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Looks like somebody was busy

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2015-01-31 00:39:00 / Author: dragonicfire
These two users, fgfgdf and rishirajji1, have been busy posting spam threads. Probably bots someone summoned because they like being a jerk. Just thought I would let you know since I came to check latest posts and found a bunch of random threads @.@
2015-01-31 00:39:00
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2015-01-31 00:54:00 / Author: 211Nickey
Also, fun fact there was 1 bot here earlier today and funnily enough, it stopped posting when I sent it a private message that told it to stop spamming, who knows if it was just a coincidence or the guy running the bot had some decency.
2015-01-31 00:54:00
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