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2015-05-14 03:33:00 / Author: The-i7v7i
I lost all my music and all those cool decorations and now I can't even access my Lvls in create mode without having it.. This is an outrage Steven! Who wants cross controll on lbp3 ps4
2015-05-14 03:33:00
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2015-05-14 03:58:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Hey welcome to the Forum btw. Yes there is still a bigger issue with the Cross-Controller pack so many people have problems with it and they are currently working on it. So be patient please. They are doing their best

2015-05-14 03:58:00
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2015-05-14 10:59:00 / Author: nerd_dog
always good to look around a forum for similar topics before posting your own. this has been pretty much answered for now. and I should mention that many people do actually have the cross controller pack for LBP3
2015-05-14 10:59:00
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2015-05-14 15:17:00 / Author: Ryuhza
I feel you. I've had rotten luck with the Level Packs. I own all of them, and the two that I can't access (monsters & cross-controller) just so happen to be the two I need for each of my old projects. Unfortunately, the only solution at this point is patience.
2015-05-14 15:17:00
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