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2014-05-23 23:01:00 / Author: Dertyde94
Hello everyone

Another suggestion for LittleBIGForum!

I'm a big fan of RSS-feeds. I go on my phone, I open feedly and - ta-da! - all the news are ready to be read!

I know there already is an RSS feed on LBF. For the blog. But this is not enough at all!
Just everytime someone posts a new post, I would like to get a notification which tell me:
"(member) wrote a new post in/create a new thread (name of thread)" then we open the browser to be redirected to the thread

That would be awesome because everytime I come on LBF, I've got to long press a link, hit open in new tab, then change tap and I can read (remember I'm on my super Android phone ).

That's all for that very long post, I hope you like the idea, I also hope it is possible for you to do an RSS feed.

See you! Have fun!
2014-05-23 23:01:00
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