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2018-10-11 23:01:33 / Author: waffleking23
And we're back!

This go about we're having a look at:

Twilight Gardens 2 - DrBacon3457
A hop through the Gardens - IrishRob74
Autumn: Take Me Home - Edmark16
Dimensions voisines - musnake
CRYPTICA - Slufoot_48

All in all i think we've got a much better balanced set of levels this week than last. There's only one iffy there, and even that might be a Your-Mileage-May-Vary type of thing. Hopefully there'll be a couple in there that catch your eye and you'll have fun playing. Thanks as always for the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs

i need to remind myself that anything involving doors is going to be a complete pain to put together. Really, i should kit up a couple of sets that could be slotted into any set, because something always goes sideways when i try making them from scratch. So...this hub took forever to get working the way i needed it to, and then forever to record because i kept flubbing my lines, or not being happy with delivery (or twice during the outro getting so involved with what i was saying that i forgot to move around and the stupid screen-saver got triggered. i was livid). i think next week's set is going to be something easy to just get into and record.

Today's fun fact, Hexaphene is used in embalming. There are a number of different variants of it from fluid to jelly. We used the jelly style, mostly for times when we couldn't get extremities embalmed thoroughly enough due to artery damage/blockage. Also for faces on the few occasions when there would be a really long wait between the embalming and service. Stuff was strong as hell, smelled awful like you wouldn't believe, and was very toxic.We're in perfect weather for a funk, that's for sure. The mornings have been pretty uniformly grey, and most (but not all) the afternoons have been that overcast null-time, where it could just as easily be noon as sunrise. Feh...

Work has been, worrisome, to be perfectly honest. We'll see what it's looking like in the next few months, but i'm honestly starting to get a bit antsy.

i still don't know what the heck is going on with that manga i was reading. i'm on the fence as to whether i'll pick up the next two volumes. It's only a 6volume set, which i think is a pretty good length provided the author actually has a good idea for wrapping things up, and they're not scrambling to end something they'd originally thought would go on longer (both Biomega and Deadman Wonderland feel like they were supposed to have another volume or two, and end up with slightly unsatisfying denouements).
2018-10-11 23:01:33
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2018-10-16 01:57:55 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Tuesday Takeaway time!

Twilight Gardens 2 - DrBacon3457
This level hits a lot of my like buttons environmentally; it just looks cool all around. The slowdown issues from the glut of score bubbles is a bit jank, though. Also the way the cameras shift when you go forward and backward in layers can be pretty jarring. Still i was happy to get a chance to play this one.

A hop through the Gardens - IrishRob74
Fun little level, though there's really not a lot going on here. i do wish it'd been a little better as far as presentation. It just feels a touch empty in the end, really. Still, a nice little cool-down level all around.

Autumn: Take Me Home - Edmark16
This is such a good level. The way it's able to sell the story and emotional tone just through environmental cues is great. i loved the work that went into the character, and the implementation of her various abilities. Wish the bow and roll had gotten a little more use, but perhaps Edmark16 will bring us another work in the future that makes a bit more utilization of them. All in all this is a well-derserving Team Pick, and well worth giving a couple of plays to.

Dimensions Voisines - musnake
Not exactly a bad level, but not particularly stellar, either. The level sets up a story, but never really delivers on it, which is a bit of a shame. It's nice to have some environmental interactivity and puzzling, but some is exactly what we get, and not one iota more. The sudden switch to the space scene is pretty jarring, but, still, it is a cool enough environment. i still feel warm about the level, but it definitely could have been left in the oven a touch longer.

CRYPTICA - SluFoot_48
An ultimately disappointing level here. Some of the ideas are decent enough, and the environment isn't bad, exactly. It's just hampered by the usual issues of implementing 3d movement in LBP3. Still, it's worth a play or two, at least as a way to see how these things should (or should not, perhaps) be handled.

So, that's the that. All around pretty good set this go, and even CRYPTICA is interesting, even if it doesn't quite pull off what it's trying to achieve. i hope you found something in there worth your while. Thanks as always for the feedback and support and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Already a busy morning here. Got the levels for Friday's episode wrapped, which is always good. Not really worked on the hub yet, but that really shouldn't be an issue. i've already got an idea for the intro, and it's pretty low-stress, at least as far as kitting things together. Got an episode of English-Isaac and Jside-Isaac done, which keeps us a couple of days ahead of schedule. Also finally picked up the Unknown Armies 3rd ed set, and Death Road to Canada for the stream. Busy, busy, busy me.

Last Saturday we went out to Event? i'm not really sure what the classification is here. It was a lot of fun, and i'm not really a lot of fun type of person. It was nice to be in a crowd where the weirdness level is so skewed that i come off as relatively normal. And everyone was really friendly, positive, and chill. Ran into a handful of old-friends i really need to renew contact with, and had an all-around great time.

Got a bit of a long weekend upcoming. Ostensibly to see John Carpenter's The Thing, but really to carve a little time away from work. i am seeing The Thing, of course, wouldn't miss that for the world.
2018-10-16 01:57:55
Posts: 342
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