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LBF is getting too big.

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2014-10-17 11:03:00 / Author: sayer6913
We need to make are activity box bigger in LBF or we need to split us all up into, 2 servers. Because some of us are getting ignored on are post because right when we post some one else posts right after. Or we could make it were when some one rights a review in a topic it dosnt go in the activity feed?
2014-10-17 11:03:00
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2014-10-17 11:08:00 / Author: RedPanda
Hi, you must be new to forums
2014-10-17 11:08:00
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2014-10-17 11:18:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I was thinking that LBF was relatively small. To me, this is a good thing. But I also see that it's still growing, and that's a good thing too

It may seem that some posts get ignored. The thing is, not everyone will be interested in the topic of the post.

Side note: I'm fairly new to forums as well
2014-10-17 11:18:00
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2014-10-17 13:41:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Moved to LittleBigForum Feedback. I feel it is not necessary to lengthen the activity feed nor make 2 seperate servers because as nerd dog mentioned our forum isn't that big yet. And if a post/thread is ignored, it depends on the individual interests
2014-10-17 13:41:00
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2015-01-19 23:34:00 / Author: dakrrs
This forum is like pillows. You can never have too many. In this case never too big.
2015-01-19 23:34:00
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2015-01-25 12:24:00 / Author: dragonicfire
Honestly it's a good thing if a forum is busy. Like nerd_dog said before, not everyone is going to be interested in the same topic. If people have something to say for the topic, they'll drop in and say something. Otherwise, they'll be like everyone else and lurk
2015-01-25 12:24:00
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2015-01-25 16:08:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I fear the lurkers D:
2015-01-25 16:08:00
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2015-01-25 18:31:00 / Author: Mhx Air
Busy? I thought there were only 6 members until I decided to make an account.
Edit: See? I posted this 6 hours ago, and nobody has posted on the forums since. Ghost town.
It's sad because I was hoping to meet new people on this forum.
2015-01-25 18:31:00
Mhx Air
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2015-01-25 23:29:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Maybe because our 2000 members don't agree with your post? Just sayin'.
2015-01-25 23:29:00
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2015-01-26 05:59:00 / Author: dragonicfire
Maybe because some of us were busy with something else at the time. Forums are not a big part of people's lives any more. So if they get the time, they'll come and respond.
2015-01-26 05:59:00
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