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2018-08-16 23:00:53 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! It's Friday, my vacation's kind of over, and we've got another shot coming 'round again!

This go about we're having a look at:

China temple plateplam - imamannn
The Grate Twosday Escape - shearenvy
Block by Block - niall-mag
Creepy-Crawly Crypts - jatoquin2
"Epic Crash Train" - FivePin3s

It's a pretty fun set this go about, though there is one of...those...levels that's gone and snuck into the mix. Ah...well, these things do happen, don't they? Hopefully you'll find something in there to your taste. Thanks, as always, for all the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
So...the vacation was...well, it was mostly relaxing, so that was nice. Went with the short trips/low-impact style, mostly because i had the feeling going up to Tokyo was going to end up costing a lot, regardless of how i got up there. We went up to the abandoned amusement park, which turned out to be far less abandoned than i'd been led to believe. i don't know if it'd gone through some kind of rebirth since my friends had gone to it, or if they'd just over-sold it. It did make for a fun trip, though, and the run down bits were appropriately creepy (it helped that i'd got there before opening, and could just wander around the mostly-empty park).

One highlight was being the only person strolling around the haunted house, and it was maybe the only effective haunted house i've been to in Japan. Part of that was it being a walk-through style, and not a cart-on-tracks one. Also that the paint-job on a lot of the spooky-objects was just kind of...wrong? It felt less like walking through an old Japanese ghost story (which, i figure, was the intended effect), and more like that bit in an 80's slasher movie, where our intrepid Final Girl stumbles into the killer's house, and every thing is decorated Ed Gein. i loved it.

A big chunk of my free-time (of which there was entirely too much, to be honest) i spent re-reading my Yotsuba& collection. It was cool to notice how much more of the dialogue i could understand compared to the last time i'd done a full re-read (though, to be fair, Yotsuba is probably the easiest manga series i have). i started reading through Tekkon Kinkreet, and while that's been an easier go this time about, it's definitely more of a struggle than Yotsuba.

i walked myself mostly to exhaustion every day, which i should point out is something i actually like doing. Lots of time to think about this and that, and also i slept like the dead most every night, which i appreciated. Also that i actually tanned up a fair amount (though, i do tend to tan up relatively quickly). i look slightly less sickly than usually, not having my dead-fish-belly-white pallor. That's...good i suppose.

There might be a bonus stream today, since i'm going to be doing some production work anyway. It's good to be back, folks!
2018-08-16 23:00:53
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2018-08-20 06:58:49 / Author: mdkd
Funny title. Episode was great with solid levels.
2018-08-20 06:58:49
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2018-08-20 22:56:53 / Author: waffleking23
(Continued from Episode 036)

China temple plateplam - imamannn
You can see first time level creating written all over this one. It's fun enough for what it is, but you've got the bad cameras and overuse of collected objects that are the hallmarks we've all come to know and love. Still, it manages to be mostly functional, and only has a couple of drop out of level areas. i'll be interested in seeing how imamannn grows as a creator in the future.

The Grate Twosday Escape - shearenvy
No, just...just no.

Block by Block - niall-mag
i liked this one the third time through about as much as i did the first two times. Which is to say, quite a lot, really. i liked how each block had an isolated gameplay element, and generally really pushed that. It does mean that there's not a lot of consistency to the difficulty level, though. There is a lot of challenge, enough so that i didn't manage completing it again. Well, some day, maybe.

Creepy-Crawly Crypts - jatoquin2
jatoquin2 fixed the broken checkpoint! Huzzah! i don't know that that was because i pointed it out, i'm pretty sure it had come up in the level reviews previously. Still, it's nice to see problems actually get fixed for once in levels. This level is one of my favourites, i just love the little skull buddies, and the general presentation of things throughout. The difficulty and gameplay reminded me pretty strongly of early story mode levels from LBP1, and i'd like (but don't expect) to see that expanded on; more levels in the same theme but with growing difficulty each level would be pretty keen.

"Epic Crash Train" REVAMPED - FivePin3s
i had a good time with this one this morning, but something started to creep in on me as i was playing. Mainly, there's no real tension. On one hand, i know that having an auto-scroll at the very beginning of the level might be a lot to ask of players (especially if the difficulty is going to drop down after that), but on the other hand, even though you've got the shaking camera, you know that train's not going to drop until you get out of it. So, even through the presentation is telling you "hurry up! hurry up!" you know you can just dawdle your way through. Even though FivePin3s is going for a close match to the original, it might have been better to add an early platforming bit to get the player warmed up, and then have a more difficult cliff-/train-climbing bit after that.

So...that's the that. Hopefully there's something in the lot that you can have a good time with. Thanks as always for the support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
So! Freaking! Busy!

Spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday rebuilding the Isaac backlog, which didn't need being done to quite the extent i did, but i got kind of locked in. Monday, in particular, was awful...because i was trying to get the Ultra Hard challenge, spent all morning trying to set up a winnable run, and only ended up with two episodes that i actually felt comfortable publishing (both of which were failures, of course).

Unfortunately this has meant not putting the time into R15F that i needed to. The levels for Friday's episode are recorded, so that's good, but i've hardly got the set-up done for the intro (just the early stage stuff, like changing the boards and calendar and such). Arrrg! It doesn't help that i spent a bunch of time setting up some characters, and then decided to scrap that bit of the story for now to wrap something else up instead (which will require a completely different character to be set up). Plus. i might be losing most all of Thursday (and probably all of Friday) for production so i can get some real life stuff done and.... This week's episode will be finished by Friday, but there's no way i'm going to be getting much work done on next week's. Aaaa...mouuuu...

This also means, there may be a bit of a lag until we have the breathing room to put out any LBsP episodes. Aaaa....mouuuu!
2018-08-20 22:56:53
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