:15:00
Colab - Project.1Bodaciouslycrazy2014-01-16 14:20:00
The new lbf background?4King_HG2014-01-02 14:19:00
Where is LBP HUB?18lucas_turci2014-01-01 04:28:00
Arab-Creators The new lbf group.2King_HG2013-12-26 10:18:00
(UPDATE 2.0!) DC Comics: Premium Level pack - NEWS10FreddyFerrari2013-12-16 08:33:00
Worst things about Create Mode4dakrrs2013-12-15 21:47:00
My gift to LBP users2dakrrs2013-12-13 23:15:00
My new level7deathmachine5792013-12-09 13:09:00
Fair Chances for Everyone7TheAngler20102013-12-07 17:11:00
The Christmas Level Hunt on LBP Fanatic4sackbot142013-12-04 21:26:00
LittleBigCapitol (RPG)4Sparky2013-12-03 18:18:00
Hidden gems ! new review show6supertwinbros2013-11-26 15:05:00
I apologize3xan-con2013-11-22 13:46:00
Barnyard (platformer)4dudley31132013-11-18 02:18:00
Upcoming Christmas Level Preview!4DebonaireToast2013-11-16 15:38:00
metal space madness5we_love_fedoras2013-11-12 15:33:00
Steven needs more friends! :D9FreddyFerrari2013-11-08 11:41:00
After World War II3maxpinfran2013-11-01 13:09:00
Haunting Halloween (Platformer)3dudley31132013-10-29 14:22:00
What was your first real project on LBP2?19xan-con2013-10-25 04:41:00
What are the most annoying platformer clichés in LBP2s community in your opinion?83xan-con2013-10-22 13:52:00
LOST- 4%3Darkrodent2013-10-21 09:55:00
i dont know what to name this but its a platformer4deathmachine5792013-10-21 09:40:00
Hide And Seek level!2Tech_Man12013-10-20 13:37:00
Sky Cross [Platformer]2dudley31132013-10-19 00:54:00
New level coming soon!7GooeyGhost2013-10-17 19:31:00
I need some beta testers. Anyone is more than welcome to participate =]2Icyflamez_2013-10-14 23:36:00
Too late for a summer level? Nah!6knowntokill2013-10-13 17:51:00
deathmachines music gallery 18deathmachine5792013-10-06 12:35:00
Summer Level :D5homieproductions2013-10-05 22:14:00
My newest Project, (November/December)2GooeyGhost2013-09-29 14:20:00
New level7dudley31132013-09-26 04:35:00
Chemical plant factory9deathmachine5792013-09-23 11:02:00
Project Centauri8GooeyGhost2013-09-21 11:13:00
Paws N Whiskers13XZombieKing1999X2013-09-19 18:02:00
Happy "Spaff Apprectiation Day" !6dolphins-R-lame2013-09-17 15:19:00
wood and cardboard platformer1deathmachine5792013-09-14 11:46:00
Answer this question?6knowntokill2013-09-14 11:36:00
Little Big Journey - The high class of LBP4epicQ_2013-09-12 12:41:00
Adrift17JellyBellyScout2013-09-10 19:25:00
Sky (Name TBA)15dolphins-R-lame2013-09-10 17:23:00
Youre favorite level Genre.13Cod_Zilla322013-09-08 11:26:00
No more easy plays...3Cod_Zilla322013-09-07 19:30:00
How did you found Little Big Planet, or did it found you?10epicQ_2013-09-07 15:36:00
Less players every day...13Xixomix2013-09-04 14:17:00
Platformers need feedback3Darkrodent2013-09-04 00:23:00
SPAMMERS TO STOP!24Darkrodent2013-09-03 09:53:00
Music Requests!1Cod_Zilla322013-09-01 08:21:00
New level idea?6knowntokill2013-09-01 03:49:00
TunesDay!!!!!! I got a brilliant idea!5epicQ_2013-08-31 23:13:00
An exercise in creating turned into a visit by The Doctor.6Verbal832013-08-31 15:25:00
Share a Idea.1Cod_Zilla322013-08-29 15:53:00
Halloween Level!6knowntokill2013-08-29 14:35:00
cavern level3deathmachine5792013-08-29 02:20:00
Started mysterious cavern1deathmachine5792013-08-29 02:15:00
Halloween level5jhonsiak2013-08-29 01:33:00
For the good creators2xWillie2013-08-28 12:52:00
What is in the new Update?8Cod_Zilla322013-08-27 13:57:00
NO MORE COOL PAGES25FreddyFerrari2013-08-27 06:41:00
Whos Youre favorite Story mode Character?17Cod_Zilla322013-08-25 12:32:00
CzStudios recruiting creators (Leader Cod_Zilla32)1Cod_Zilla322013-08-21 05:35:00
