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2014-12-02 16:44:00 / Author: Leda Meuzikna
Hi! I'm Ledarius, but I'd rather be called Leda, Axel, or whatever makes you feel comfortable saying my name .

PSN: Axelstone12

About me: I'm a cool, laid back guy with a nice sense of humor and loves music!

About my music: My music goes from VGM (Video Game Music, weirdly enough to say ) remixes to Electronic music to Hip-Hop, I try everything to the best of my ability.

Most recently published music level: My Music Display - Though It's quite old, I will be adding new songs to the level soon.

Though If you would like to view my music IRL, and I am a music producer , Here are the links to my music/videos (YouTube and SoundCloud)


2014-12-02 16:44:00
Leda Meuzikna
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2014-12-02 17:24:00 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Greetings Musician! Welcome to ! Hope you enjoy making music here and exploring the site!

Queued your level!
2014-12-02 17:24:00
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2014-12-03 01:15:00 / Author: Sandro8708
Welcome to LBF
2014-12-03 01:15:00
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2014-12-03 09:15:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I added your music level to my queue . I have a huge list right now but I will get around to it. welcome dude.
2014-12-03 09:15:00
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2014-12-03 17:52:00 / Author: TheMorta
Hey man! I listened to some of your stuff on SoundCloud. Some of the melodies are out of key and a lot of your synths are super compressed. Some of the mixing is muddy too, be sure to learn subtractive EQ to the best of your ability for your mix-down stage. Happy producing!

(the automatic face when I write the word miown seriously pisses me off hahahahah)
2014-12-03 17:52:00
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2014-12-06 06:11:00 / Author: Leda Meuzikna
By the way, I must mention that the music in My Music Display was created all last year, or 2012, whichever, but they all suck. I deleted the level and will make a new Music Display level. But the thing is I'll need help making it as I'm not much of a level designing guy .
2014-12-06 06:11:00
Leda Meuzikna
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