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2018-06-07 23:05:53 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Good Morning to y'all! Another week, another go on the roundabout!

This week we're having a look at:

Dimensional doorways - mike-cherry
Forest of Spikes - SnakeND55
*Race in to the island - SirNlC3*
The Red Fortress - SuperStitches
Break in the Bank - lemurboy12
(*)*Oh hey...another stolen level it looks like...i am quite salty about this, but i think the original is: The Islands Race - Sacred-Mi Sorry about this folks.

Pretty solid set this go about, ought to be something in the batch that you'll find fun...i hope, i hope? Thanks as always for all the support, and have yourselves a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Alrighty's two in the mornin' (wha'cha gonna do? Ahh...i don't think i can legitimately quote Snoop Dogg). Anyhow, i've been wanting to catch an lsrs livestream, and i was tired enough to take a evening nap to wake up in time for it. My brainmeats are...basically crispy-fried. Also it's 2:06a and there's no stream started yet...

(Edit to Add)So... there was no Livestream, and now i feel kind of whacked out. Well, i guess that's how it goes sometimes. It did allow me to catch that "Run in to the Islands" is a stolen level (thanks to the crack detective work of zero-pilote, again). i've updated the OP, and the link on YouTube, but it's well too late to change the episode itself, which leaves me feeling pretty salty, as you might imagine. Zero gave me some tips on finding out if the level has been klepped, so i'm hoping this doesn't come up again in the future, though i suppose it very well might. All i can promise is that i'll do my best.(/eta)

This episode was a bit of a thing to set up. At sometime i deleted the original version from last year, so i had to kit up the whole thing from scratch. i'm happy with how it turned out this time though. i had to put together a SackBot for myself, because i wanted to be sized up to make the hub look correctly scaled. Why can't SackBots natively display emotions again? 'Cause that's kind of a pain? Particularly pleased with the Priority Seats stickers, i'm not sure if they're clear in any of the cameras, but they are there. i have no idea why, but the PiPs this go about took literally (and this is the literal literally, not the figurative literally) 4hours. i have no idea why, either. i'm still having a bit of trouble getting things to sync up, i've got a couple of ideas how to get that sorted.

Episode 028 is wrapped but for the PiPs, it worked out better than i'd expected, but maybe not as great as i'd wanted. Kind of got down to, do i really want to detail the heck out of the hub, or do i want to record, 'cause it's going to have to be one or the other. Still, i'm not going to delete this one, and i can always go back to it. Maybe even put it up as an iCandy or something.

Working on the hub for episode 029, because...what else am i going to do at one in the morning whilst i wait for the Stream to roll around. *checks YouTube* Which is...maybe looking increasingly unlikely...oh ho, ho ho ho. Anyway, the major ground work is done, so it's time to start laying in the main cameras and logic bits and whatnot. But we're pretty solidly back on schedule again, which means that we can finally start making real LBsP videos again. There're four levels on the list i've been wanting to get to, with luck i should be able to get two done this week. i do have to rebuild the Isaac backlog, but i can knock out a pretty big chunk of that today.
2018-06-07 23:05:53
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2018-06-11 22:18:12 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu, It's Tuesday, this is Takeaway!

Dimensional Doorways - mike-cherry
i never played the alpha of LBP3 (obviously?), so i can't speak to the verisimilitude of the level, or even if the level was built up from scratch using a model, or if it was glitched in some how. i do think it serves as an excellent and challenging introduction to the boost boots; if you're not at least half-proficient with them by the end, it's on you. i do think that the pacing of the level makes the starkness of the presentation really stand out, though. A little bit of a background, or a mix of materials would have probably helped out a lot. mdkd's cardboard racer series is a good example of how you can keep a player ultra-focused on the action to the point they won't really notice the simplicity of the presentation.

Forest of Spikes - SnakeND55
Man, i do not know what was going on with this one, and it was a real pain to find PiPs for. i mean, how can you show the awkwardness of the controls (something the player is going to feel internally), without it just looking like poor play (which is how it comes off externally)? The level design, itself, is actually pretty good, and it's certainly a challenge. i think if i hadn't been having to constantly having to fight the controls, i probably would have rated it a lot more positively. As it is, i can only say, if you want to give it a shot, i hope you have a high tolerance for frustration.

The Islands Race - Sacred-Mi
This one is the original. i guess the copy we looked at in the episode itself got picked up for Level of the Day? i wonder how StevenI feels about that? Or how he handles it? Does the LotD title get stripped? Anyway, this one's a simple, straightforward LBP1 racer. It's a lot of fun, and a nice little trip in the Wayback Machine, though it's not really something that will set your world on fire. Give it a run on the original creator's profile, and throw some shade and aspersions on SirNlC3 for their thieving ways.

The Red Fortress - SuperStitches
Aside from the weird material glitch here, looking at presentation and design, this is such a good level. i love running into levels that have their own particular look and feel, and i love running into levels that utilize a lot of physics in their mechanical design, so this one was pushing my 'like' buttons pretty hard. i still have to wonder about the cutscenes, though. i mean, they work in context of the story being presented, and they are really quite well done. On the other hand, i'm leery of things that take away player agency; it just leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth to have my victory stolen from me in the end. Especially when it's with the implication that they could have done that at any time. Like, why was i even there, then? Maybe that's just me?

Break in the Bank - lemurboy12
i'm pretty sure "Los Home" is not, in fact, Spanish, but i could be wrong. Looking at this level purely objectively...yeah, it's not really all that great. It's short, it's kludgy, there're no checkpoints except for the starting one. It's just not very good. And yet, and yet, it's definitely got its own, goofy, charm, and when i finished it, i felt happy with the experience. lemurboy12 went through the trouble of animating the Mariachi players' eyes, which is something i hadn't noticed the first couple of times around. i don't know if i'll ever come back to this one, but i'm glad i stumbled across it.

So that's the that. Hope you found something you enjoyed in that set, and that you're having a fine day. Thanks as always for all the support, folks!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i still have to get the PiPs done for 028, which is a bit lazy on me. On the other hand, the intro and levels for episode 029 are wrapped, and i should be able to get secondary recordings and the outro done today, so six of one, half a dozen of the other, i guess? i might get to an LBsP episode today, but if i don't, i'll definitely have one up tomorrow.

Did a little bit of Isaac streaming Saturday and Sunday, and that was fun. Paczek321 showed up, and that was cool. Honeybunny dropped in a little bit too, so about half of Sunday's stream's commentary was in Japanese...which is probably going to be very confusing to anyone who just happens to come across the video at random.

We are straight-up, no-joke broke. Like 30yen to our name broke. Payday's Friday, and there's food in the house, so i'm not in panic mode, not really. But it does mean two-and-a-half days without cigarettes, which is no doubt a healthy result, but i'm probably going to be pretty grouchy. Ahh...such is life, no?
2018-06-11 22:18:12
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