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2018-07-19 23:01:08 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! It's Friday! So, right, here we go again.

So this week we're having a go at:

Cardboard Platformer - NoodlesAndSauce_
Magma inferno - markybarlow
China Restaurant - wischmopp28
Return to The Cosmos - kittnintro
Original name... - stevent2002

It's actually not a bad set-list this go about. Had some switches and changes, on account of some of the levels i'd originally picked had turned out to be galleries or movies. See, this is why we record the levels before we record the intro. Anyhow, hope there's something in there you find enjoyable, yeah? Thanks as always for all the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs

2018-07-19 23:01:08
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2018-07-23 22:37:19 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! It's Tuesday Takeaway time!

Cardboard Platformer - NoodlesAndSauce_
There's not really too much to say about this one that we didn't cover in the episode. It's a shockingly coherent level for a first go of things, and that's really cool. The difficulty is a bit all over the place, and that rotating plus section is a real pain in the keister. There were actually some bonus, super-high-point score bubbles that i hadn't noticed when i was playing for the episode. i found one and it popped me up over mdkd's score, and i actually felt a little bad about that, i had played really poorly prior to that point.

Magma inferno - markybarlow
There are a bunch of places where you can short-cut using the boost boots that i'm not sure the creator intended. They're not really big ones, but still they shave a bit of time off. i've been watching a lot of AGDQ, so maybe i'm just noticing these things more often recently. i still haven't figured out what was going on in that Hero Cape section, not sure why it kept pushing me back a layer in that one section we looked at in the PiPs. markybarlow left a note on YouTube, which was really cool. Mentioned that they'd gotten the LotD nod, which i thought was great, but when i played this morning, there was no pink ribbon on the i'm not sure what's up with that.

china restaurant platformer - wischmopp28
So...wischmopp28 dropped me a line on my profile, let me know they'd updated the level after watching the episode. This was really cool. It's rare, but i've had that come up a few times, and it always feels nice. So, i was expecting maybe a little tidying and polish, maybe closing off those areas where you could drop out of the level. What i got was...a completely new level in the original theme. i was...not expecting that. The new version is actually really cool, and there's a lot more gameplay to be had here. There was the addition of one thing i wasn't super happy with. In the last third of the level, you get a number of areas where the floor will drop out from under you. There's no indication as to what panels will be dropping out, though; so there's a good chance you'll blow through a bunch of points before finally staggering to the end.

Return to The Cosmos - kittnitro
i love how much of this level you can just skip if you make the minor effort of keeping the boost boots longer than you're supposed to. i don't think that was creator intent, but i suppose it's always possible. i'm also a super-big fan of the wrap-around aspect of the level. That's a construction style that i really don't see all that often.

Original name made no i changed it to this - Stevent2002
Just a goofy little charmer here. i thought it was cool the way they actually returned to one of the obstacles in a more difficult (ok slightly more difficult) variant. Would've liked to have seen that done a little more, but at least we got it the once. There's not a lot to say, because we pretty much caught everything for the episode.

So...actually, i felt way more positive about all the levels playing this morning, than when i'D played them for the episode (and i felt pretty positive about them then). Hopefully there's at least one in there that looks like something you'd like to give a whirl to. As always, thanks for all the support and feedback, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtain Stuffs
Episode 034 is mostly completely wrapped; just the title/end cards and PiPs to do. Not particularly worried about the title card, as i'm looking to use assets from a previous that (should) make it a quicker go. We've got initial set up for episode 035 done; we're going back to one of my favourite (and yet most annoying to work with) sets. No, not Marinara, we're never going back to that one, as much as i'd love's just a super pain to do any work in.

i haven't had a chance to get out an episode of LBsP, and my backlog of levels to look at there just gets ever longer. i'm really hoping to get one kit up tomorrow, but it's hard to make a hard promise on that one.

We lost two dedicated streaming days because of stuff...which was annoying and disappointing, but ultimately probably for the best for my health and social life. Shifting Friday/Sunday to bonus episodes means if things align right, i can still do an episode, but i don't have to feel so beholden that i'm not doing things that need to be done. Also, it'll let us do more one-off games in the middle of more long-form stuff. So...yeah. i do want to thank everyone who's been showing up, makes everything a lot more fun. Also, i realized the other day that it would've been great had EnochRoot been able to show up for the LBP3 one back at the beginning of June. We had a bunch of tree puns there. i'm almost certain we may have made a "getting to the root of the problem" joke at some point.

Conceptually, Switch is the best for Enter the Gungeon, the ability to just pick up and play suits it so well. Practically, the controller set-up makes it really hard to actually hit all the buttons necessary to play it well. Grrr...
2018-07-23 22:37:19
Posts: 342
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