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MP3 files6L-i-m-i2018-11-08 16:47:55
Looking for a decent musician3sanfoxer2018-10-05 17:13:03
Looking for Music for a Racer Level4Ostler50002018-09-10 20:16:47
Trying to Fins [Pizza Planet]4darkforcecarl2018-05-16 22:43:07
Various Music Tracks Request (RTC)2Trixel Creative2017-04-14 23:56:23
Spoopy Adventure Needs Music4Ostler50002017-03-16 05:47:05
Monstercat music remakes in LBP?5Turretvista2017-02-08 22:04:20
Retro Electro Composer Needed!!!!!!1M_R_Enigma2017-01-21 00:27:59
Anyone up for collab?17CyndaCat762016-09-14 01:42:42
8Bit Musician Needed!5Littebiglazer282016-09-12 19:01:04
Need help with composing music on Vita5Scarlet Tiger2016-08-23 22:12:01
Saint Saens Danse Macabre Duo3adamjohnson2016-05-18 09:52:39
Music by WhoaCoder2mdkd2016-04-16 07:09:25
Song Remakes Needed (Paying)1Jackyg6662016-01-31 16:13:24
Looking for Musician for Horror and or RPG Series5Zohnar2016-01-25 11:01:12
LBP2 music covers help8Cosheeta2015-11-14 10:35:49
Musician Required for Batman: The Justice League Series3Rangers-12015-11-02 17:26:02
A music for Paramonia1Photonic2015-10-27 18:33:34
Musician needed!7Littebiglazer282015-10-25 13:46:04
Need music for my level(ps4)3Girps2015-10-22 06:01:21
If you need music, click here18Addictex2015-10-11 11:47:50
Need Music Creator for Levels (Thunder Blaze : Jet's Adventure)2SuperLarno2015-10-01 21:04:41
Taking requests!30titleguy12015-08-30 22:16:01
Music for my Champion of Avengard Adv. Level1Verbal832015-08-18 15:06:17
Music Request2xBonham_2015-08-15 01:48:27
Music Request: Tiki's Islad (Amusement Park)3DragonFly25002015-08-11 19:01:08
*READ Need an good musican for my adventure!1Snorkrow2015-07-30 04:29:03
Making music for levels3Ira_HD2015-07-29 02:01:12
I also do requests!!!4Woutery2015-07-11 16:19:00
LBP Music creator wanted24CRASHER3602015-07-08 20:11:00
Now Taking Requests!9Enigma The Wolf2015-06-27 11:55:00
Kyle Andrews - The Way To Wonder (Recreation in LBP3!)3five-ate-five2015-06-14 11:07:00
Music Help Request! 3 Stage themes for Adventure project8VoksMaiGosh2015-06-08 13:58:00
i need a soundtrack for my lbp vita project.10ckphatman2015-04-15 14:04:00
Female vocalist with a Texas Twang5Propost2015-04-15 06:13:00
Music Request!7ZombieKitty2015-02-05 03:42:00
Music Request6Jacko2015-02-01 08:31:00
I compose music!!!11Woutery2015-01-25 16:19:00
Themed music request (LOZ)3ratalsoni12015-01-11 21:58:00
(Little Big Planet 3) Request for Japanese style music but with a slightly modern twist (examples posted)14Teknoman2014-11-23 23:45:00
Dark Ambient Music3SakuraLBPDragonX2014-10-12 19:43:00
Feedback?3nerd_dog2014-09-23 10:38:00
I have a request1Jacob467192014-09-13 16:09:00
Halloween Songs2Snoki692014-09-12 17:45:00
Star Wars Opening Theme1Verbal832014-08-20 17:37:00
Darkrodent Music Request7Darkrodent2014-07-25 06:44:00
Vita Musicians2VeryCoolMe2014-07-23 06:22:00
Dread Tune4Tomsnodgrass2014-07-18 04:45:00
Im not busy enough. Make me workkk.3Destroyer55632014-07-10 02:58:00
LBP karting music1ngundeB2014-07-06 02:49:00
Make A Music Request For RazerBlue6! #14Sound Friction2014-06-10 23:21:00
Festerd_Jester Request #110Festerd_Jester2014-06-07 15:57:00
Music / Sound Request Guidelines1OMGYOUWOULD2014-05-27 18:21:00
Biorogue Request #18Biorogue2014-05-27 16:17:00
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