LittleBigPlanet Hub! The free LBP!13Trackmania122013-08-21 03:57:00
Do you think there should be a LittleBigPlanet3 On Ps4?9Cod_Zilla322013-08-20 13:51:00
Martin the Spartan: Chapter 1 "The Last Spartan"11Verbal832013-08-15 07:40:00
Robot Sackboy The Series (Coming Soon!)5Louis2013-08-09 11:09:00
Im participating in the new LBPC Contest!5Louis2013-08-06 10:47:00
LBFC31Reptile2013-08-05 14:43:00
another problem3kip_paard_koe1232013-08-03 14:22:00
hidden land4kip_paard_koe1232013-08-03 14:10:00
Next-Gen Little Big Planet Wishlist14epicQ_2013-08-03 01:58:00
Knights Of The Golden Sword [COT Special Project]4firewheel222013-07-28 11:16:00
The quest in island (platformer)6AerialBlock2013-07-25 20:31:00
I would love to join a group but i cant fing any4Bigbrody2013-07-16 07:51:00
Music Gallery8TheAngler20102013-07-14 17:04:00
Coblestone Cove18dolphins-R-lame2013-07-10 20:30:00
Problem4jhonsiak2013-07-08 04:55:00
Its Toms Birthday!4jhonsiak2013-07-01 01:53:00
Beautiful LBP1 story8Lampicka2013-06-29 08:50:00
My nevv level summer time3Lampicka2013-06-27 12:38:00
The Last of Us DLC coming soon!10XZombieKing1999X2013-06-23 09:54:00
What should I do next?10yugnar2013-06-22 10:45:00
The Dreamscape Canyon (Platformer)8XZombieKing1999X2013-06-21 08:41:00
beyond the roots [part 4] , finished a 65%5vusco2013-06-19 11:24:00
Summer Creator Kit3DeKa13572013-06-18 00:12:00
Team up and make an aero plane?1Chrisneve2013-06-16 04:15:00
Builders Collab?8XZombieKing1999X2013-06-14 17:35:00
Bullying on LBP coming to its end?11XZombieKing1999X2013-06-14 11:20:00
Acid Machinery7TheAngler20102013-06-13 17:11:00
New Glitch With Fix3TheAngler20102013-06-11 16:36:00
Da Vincis Hideout3XZombieKing1999X2013-06-10 13:21:00
Sackboy heads into Dead Space2DeKa13572013-06-10 12:06:00
Give me Five - Homage to Paul D.11CuriousSack2013-06-09 04:27:00
Game Update 1.243DeKa13572013-06-06 02:43:00
Vote for Playstation all stars battle royale On PS4??1King_HG2013-05-25 08:16:00
about cussingswaring problome1sayer69132013-05-23 21:15:00
Mass Effect DLC Coming This Week2DeKa13572013-05-20 12:12:00
[Unnamed] Survival RPG ...1DeKa13572013-05-18 01:50:00
Hidden Creations for Unrecognized levels! Suggest yours!1Mymagic12122013-05-17 19:52:00
LBP MvP live stream2TSFRJ2013-05-11 18:45:00
Game Update 1.238jhonsiak2013-04-30 06:24:00
Legend of the diamond 33Lampicka2013-04-28 12:40:00
Flying Board Fun3DeKa13572013-04-03 09:00:00
The autumn is back!28DeKa13572013-03-30 08:52:00
Sunset (platformer)8jhonsiak2013-03-17 06:45:00
ROBLOX LBP edition9ToonLucas222013-03-16 14:18:00
Buddys Music Gallery 2.06Buddydestruction2013-02-28 02:57:00
Great new LBP discounts1FreddyFerrari2013-02-27 05:16:00
New LBP DLC: Emergency Service12FreddyFerrari2013-02-15 09:49:00
URGENT GLITCH7piratebay872013-01-29 15:25:00
Real life pod I need some help6Littlebigbrick2013-01-28 00:33:00
BFAPRP: Big Fat Ambitious Pokemon Remake Project- Help Wanted!11iisc2k72013-01-23 07:39:00
Garfield Minipack!12FreddyFerrari2013-01-21 10:14:00
Glitch!7piratebay872013-01-15 02:04:00
LittleBigPlanet 2: Extras Edition8FreddyFerrari2013-01-12 01:10:00
Mms birthday5jhonsiak2013-01-04 05:40:00
Project: Cosmos1firewheel222012-12-31 11:57:00 - New Design3DeKa13572012-12-17 06:42:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller DLC3FreddyFerrari2012-12-12 11:38:00
?Design a Sackboy? competition winner, the Bumblebee.2FreddyFerrari2012-12-04 04:51:00
2 secret DLC and mm pick ribbon!19FreddyFerrari2012-12-03 06:47:00
Alien Battle3Frashman12012-11-26 08:13:00 has a new Design4FreddyFerrari2012-11-19 09:10:00
