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2017-03-16 05:47:05 / Author: Ostler5000
Hey, there.

So, I'm going to be looking through the community for the next few weeks for some tracks, but I figured I could post this and maybe some other people could either put forward their own work, or recommend me someone else.

I'm putting together a horror/halloween themed adventure, and would like to pool some spoopy music to select from.

More specifically, some of the levels I've got plans for -
A) A horror-themed top-down level where players are running from an AI hazard in the dark. Something genuinely creepy would be ideal.
B) A couple of mini-games, one of which is a drag race against Count Dragula and another is a timed score challenge set in a swamp. Bonus points if you got the obvious artist reference.
I think an energetic rock track might work well for both, actually.
C) The usual couple of platformers and a boss or two.

In return for your work, I will include a music credit room in the adventures overworld level, linking to your showcase or whatever else you'd like.
If you have other requests, I'm sure we could talk about those.

Anything posted will be considered, but I will reject anything I just don't think fits - please don't take it personally.
Thank you for anything and everything you suggest.
2017-03-16 05:47:05
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2017-03-17 13:59:52 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Ostler5000,

currently I'm working on my "Sphinx" Project and I have also to do two requested songs, but if you don't need your songs tomorrow then i'm willing to help you with one or two songs! Only condition...I'm not doing electro sounds and synthesizer music.

Have a fine weekend and many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2017-03-17 13:59:52
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2017-03-17 16:38:11 / Author: Ostler5000

Oh, I really appreciate the offer.

I'm still a long way away from being finished my project, in fact, I have little more than 1 completed level and a bunch of assets and layouts, so time isn't a factor.
Finish the stuff you're working on, then we can talk about my project.
2017-03-17 16:38:11
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2017-03-19 23:18:55 / Author: Biorogue
I got really excited because I misread the title as "Snoopy" and then started reading it was a horror level and was like, "now that sounds interesting! A snoopy horror level?"
2017-03-19 23:18:55
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