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2018-06-14 23:00:52 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! That time's rolled around again, so let's jump back in it.

This week we're having a peek at:

Velociportal City - blitzenbucatti67
Yellowhead LBP Level Remake - Claptrap9
KITCHEN RIDE - scalapp007
Egress - v0rtex2002
Patchwork Office - Mascottag

It's a pretty weird set this go around. Some really strong levels mixed in with some...weaker ones. With luck there'll be at least one that catches your eye and looks like a good time. As always, thanks for all the support and feedback, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs

i think this is probably my favourite hub yet. i don't know that we'll ever get the chance to get back to it, but at least we got one show here. i found a pretty solid picture to use as a guide, which was a huge help. Don't think we nailed it one to one, but still, for being a little bit of a rush job (this bit of the story wasn't supposed to be for another few weeks yet) i think it turned out pretty well.

We've wrapped up, as in completely, PiPs and all, episode 029, so we're completely on schedule again. Yatta! i don't know what that means for us exactly. i'd like to use the time to get in a few more LBsPs, but on the other hand, maybe a couple of days break from producing wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

Oh! StevenI got in touch with me about that stolen level. Well, thanked me for pointing it out, it's not like we had a chat or anything. i should check to see if it's been taken down. Still, the point being that it's nice to know that he does keep an oar in on things like this. i doubt you're reading, but thanks Steven!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, blue skies and the whole lot. And, as per last week's Tuesday Takeaway, i didn't have the cash to do much of anything. i did get a few long-ish walks in, so i wasn't in the house all day, but i did spend a significant chunk in front of the telly, doing editing and such. Told myself, "Self, we're keeping out of the house as much as we can tomorrow." So, it's been pouring cats and dogs since i woke up, and doesn't show much sign of stopping. Well played, Weather Gods, well played indeed.

Aside from production, the Octo Expansion for Splatoon2 came out yesterday. i'd pre-ordered it from way back when, so that was lucky. Anyhow, the music is great, and it presentation is just what you'd expect from the series, but holy is freaking TOUGH. i cleared out the A Line, and the boss battle(? maybe, it was a one on five Rainmaker match) just crushed me. Got through it eventually, only to find i couldn't make any progress at all on either the B or C Lines (if you're not familiar, they've set up the level select like a subway map, it's clever). Maybe no Octo-gal in matches for me.

Ah, speaking of games that aren't LBP, i've been doing some on and off streaming recently, yeah? The most of it's been Isaac (and last night's Hard Mode run was garbage, and i played like garbage!), but it's mostly for me to play an hour and a half of whatever i feel like at the time. Anyway, i was kicking around the idea of doing Gravity Rush2 for it. Nothing solid or anything like that, just an idea in the early stages.
2018-06-14 23:00:52
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2018-06-19 01:14:52 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Tuesday Takeaway! Slightly late edition.

Velociraptior City - blitzenbucatti67
Ahhh....i mean, what can you say about a level like this one? It's...i mean, the set up is kind of neat, but you'll probably spend more time loading than you will "playing." It's not a garbage level, i certainly wouldn't go that far,, it's not particularly good, either?

Yellowhead LBP Level Remake - Claptrap9
i'd wanted to get into a bit about Claptrap when we were doing this one, but we didn't have the time. On account of the level being really short. It's neat enough, i guess, but like Velociraptor City, there's very little meat on the bones here. Considering what they were working with, it might have been a better idea to continue the level past what the demo showed us. Also, like we mentioned in the video, a flat camera would have helped sell things a bit more.

KITCHEN RIDE - scalapp007
There's no ride here. Nary a one. Kitchen Stroll, or perhaps Kitchen Light Jog would have been a better title, perhaps? But would you play a level called Kitchen Light Jog? Maybe not. It's a cool level here, definitely over-stuffed as far as prizes, but there's not too much to complain about here. i suppose it could be a little more gameplay heavy, you're not really doing an awful lot...but i'm not sure that's entirely the point of the level, so...enjoy the scenery, really. It's definitely worth a play though.

