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2018-09-06 23:25:02 / Author: waffleking23
Holy crap, it's 3.44 in the morning....errr...i mean, it's that time again!

This week we're having a look at:

Galaxy Run - A-Purple-Box
Painty Tower - gameAMOUR
Agent Raptor - ZedCOcoZza
Tricky Tower - kuma9k
Flow - BROTHM GARDEN - ramon234567

It's actually a pretty cool set this go around, though not all the levels hit the mark they're aiming for. Hopefully something in the lot catches your eye and looks like something you can have fun with. Thanks as always for the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i don't think i've ever been quite as frustrated doing an outro before. i mean, i've had times when things didn't flow the way i'd wanted, but this one was really kind of absurd. By the time i finally got a take i was generally happy with, it was close enough to 2am to just stay up a bit longer and catch lsrs's weekly stream. Of course, that means i didn't get things all wrapped up until *looks at clock*'s 3.48a now.

The stream was really cool. A lot more fun being a participant, than just watching the video later. They'd had the same issue with chat messages not showing up in the PS4 UI as i had yesterday afternoon. This was actually kind of comforting, as it seems it isn't just some setting screw up on my end. Still i hope SONY gets things sorted out, trying to keep one eye on my laptop, and one eye on my TV is kind of annoying.

There'll probably be an afternoon stream today. Like 95% probability.

i need to sleep forever now, but i also need to be up before 8a....this is a problem.
2018-09-06 23:25:02
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2018-09-10 22:39:51 / Author: waffleking23
Heyos, Tuesday Takeaway time over here!

Galaxy Run - A-Purple-Box
This is just a really "meh" kind of level in the end, isn't it? i kind of liked the brighter look of the early space-mine bit, but that's over far too quickly and everything's pretty drab looking afterwards. In fact, that whole Swoop section could have probably stood to be bulked out just a touch. The real killer, though, is the lack of momentum we mentioned in the episode. At no time did i feel like i had a smooth flow through the level, but worse, i never thought such a thing would really be possible, regardless of my knowledge of the layout, or improvements in skill. If a player's got that feeling about your race, they're not going to come back and play it again and again to try and get a better result.

Painty Tower - gameAmour
Had a fun enough time with this one this time around, but i've got to wonder about the presentation choices. Like, why beige for a background colour? It manages to be both drab and ugly at the same time. Pulling in the cameras a touch would have probably helped the lack of decoration and differentiation in the materials. Two bits about the gameplay that did irk me a bit, though. One was inconsistency in mechanics. Having things that launch or bounce you will do that in one section, but not in another. The other was the introduction of the hazardous crayons at the end. They're right on top of you as soon as you get in range, and they're pretty darn tricky to dodge. Might have wanted to introduce those a bit earlier in the level.

Agent Raptor - ZedCOcoZza
This is such a cool level, and a style i don't really get a chance to often play (certainly not for the show). i really came around to liking the need to actually think about the timing of your attacks, though that feeling of "oh, well, i screwed the timing on that one, didn't i?" took a bit of getting used to. Sound and music are very well done. The look of the level is spot on, coherent, and well-suited to the story. The one real fly in the ointment is the camera shake when you jump. i can get why it's there, but it gets to be a bit much pretty quick. Thankfully it's not a part of the boss fight.

Tricky Tower - kuma9k
Liked this one a lot more after the fourth play, which is good and bad, really. i don't know if a lot of players are going to give a level that many chances to click (though the fact that you can definitely feel improvement might be a good hook). The look of the level does pretty well pound a lot of my "like" buttons. Wish the hazards were a bit easier to spot, though. There's something about the electrical hazards in low light that makes all the materials around them look hazardous as well. Something ought to be done about that ramp, as well. Maybe putting in a bit of logic so that it becomes immobile once you've pushed it into place.

Flow - BROTHAM GARDEN - ramon234567
We ran into the creator of this one on lsrs's livestream on Friday, and that was cool. Was interesting to hear some of their thinking in making the level, and was nice that they could take criticism (about the checkpoints) in the spirit they were intended. Some folks aren't really able to do that. Anyhow, check out that stream if you want to get a little director's commentary. As for the level, i really love the way the level looks.
Wasn't so happy with the lack of momentum in a level that was supposed to be a momentum based level. Really, really wasn't happy with how long it took to get to a checkpoint in that first section. You'll be re-covering a lot of ground until you've got a good handle on the level's mechanics.

So, that's the that this week. There should definitely be something in there that will tickle your fancy. Thanks for all the support and feedback, folks, and i hope y'all have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i hate to say it, and i really don't know what the reason is, but i have basically no motivation to do anything but make Isaac episodes. i mean, that's great for the Isaac series (we're backlogged up into October at this point), but not so great for anything else.
2018-09-10 22:39:51
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