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2015-06-02 06:55:00 / Author: StevenI
LittleBigPlanet 3
Game Update Notes 1.08

Release Date: June 3rd 2015


LittleBigPlanet Game Update 1.08 is due for release at 12:05 BST on June 3rd and includes a number of priority fixes to help improve general functionality and stability.

These fixes include a Text Chat fix for using keyboards on PlayStation 4, fixing PlayStation Camera stickers so that they function correctly, preventing Sackboys from becoming glued to objects in Create Mode and having Sackbot?s logic persist correctly upon re-spawning.

Full details on all of the updates and fixes in this update are available here:
2015-06-02 06:55:00
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2015-06-02 07:27:00 / Author: Psmerga
"This isn?t a fully inclusive listing of all of the issues that we?re currently looking at but should give you an idea of our primary focus for the next update.

Multiplayer Connections
We are aware that some players are still having trouble connecting to other players online and we will primarily be focusing on improving the overall multiplayer experience by removing potential error connections and improving the overall connection success rate."

I reported already that there are some interferences between LBP2 and LBP3 profiles.
When i access my planet with second profile, i see the planet with different materials as i saved it.
This is proof for me that LBP3 screws between profiles.
When i go in LBP2, delete and save new planet profile, the old saved crap still stays somewhere in the netherworld and kicks like nothing happened.
That means that i cant get rid of it, no matter what i do.

I assume that this makes the "profile cant be read" error.

Also i am worried that nothing is mentioned about bugged logic.
I had encountered many weird behaviors but am to lazy to seek again for it and report every bug.
Also i am interested if there are differences regarding bugs between disc and downloaded versions + PS3 and PS4 versions since i get annoyed with bugs that it seems none except me has.
For example when i teleport for tiny distances, i get crushed.
Editing bendyrail that is glued to sticker material result in 100% chance braking and dissolving the rail.
Logic not working or working in weird way.
Broadcasting chip still not able to be saved in proper way and works only for player 1. (If i have to use bots then i dont need the chip)
Adventures saves (maybe) once in 50 tries.
Bugging adventure quest logic.
2015-06-02 07:27:00
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2015-06-02 07:30:00 / Author: Addictex
Awesome. Update is update. There's still a lot to fix, but one step at a time.
But what about finally fixing the loading screen? It turns white and all glitchy and confusing. What's the point of having nice individual colors for players, if the loading screen is glitched anyway.
2015-06-02 07:30:00
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2015-06-12 07:29:00 / Author: StevenI

Next time this happens, would you be able to take a picture to send my way?

This isn't an issue we're familiar with, so it would be good to know exactly what you're seeing so that we can figure out what may be causing it for you.
2015-06-12 07:29:00
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2016-02-28 18:30:42 / Author: Addictex

Next time this happens, would you be able to take a picture to send my way?

This isn't an issue we're familiar with, so it would be good to know exactly what you're seeing so that we can figure out what may be causing it for you.

I made some pictures...

Bug 1:
Happening when I'm playing online. When I start the game (before I go online with my PSN) it's all fine. As soon as I log in to my online account every loading screen turns white and glitchy. It really happens everytime.

Bug 2:
The ice material from the DC comics level pack is all shiny and weird and the game will freeze if there is too much of it in one level. This is a picture from one of my levels. I just used the ice material at the end of the level, but when players enter the level link the game will freeze EVERYTIME on EVERYONE playing LBP3 (the level linked to this one is using a lot of the DC comics ice material, so that's why). Please fix it! No one can play my level in LBP3 and it's really annoying.

I own the PS3 PAL version of the game btw.
2016-02-28 18:30:42
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2016-03-11 13:56:36 / Author: Psmerga
How long is LBP3 out and it is still not fixed.
Instead of fixing the bugs, there are fixed some cool glitches like the racegate. (Making tack-layer or mid-layer material)
For some reason i atracct the bugs like a magnet.
I am seriously dissapointed of this game and generaly of all the teams that worked on LBP.
Main contents from LBP3 are the Adventure mode, custom powerups and some new logic.
Sadly nothing of it works flawles.
For example, try to give the bot a custom powerup.
Well as you can see, he will not pick it up.
If the powerup have two parts that are coneccted with rope, it will bug around.
Plenty of logic, bugs around in a really weird way.
The game still crashes from time to time.
Loading screen hangs up and loads for all eternity.
The list of bugs could go on for quite some time.
The game frustrates me more as it makes fun.
I dont call it playstation anymore but PAYstation.
There were other times where i went to shop and bought Uncharted3 knowing that i will not play it.
I saw the game at friend and watched it some time.
Then i watched the rest via youtube.
Since i was awed by the game, i wanted to support it and went to store to buy a blueray disc.
I dont belive that i will do something like that ever again for a sony product.

Please forgive me my trolling here but i am once again very pissed of this game and had to ditch once again a project or castrate the content so that it went crapy and i have to stop it either way.

2016-03-11 13:56:36
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2016-03-13 10:14:42 / Author: Addictex
Can someone please help me get Steven here? I tried to tell him on social media and per mail too, but no reply yet. Help, anybody?
2016-03-13 10:14:42
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2016-03-14 06:52:02 / Author: mdkd
Hey Addictex,
that's bad. I am not pretty sure, if they still do anything on LBP3.
2016-03-14 06:52:02
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2016-04-09 17:57:12 / Author: moterhead1976
on lbp3 can you guys work on the failed to load player profile thing its so annoying plz fix it
2016-04-09 17:57:12
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2016-04-09 18:27:48 / Author: mdkd
That's baad man...
I hate those LBP3 glitches.
2016-04-09 18:27:48
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