Egress - v0rtex2002
i couldn't gush enough about this level during the outro. In fact, the outro we saw was actually the second recording, because i got so wrapped up that i let the screen saver come up again. i hate that screen saver, i really do. The music is solid on throughout the level. Presentation stays solid. There are a lot of mechanical elements that work out. The secrets are actually a bit tough to pick up, even with them being obviously marked out. There's a spot where you can see the creator's picture, which was kind of neat (and not so in your face as to be disconcerting). Knowing where everything was, and not going for points or secrets, i was able to get through this one in about 16minutes, so if time is an issue for you, you might want to hold of a bit. However, you should definitely give this one a look; it's just not right it's only got a couple hundred plays.

Patchwork Office - mascottag
Yeah, yeah, this one picked up the LotD; and honestly? Congrats. Actual and genuine. Patchwork Office is a perfect little encapsulation of what makes LBP work. It's got a nice look to it, the gameplay carries you along at a relatively decent clip. It doesn't overstay its welcome; and it introduces a few things which, while not novel exactly, set it apart a bit from other levels. If you wanted to point out to someone outside the community what LBP can be, i think you'd be hard pressed to find a better level.

So, that's the that. Even the weaker levels are, at least short. Hopefully there was something in the mix that caught your fancy and you could have a good time with. As always, thank you all for the support, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs

This might be a little TMI-y, and if you want to nope out, by all means do so and i won't think any worse of you for it. Also, there's going to be most nothing about the series or LBsP or whatever, this is just stuff i've been kicking around talking about for awhile, and yesterday's (mostly overblown, but still pretty scary at the time) earthquake provided a really clear example of what i'm getting at, personally at least.

So... right.

i've got about zero self-worth. Like, i've had people tell me i can come off at first as this really full-of-themelves jag, and it kind of floors me, because i'm getting to it from the completely opposite direction. It's easy to come off as stand-offish when your base assumption is you've got nothing you could possibly contribute (and yes, i understand the irony there, considering the primary purpose of my LBP series. Accept that people are weird and complex).

So, the earthquake happened yesterday. And it was scary, and things jumped around a lot for a short period of time, and then it was done. Since the main of it was further north, i ended up with nothing broken, and the people around me pretty quickly started to go on with their days. Hell there were Moms and kids in the park outside my window.

It literally, and i do mean literally, not figuratively, never entered my mind that someone might be concerned about my safety. i mean, really? Why?

This despite the fact that the quake was, on paper, not that much weaker than the one that screwed the holy hell out of Tohoku; and the fact that the news amplifies the heck out of everything.

So, i never thought to check my phone until way after.

At which point i noticed that my ex had tried to get in touch with me 14times just by phone, and had sent a set of increasingly worried and/or angry mails.

'cause she cared, and she was worried that i might not be ok.

The briefest hint of the possibility of the inkling that that might be the brainmeats hadn't considered considering.

Look, what i'm getting at is...this is not a cry for help or a pity poor me type of thing. What i'm getting at is, low self-worth is an issue, it's a problem. It can be actively dangerous to yourself (because, why not do something you know is stupid and/or potentially'S not like the results will matter all that much), but it can, more importantly in my mind, also be pretty toxic to the people around you, the people you may care about. Because, how could your actions or situation concern or hurt others, since you've got no particular weight or value?

Basically, this is a crap way to live. It's not fun. It's a good way to miss a lot of opportunities that life will send your way just out of random chance. It's a really good way to make decisions that will really screw you up, maybe not today or tomorrow, but that will sit there like landmines for you years down the road. It's an excellent way to alienate and push away people that care about you and honestly want to help.


Look, i'm fine, mostly, -ish, but i'm, slowly and way too late, working my way through this stuff.

But i want you to know.

Yes, you.

You have worth and value, and you have people who care about you and want the best for you. i care, i want the best for you, whoever you are.

Thank you all for everything. Honest to Entropy, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

(Also, honestly, and also ironically perhaps, don't worry. i'm not going anywhere)
2018-06-19 01:14:52
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2018-06-19 02:11:11 / Author: mdkd
Neat levels, shared my thought on Sackinima.
2018-06-19 02:11:11
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