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LittleBigPlanet 3: The Journey Home Adventure Map Leaked!

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2015-06-17 22:55:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
Just a brief intro just in case you don't know what LittleBigPlanet 3: The Journey Home is. It is the first Adventure Pack DLC, coming out in July, and it starts with Newton's Machine not working as planned.

It's Adventure Map was leaked, revealing some questions about the pack.

As it appears, the pack will contain 8 levels consisting of 3 Platformers, 3 Co-Op Challenges, and 2 Cutscenes. It also appears Stephen Fry will do some narrating for the pack, judging on the subtitles.

Something interesting is it seems Sackboy will not get a level for this pack. Maybe Sackboy just wanted to move forward to something fresh, but Bunkum's Heroes wanted to explore where Sackboy has been before! Who knows?

Well, this was very exciting for me, and I am really anticipating this new level kit! I hope it gets you as excited as I am!
2015-06-17 22:55:00
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2015-06-18 00:12:00 / Author: Woutery


I guess Sound Friction WAS right.

It may still be a DLC i'm getting, but DAMN, that's small.
2015-06-18 00:12:00
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2015-06-18 02:16:00 / Author: StevenI

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about him!

Sackboy does make an appearance in the cinematics and in the co-op challenge levels.
He's going to need some help from his friends and your friends to complete those new challenges!
2015-06-18 02:16:00
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2015-06-24 11:20:00 / Author: Laxen333
Didn't look at the picture or read any comments. It better be cool, I don't want to get anything spoiled.
2015-06-24 11:20:00
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2015-06-24 20:39:00 / Author: dragonicfire
I'm curious to how much it's going to cost so I can leave some left over money in my PS wallet to buy it. Other than that, excited to try it out and see what it holds
2015-06-24 20:39:00
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2015-07-05 18:38:00 / Author: HoustonAP
Incase anyone is doubting buying this because of size:
-throwback to LBP1 (Already an automatic purchase for me)
-non-licensed dlc are usually great (Move pack and cross controller are my favorite dlc of the game)
-New characters in re-imagined lbp1 levels
-(probably) sackboy's reunion with our old chums

Here are some things i'm HOPING will be present:
-music reminiscent of LBP1
-A wedding level (that was my favorite pack of the story mode)
-more than the king costume. I want more of the curators
-A story. Sure, it'll be short, but it would be nice to have one
-don't lose the spirit of LBP1 with all this new stuff. I want the remakes to actually look like the ones they're based on
-no $10 price tag. It felt like someone shot my wallet when I bought the move pack. (Though i might still buy it if the feedback is good)
2015-07-05 18:38:00
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