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2018-06-28 23:01:59 / Author: waffleking23
Good morning all! We've swung 'round again for another round again.

This week we're having a look at:

My Obiamb Party - baibarsabuobeid
.ayDreamer:. - killervampire7
Welcome To Wood Town! - DaisyPsyche
City Stroll - megasladon3
Candy Land - minkwe

A fun enough set of levels this week, nothing that stands out as a real clunker...i think. Anyway, hopefully you'll find something in there you can have fun with. Thanks as always and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Not too much to talk about really. We should have an episode of LBsP coming out today. It may already be up by the time you read this, since it's 6in the morning now. That's about it, i guess.
2018-06-28 23:01:59
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2018-07-02 23:11:32 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Time for another Tuesday Takeaway!

My Obiamb Party - baibarsabuobeid
Those checkpoints...someday, some sea change will occur, and creators will realize you have to make your checkpoints easily triggerable. This was not that day, but it could be tomorrow, i suppose. Disabling air control on the layer launchers would probably have been a good idea as well, but everyone forgets that one. Really, the bones of a pretty decent level are here, but like we said in the video, it could use a fair amount of expansion, and an awful lot of polish.

.: DayDreamer:. - killervampire7
i'd really wanted to go into a bit about vampires when i was playing this one, and then i got distracted. Did you know that they're printing Vampire: the Eternal Struggle again? Man...that was such a great card game. i usually ran malks/!malks, and i didn't win very often, but when i did, it was fabulous. Oh, wait, we're talking about the level, aren't we? Right. Umm...i mean, it's not bad. It certainly accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish, but it just feels...kind of samey? i feel like i've seen this material/deco set dozens of times before, most often in the LBP2 era...maybe that's just a false memory, it's kind of hard to tell. i found the break point really easily this go around, which amused the heck out of me, that you can skip a pretty big chunk of the level. i don't really feel like that was intentional.

Welcome to Wood Town! - DaisyPsyche
Did you know Psyche! was a Celerity-based VtES card that would give you a press at inferior, and an automatic new combat at superior? i'D forgotten myself...i generally didn't run combat-heavy decks, and i don't think i ever tried a Celerity-focused one...oh, right, got off topic again. Ahh...DaisyPsyche is 8yrs old. Or at least they were 8 whenever they put together their creator profile. That's pretty cool, actually. i mean, the level is short as all get out, but it's completely coherent, and actually has some fitting gameplay. i'd probably have given this one a bit of a higher score if i'd noticed before the gradings. i usually heart players whose levels stand out to me...but an (almost) 40yr old guy hearting an 8yr old...i mean, it's not really a good look, is it?

City Stroll - megasladon
The forced level links are still here, and i so wish they weren't. i'd love to give this one an unalloyed recommendation, because i really like the style of it. Also, since it's relatively short, it's not really going to eat up much of your day. Man, though, i really don't like being crammed into a new level, let alone four, once i finish something. Tossing a bunch of unavoidable prizes on the player at the end...i mean...that's just kind of rude.

Candy Land - minkwe
minkwe didn't seem all that enthusiastic about the level in the select page, and i really don't get that. i mean, if you're not at least a little happy with it, why publish? This is another, "well, it is a level, you can definitely say that"-type. i honestly think with some polish you could gin it up into something actually pretty good. Those cameras need to be hella-tweaked, though. Lot's of slabby environments, too...which is a bit of a turn off.

So, that's the that for this week. Nothing downright terrible, but i wouldn't call it the best set we've ever looked at. Still, hopefully you found something in there that was fun enough. Thanks, as always for all the feedback and support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
We tried to record this week's LBsP yesterday, and completely botched it at around the 15minute point...we're going to have to think about how we want to present this one i think.

Did the Gravity Rush 2 stream on Sunday, and that was actually a lot of fun. Thanks SirMonacle and Paczek321 for showing up and helping out, and generally putting up with my flailing about. We had a diehard GR2 player show up toward the end, and that was pretty cool too, though my brainmeats were getting a touch drifty by that point.

Did you know Edmund McMillen is putting out a Binding of Isaac (non-collectable, i think) cardgame? Well, now you do. He's running it through KickStarter, so give it a look. And if it looks like something up your alley, give it some love.
2018-07-02 23:11:32
Posts: 342
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