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2012-08-06 18:26:00 / Author: yugnar
Hello admin, just an small post to tell you this.
I've noticed that the advertisments in this forum are in german, and maybe you're from awesome Germany, but, we mainly speak English in here, and advertisments are for people to click in because they find them interesting, so that the money you win with them can help to support the site.
I would reccomend using the incredible service of GoogleAdSense, and I think it can adapt every advertisment for everyone. For example, I would see advertising in Spanish, UK members can see English advertisments, and German people will see them in German. I know because I have used Google AdSense before.

P.D.Before posting this, I thought about this: I've noticed this site is supported by xobor, so maybe they add the advertisment. If it is like that, then whoops, just forget about this post lolz.
2012-08-06 18:26:00
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2012-08-06 20:00:00 / Author: Lil_Morta_7
I strongly concur!!
2012-08-06 20:00:00
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2012-08-06 23:35:00 / Author: pate59
Yeah, they are added by Xobor and since it German version (.de), all the adds seem to be in German. So I think LBF itself doesn't get money for them.
2012-08-06 23:35:00
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