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2015-06-27 11:55:00 / Author: Enigma The Wolf
Enigma here (formerly SUPERSONICpsiii) telling you guys that i'm now up for a bit of a challenge! I've been making music for three years now, but all of it has been for the sake of making what I want to. Now, I want to give myself a task and do you guys a favor; i'll be taking requests from anybody that needs music for their levels or games on LBP ^^ Note that i will not do covers/remakes, i only wish to create original content for your ever-so-intricately crafted works of imagination~ I should also say that I play PS3, and don't have a PS4, so music requests are exclusive to PS3 players (sorry!)

Anyhoo, just add me on my PSN (EnigmaTheWolf) or hit up my earth on LBP3 or LBP2 for requests or questions.

signing off~
2015-06-27 11:55:00
Enigma The Wolf
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2015-06-27 13:04:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Enigma,

welcome to our forum, nice to meet you! I'm afraid that soon you will regret your offer, cause you hardly ever will have free time anymore! Composing for a music hungry community will become your only activity for a very long time! And you can consider yourself lucky that my PS3 is broken!...otherwise...

Have a lot of fun here and many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-06-27 13:04:00
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2015-06-27 15:27:00 / Author: Enigma The Wolf
, all i do is make music on LBP, so i won't be too worried. Thanks for the welcome, though!
2015-06-27 15:27:00
Enigma The Wolf
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2015-06-27 15:31:00 / Author: nerd_dog
actually, you could set up something like I did (or I can help you with that since we hang all the time anyways). you know, my lock box level.. with the codes and whatnot . you can make music for PS4 users too
2015-06-27 15:31:00
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2015-06-28 01:21:00 / Author: Blacksackman
Only PS4 users? Aww that's a shame, here I was hoping for someone to finally take on my request. Anyway if you do change your mind and help PS4 users as well (it is possible even though you only have a PS3) I will leave the song name here.

The song I really want is 'Show Your Moves - Kevin MacLeod'

Youtube link:
2015-06-28 01:21:00
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2015-06-28 07:43:00 / Author: Enigma The Wolf
Well.. As stated, i won't be doing covers or remakes, and it was implied that i'd like there to be a motive behing the music; like someone needs it for a level/project.
2015-06-28 07:43:00
Enigma The Wolf
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2015-06-28 13:10:00 / Author: Trayvargus
If possible I have a request for LBP2! It would be great if you would take the time and make sort of a comical/adventurous piece of music that I could encorporate into gameplay! It would also help if the music sounds quite 'light' and upbeat!

2015-06-28 13:10:00
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2015-06-28 16:51:00 / Author: Enigma The Wolf
I sent you a friend request a while ago. Get back to me whenever you can and i'll gladly try my best to get the work done ^^
2015-06-28 16:51:00
Enigma The Wolf
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2015-07-11 15:53:08 / Author: titleguy1
*Creeps into room*

Hiiiii Saaanic.


(I chose this topic since it appears to be the only one that you've made.)
(And can you make a city-like theme? Something Jazzy, like SoCal Lounge, but more urban. If you get what I mean. Making it for a car gallery )

Edit: Oh. PS3 players only. Sorry. '-'
2015-07-11 15:53:08
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