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2018-06-21 23:00:49 / Author: waffleking23
Wait...what? It's Friday? When did that happen? Err...anyway, coming back for another round!

This week we're having a look at:

Mushroom Forest - Eadic
City platformer 1.0 - m_g_g_j
fete - foujumper
MatterC (Hard) - ColinMacQ
Overcast in the Gardens - Mr_Brains999

It's a decent enough set this go. Mushroom Forest picked up a ton of heat after recording, but that's cool. Hopefully you'll find something in there you can have a good time with. Thanks as always for all the support and feedback! Have a great day, now!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
So, is down or something? The address just brings up something completely different for me right at the moment.

We've wrapped Manny's arc here (or at least this stage of his arc), and got to tie up a loose thread with Lucretia, so that was nice. Weird thing with the hub this go...for some reason the clock isn't keeping time correctly. This has come up before (and in fact will come up in episode 030 as well). i don't know what's going on with it, but something's slowing down the timer it looks like.
This episode was supposed to be called Yig, because i forgot last week's was the 2nd "y" episode. It's a bit of a shame, this is one of the few times when the title and title card matched up. But you can get the story of it here (hopefully this cues to the right spot in the video, though the whole albumm deserves a listen):
(Edit to Add)That's loads the song after Yig Snake Daddy. It should start at 12:23(/EtA)

We're done with episode 030 except for the PiPs, and i'm going to start working those up once i finish typing this up. i've done a lot of ancillary recording for this one, because i'm going to be working some of the extra footage into the LBsP. i'm not sure if that's going to go up today or not, it'll need more editing than most do, and i really want to keep myself out of the house most of today; the weather's looking nice, but it's rainy season, so that won't last.

Except...i think i need to record a bunch of Jside Isaac, don't i? Bugger.
2018-06-21 23:00:49
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2018-06-25 23:06:41 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Yeah, it's that time for the Tuesday Takeaway!

Mushroom Forest - Eadic
Other than finding a place you can drop out the level, there's not too much different with the play experience here. It's a shockingly good first level, and that's no lie. Very Ninpean in some respects. The music is good, hand-made, and slightly too loud as these tracks tend to be. The arrows continue to be persistent longer than necessary, which makes that cloud section more difficult than it needs to be, but aside from that it's solid on, and short enough to slot into most any session. There was one thing added, unfortunately, though. There's now a forced level link to one of Squid2723's levels. Marsh something or other. It's a fine enough level, but i hate being forced into something unexpectedly, especially when i'm on the clock, so to speak.

City Platformer 1.0 - m_g_g_j
Again, nothing particularly different here. That checkpoint really needs to have a better trigger to it, because it's super easy to miss. Also, something i didn't notice in our episode play-throughs, but you can use the gun to shoot those plasma launchers, so that's cool. Also, you can skip a whole climbing section by jumping to the right, so there's that. It's a fine enough level, certainly you couldn't call it great, but worth at least the one play.

fete - foujumper
This exists. To the extent that anything purely on-line with no physical component can be said to exist.'s really, really not for me.

Matter C (Hard) - ColinMacQ
i still think once you get the gimmick this one drops to a hard, but fun level. For Entropy's sake, though, that gimmick can take an awful long time to click. Dealing with the early force bubble, where you have to use them to progress, is a bit of a pain. It felt a little too tough to determine just what direction, and with what velocity, they were going to throw you. On the other hand, the boost boots bit, that was great. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Overcast in the Gardens - Mr_Brains999
This one could be massively improved with just a little better communication with the player, i think. The feel of the level, that kind of overcast, drizzly day, is nailed down pretty well; and i liked the semi-unique spin on the Gardens' material palette (usually it's used more to build an environment, than as a straight NES-style platformer, and that was kind of cool). On the other hand, like we said in the video, it's just too easy to forget that some materials are gameplay elements; and not differentiating between static wall-jump materials and throw-you-up wall jump materials was a poor choice in my opinion.

So that was the that. Hope you found something fun in the lot. As always, thanks for the support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
We got all the levels recorded for episode 031, which is great, but we've kind of stopped there for the moment.

The last few days, all i've wanted to do has been to play Isaac. Since i needed to rebuild my backlog, that's not the worst thing in the world. On the other hand, i should probably get at least an episode of LBsP out the door. Tomorrow, perhaps.

If you've been jumping in the streams (thanks SirMonacle! thanks Paczek321!), you'll know that we'e going to run one more episode (for now) of Isaac on Thursday, then Friday and Saturday will be Enter the Gungeon. i make exactly zero promise on how well those will go, and it may be just a series of frustrating deaths, that will hopefully make for fun commentary at least. From Sunday we'll be looking at Gravity Rush 2 (with maybe a side step every now and then to another "one-shot" style game). i don't know how that's going to turn out, i've never recorded or streamed a long-form game before. It may be really cool...or it may be god awful. But, if you'd like to jump in and say hi, we'd love to have you!
2018-06-25 23:06:41
Posts: 342
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