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Game breaking bug! Saving changes in Play Mode.

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2015-02-07 15:54:00 / Author: Woutery
Before i start, let me just say that this bug is the cause of my Christmas Countdown level being scrapped. I was playtesting it, then went back in Create Mode, and EVERYTHING i did in Play Mode was still done in Create Mode. By that i mean all the bubbles i collected were gone, all the logic i activated in Play Mode was still on in Create Mode. Even the race in the level was halfway already in Create Mode. I lost a lot of work on the level and to redo all the logic and bubbles would mean it wouod get delayed even more than it already was, so i never finished it.

By complete accident i found out the cause of this bug. It happened to me in another level and i managed to reproduce it from there. I may aswell make a video on the bug later, too. Everyone that playtests their levels intensively should be warned! Here is how to reproduce the bug:

1 - Go in a level in Create Mode. I'd pick an empty level.
2 - Place a block of cardboard, this can be used to see the bug in action.
3 - Save and go in Play Mode.
4 - Place a random sticker on the block.
5 - Go in any Popit menu, e; stickers, character customizing, etc.
6 - With the menu opened, press Start and go to edit your level info.
7 - Edit anything, e; title, icon, tags, description. If you go back ingame you will see that your Popit menu has become blank or says you haven't hearted or collected any objects yet.
8 - Go back in Create Mode. You'll see that the sticker you placed in Play Mode is still there.

To see how this can affect levels you're working on, you can test even further. Instead of the cardboard block, place down some bubbles, a button and a counter, or a race gate. Go in Play Mode and collect and activate all the stuff you've placed, apply the glitch, then go back in Create Mode. The bubbles will be collected, the counter will be activated, and the race gate should be open and ticking.

This is a WARNING! Be careful, make sure you don't edit any level info with a Popit menu open. It's bound to happen accidentally and i'm sure no-one wants to lose their progress in creating a level due to some stupid bug.
2015-02-07 15:54:00
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2015-02-07 16:00:00 / Author: nerd_dog
yea :/ sounds like it saves your "progress" whenever you edit your level details. This is something that needs to be fixed because it could definitely ruin a lot of hard work for people.
2015-02-07 16:00:00
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2015-02-07 16:03:00 / Author: Mhx Air
I've already done this many times. I tested the level, adjusted the description, boom, ruined everything. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can rewind as soon as you switch back to create mode. Usually, you're not so lucky.
2015-02-07 16:03:00
Mhx Air
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2015-02-07 16:05:00 / Author: Woutery
Oh, so it already does that when you jut edit it anyways? I thought it had to do something with the Popit menu. NVM about that then... Still this is a horrid bug.
2015-02-07 16:05:00
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2015-02-07 16:07:00 / Author: Mhx Air
Yes, because changing the tags, name, description, or image republishes the level as it currently is.
2015-02-07 16:07:00
Mhx Air
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2015-02-07 16:19:00 / Author: CodemanPSX
The bug happened to me while I was creating Chef Oddsock, I got so mad that 3 hours of my work just screwed up. > : (

I've reported the bug to Sumo way back in early January so hopefully the bug will be fixed.
2015-02-07 16:19:00
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2015-02-08 00:15:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Yesterday I lost 5 hours of work! But it said it couldn't be saved due to profile problems. I spent 30 minutes changing some things and I saved it and returned to pod but nothing saved! I quited LBP3 and entered again. I pressed to edit the level and everything was there!! But it didn't happen to me like that. I pressed square in one thing I captured and tried to modify the name but then I pressed start. My TV turned white! It sent me to play mode but the whole level disappeared! You know what happened then.. Luckily I backed up it 2 days ago!
2015-02-08 00:15:00
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2015-02-14 15:16:00 / Author: Deleted User
ok so if anyone has this problem listen just cange the name and and or your picture and other details for an actual save. also if you make something important copy it to your items. this has always been a problem for me and this is the only way to actually save it. but then again the problem is the dynamic thermometer it will erase things from your level randomly. litterally happens all the time for me. ive been making a 18 levels of Hell stage that will have people fall through the ground and or just erase the people or whatever i place down so i just have to quit while im ahead. Thanks Sumo. Great job
2015-02-14 15:16:00
Deleted User
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2015-02-14 15:19:00 / Author: Deleted User
its worse when u loose the music that u made
2015-02-14 15:19:00
Deleted User
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