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2016-01-25 11:01:12 / Author: Zohnar
I am currently working on a atmospheric horror adventure lvl at the moment. Expected to use all 10 lvls of an adventure.
I however need music for the project as music really can make or break a horror.
If anyone is interested in helping out, I would need several original compositions that are in a Silent Hill / Soma style...more the Soma style. So its mostly a bunch of ambient music that does not overtake the sound effects of the lvl.
I do have the lvl in early alpha. I recently closed the lvl but anyone who wants to take a look inside need only use the code provided (If the bottom left says M130-3 P1, then the code is 391)
That will let you in and you can run about. Its early alpha and controlls are being better defined as well. The alpha in its current state may have unstable elements as the closed alpha will have parts not ment to be seen by players that just wont be closed an active construction. (I like to keep backups of my lvls on my planet)

EDIT: Have some images!
Also if anyone is interested in doing music for an RPG that will make up multiple adventure lvls and be taking inspiration from Final Fantasy including the music style, I would love the help. The RPG is currently on the back burner as I develop systems for it. However a single lvl for it has been made that is ment for its intro.
I can accept music on both PS3 and PS4 as I have the game for both systems.
2016-01-25 11:01:12
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2016-01-28 17:57:34 / Author: nerd_dog
I'll run this by some people and see if i can get anyone interested in doing something like this. Seems like it might be a fun project for someone that likes to make that style of music.
2016-01-28 17:57:34
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2016-01-29 05:07:42 / Author: Zohnar
thank you, So far CuriousSack is looking to help but I dont know how many songs he is up to doing so its good have multiple people but not too many.

A not so total list but what is necessary for individual songs. (Songs can just be remixed versions of each other sometimes)

Ambient 1 (Unease)
Ambient 2 (Calmness)
Ambient 3 (Terror)
Chase Music
Music Box
2016-01-29 05:07:42
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2016-01-29 06:09:34 / Author: Zohnar
I just updated the original post with some images ^.^
2016-01-29 06:09:34
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2016-03-29 00:19:01 / Author: War Desu
i doubt i would have the time to, but i'd love to make more of that stuff. if there was a time where i could, i probably would.
2016-03-29 00:19:01
War Desu
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2016-08-18 19:20:18 / Author: Jonay-Jackson
Dear Zohnar,

I have 2 demo songs I made, and I think they would fit for the Unease and Music Box music you need.
The Music Box theme is an altered version of the Unease theme.
I can send you the demo's, and if you like them you may use them (if you credit me ofcourse).

With Kind Regards,
2016-08-18 19:20:18
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