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2018-11-15 23:01:53 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Comin' back around again!

This week we're having a look at:

The mansion of bloody hill - flan2007
Toggle's Floating Platformer - mrsmartypants10
Cheese n crackers - hall8653
"Antarctic Caverns" - xXTomUrbz
De fabriek - Basdewinter1

It's an...interesting set list this week. There are, in my opinion, at least a couple of pretty good ones in there. There're also a few that are...questionable, to be best. Hopefully there'll be at least a couple in there that'll catch your eye and be a good time for you. Thanks as always for all the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Just two more episodes after this one...phew. i think this is the first episode we've actually directly addressed the fact, though it does put a bow on a plot thread that we brought up a couple of weeks back. i'd have to go back and look at some of the end of season episodes from last year to see if we followed the same pattern. At any rate, we've been tying off a lot of plot threads these last few months.

Attendant to that, if you've got questions or particular comments on the series, send them my way in the next week or so. i think i'm going to have a non-live bonus episode along with the stream, and i can answer them in one or the other.

Today is cleaning, the bi-monthly top-to-bottom type that's really kind of boring, but needs to be done. Actually, looking around, i guess the apartment never gets all that messy. Untidy, perhaps, but not really messy. Though, having said that, i guess the stove-top could use a good sandblasting.

Today is almost a week without drinking. i think i talked about this a little in one of the recent Isaac episodes, but i can't remember if it was in an English one or a Japanese one. Basically, i woke up last Saturday not only hungover, but also deeply sick (and yes, they are distinctly recognizable states); it was pretty miserable. So i said to myself "self, why don't we not drink for awhile, see how that goes?" This was not a new thought to me, except this time, i actually carried through.
Japan is an easy place to drink (and, if you worry you may have problems vis-a-vis drinking, i would say it's a terrible place to live), almost every social gathering revolves around alcohol in some way, there're no public drinking laws; and between thorough public transportation and the compact nature of most major cities, you don't have to worry about getting home if you get your liquor on after work. i'd say, over the past 15yrs, i could probably cobble together 3months (non-consecutive) where i hadn't had at least a few beers. So a week without is a pretty significant change.
It's actually been surprisingly, and reassuringly, easy. When you drink every night, it's hard to have a metric to measure "is this a problem, or is this a just a bad habit?" i mean, if you never really have to go without, it's hard to check if you display, for example, withdrawal symptoms. i haven't really noticed any real changes, i still wake up logy (and my sleep schedule is still all over the map), my mood is still its usual blend of good cheer and deep depression, i'm not any more or less energetic than i was. i will say it's been really good for my wallet, so that's a win, at least. At any rate, it's a major (and i think positive) change that i've made in my life (as opposed to one imposed on me by circumstance); maybe the first real change i've made in years. That's worth spinning this experiment out further.

Who knows, maybe i'll save enough money to finally get a new tattoo.
2018-11-15 23:01:53
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