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Ways to switch layers on LBP3

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2014-07-09 13:34:00 / Author: jhonsiak

You are all excited about the 16 layers on LittleBigPlanet 3, but have you wondered how do someone does that?
There are 5 ways to do that: (Big thanks to knowntokill for the infos)

First way:

As you see here, Sackboy grabs something which "moves" him front or back.

Second way:

In here, Sackboy uses some kind of bounce pads in which you select how far he will go.

Third way:

There, Sackboy slides into a material and reaches into a surface a couple layers fronter.

Fourth way:

In that picture Oddsock, is using a kind of wall jump and moves a couple layers back or front.

Fifth way:

With these teleport gates, you can go through this and appear in the other but with the same boost.

I hope that informed you
2014-07-09 13:34:00
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2014-07-15 10:49:00 / Author: amiel445566
Also on the topic of normal layer movement, how I've seen it work is that, it does not section off the 16 layers, but it unlocks movement to adjacent layers, so normal movement is not limited, and the 3 layers for normal movement are kept
2014-07-15 10:49:00
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2014-07-15 13:27:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Yeah you've got a point. I should be more specific next time I meant switching 3D layers
2014-07-15 13:27:00
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