New projects!2yugnar2012-11-19 06:06:00
Gravity Rush DLC announced!10FreddyFerrari2012-11-19 04:33:00
Platformers need to evolve!25yugnar2012-11-04 17:46:00
Zombie Castle6DeKa13572012-11-03 06:40:00
Hedge Hopping (65% Done)2jhonsiak2012-11-03 01:59:00
Sonic VITA/MOVE3BeanRach22012-10-26 13:15:00
Doodleball 25Deleted User2012-10-25 10:15:00
beyond the roots [part 3]: I need testers5vusco2012-10-15 21:18:00
Need someone to team up with1Thalass2012-10-13 00:12:00
LBP Vita picks 2nd edition!10yugnar2012-10-09 18:31:00
App: LittleBigHub update 1.27FreddyFerrari2012-10-04 09:39:00
Sack it to me: (24.09.2012)3FreddyFerrari2012-09-24 10:22:00
Has Anyone Noticed all the LBP series publicity stunts?1TRaciti2012-09-21 09:43:00
What was the longest Story mission LBP1/26TRaciti2012-09-20 15:26:00
What was the shortest Story mission for LBP1/2?2TRaciti2012-09-20 15:24:00
Spacesuit20DeKa13572012-09-20 07:30:00
free Rare Beta Blaster21FreddyFerrari2012-09-19 09:06:00
Minigame Ideas!9TRaciti2012-09-18 06:53:00
What was the easiest Story Mode level (LBP1-2)7TRaciti2012-09-18 06:42:00
new secret pin19littleBigparty2012-09-17 07:19:00
2 Upcoming DLCs for LBP2:12TRaciti2012-09-14 16:39:00
Vote for your PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Cover Stars!9Deleted User2012-09-13 06:32:00
Halloween Level11PyroTrooper912012-09-12 02:25:00
Would the community like a Minigame?21TRaciti2012-09-11 12:37:00
The Tales Of Parthenope5TRaciti2012-09-11 12:35:00
Obstacle lift1c342512012-09-09 11:40:00
Yugnars review shop.23yugnar2012-09-08 18:07:00
Hotel Calfornia Basically Done!5TRaciti2012-08-29 13:12:00
Should I create a contest?19TRaciti2012-08-29 13:09:00
Whats your worst Story Mode experience?32TRaciti2012-08-29 13:07:00
All my LBP projects so far!7yugnar2012-08-28 19:30:00
Big Platformer3Jaeydan2012-08-28 17:12:00
Wanted: Help With LoL Project14Cold_Metal2012-08-27 12:13:00
New DLC: The Pirates! Minipack12FreddyFerrari2012-08-27 10:20:00
3 Platformers2Jaeydan2012-08-27 07:21:00
New level project: Artic Hunting(Tentative Title)4platformgamer2012-08-26 10:14:00
Times Run (Parkour Series)7temple19972012-08-23 12:04:00
LBF Advertising level28PyroTrooper912012-08-21 11:39:00
New Autumn Creator Kit8FreddyFerrari2012-08-20 05:18:00
LBPK 3D turning device onto LBP27TRaciti2012-08-18 12:55:00
Whats your favorite story mode level?42TRaciti2012-08-18 12:50:00
LBPK and LBPV rare T-Shirts!5TRaciti2012-08-18 12:47:00
My New Level Idea3tomthejedi2012-08-10 06:44:00
So many5DeKa13572012-08-09 07:19:00
Hexter2pate592012-08-08 10:46:00
Un-able to Ace Story Mode14Jaeydan2012-08-06 20:19:00
"Captivity" *HELP NEEDED!*4Lil_Morta_72012-08-05 17:02:00
opinions about my new level "beyond the roots"2vusco2012-08-05 07:39:00
Tower of Whoop4pate592012-08-05 02:46:00
[LBFC1]The Greenland4Jstahh_92012-08-05 01:28:00
I have many levels under construction4pate592012-08-04 07:37:00
LittleBigForums Level Series Stage 2.1 - Initial Organization8yugnar2012-07-31 11:31:00
LittleBigForums Level Series Stage 1 - Recruiting15yugnar2012-07-26 14:35:00
Darkness Falls [Top-Down RPG]4LJRobey2012-07-26 12:41:00
LittleBigForums Level Series (Idea)15yugnar2012-07-25 16:27:00
Story Help7srosenquist2012-07-23 17:29:00
Disney Princesses coming soon!8Deleted User2012-07-23 13:56:00
Project Outlaw - Level Series2Jauw2012-07-21 15:00:00
(LBFC1) Mystic Cave4littleBigparty2012-07-21 03:31:00
Community Contest Idea1Jaeydan2012-07-16 11:34:00
The first ever Idea thread!4Jaeydan2012-07-13 13:28:00
Dream Quest LBP3firewheel222012-07-12 12:34:00
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