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2015-06-29 06:08:00 / Author: petethepug
Pixelized Kingdom

The Pixelized Kingdom is a clan/club where we like to build creative, or good imagery in game. In the past I have been working tireless hours on a Minecraft Server with a friend of mine, and we have succeeded making a lot to come such as the in game spawn, and such.

Although just because we are finished does not mean, our project is done, we need to try and get members to realize the creativity, and fun there is to an actual Minecraft Server, and Little Big Planet.
So what? Well there's a lot to it, originally Pixelized used to be based off of a creative/imagery theme, the Owners Nic242Rukes, Creeper242, and me the Admin petethepug are responsible to get the servers attention without advertising, and make sure to make announcements on the updates we have done commonly.

Unlike the Pixelized Kingdom it gets flipped, even though we are not on Minecraft still we can make really good things in game, more than just 3D Blocked Maps.

I wanted to share a few games I have on my head right now of what I may make:

Wizard Wars!
Fight to the death in a kingdom of blood that has corrupted many years ago, the Wizards must kill you, and you must kill them in order to escape, are you up for the challenge? What lies below the corrupted top of the tower?

The Pixelized Kingdom Hub
Get to chill out with your friends Role Playing on a majestic Sky Island Kingdom, full of Pixelized Rainbows, and Treasure, just don't make sure you fall down accidently! Get to know, our staff who work on the Minecraft Server, and find out how you can help, our group!

So far its not much, but its a start, eh?
I hope to build much more in the future c:
2015-06-29 06:08:00
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