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Bananasaurus Rexs Spelunky Eggplant Solo Run 0_o

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2013-12-27 11:55:00 / Author: HWExtreme
If you don't play spelunky, the title of this thread will sound like complete gibberish. I'm not going to explain what Spelunky is as that would take too long, instead I will briefly explain the eggplant. An eggplant is a super-rare item made when a mystery box (rare) is put on top of an altar. Throwing it at King Yama (the boss of the secret level) turns him into an eggplant monster with only 1 hp and no attacks. Many people managed to do runs on co-op but no-one had yet taken the eggplant all the way to King Yama solo. Rex was the first person to do a solo run of it.
You can see the article breaking it down and explaining it here:
2013-12-27 11:55:00
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2013-12-27 16:51:00 / Author: GooeyGhost
I don't know what "Spelunky" is, But Bananasaurus Rex is my cousin from Argentina. Really nice guy, Haven't seen him since DinoKwanzaa.
2013-12-27 16:51:00
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