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Can you make changes to hub world states after beating a level?

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2018-05-24 17:36:08 / Author: Star_Destroyer
I'd like to know if this can be done, per say if I make a hub world with levels inside and I beat one, can I make it so something in the hub changes. On the other hand If I were to collect a power up in a level and it went to my power up selection wheel would it still be there once I go back to the hub world?
2018-05-24 17:36:08
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2018-05-25 04:38:19 / Author: Hanfi1311
You can make both things with the quest tools (like in story mode) or with the memorizer, second one is invisible for player and just transfers data from one level to the other...
2018-05-25 04:38:19
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2018-05-25 05:01:29 / Author: kubac2000
You can use for example Memoriser (from DC Comics DLC) to use 1 of the 50 global tags specifically for any level you publish. What this means is that the Memoriser saves the state of connected input and it can be loaded from any your level, because it will save your PSN name along with the Memoriser data your levels would modify. Also I think each tag can store up to 64 states so this means you can save up to 3200 (64x50) states per profile, so there's a lot of room.

Alright so it's pretty easy to implement this. If there's a collectable you want to be saved as collected or an end of the level if you want to confirm info about beating a level you need to find the Memoriser from the Tools Bag, and then attach it to either of those, tweak Memoriser so it would have a specific tag name assigned to it, take out Battery from the Tools Bag, place it near the Memoriser and connect it to any input you want to assign for (bear in mind that for any other element that you want to save there needs to be a different input assigned for each of them, i.e. the 1st collectible goes to input #1 but another one goes to #2, and so on.. Otherwise these will overwrite each other) and then have any sort of trigger as for example Player sensor to be connected to Save state input underneath the Memoriser. You can save multiple states via one tag, so you can connect another input to a different Memoriser but with the same tag name, however because the Memoriser will save all inputs at once after being triggered you may lose every other save state. So to prevent any state to be lost, you can connect an output to an input next to it. Finally you can use an output for different things (for collectible for ex. you can connect to Destroyer tool or for an end to a specific level, you can connect to another piece of logic in another level that would react to the 'Level Complete' signal.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope I helped
2018-05-25 05:01:29
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2018-05-26 06:25:24 / Author: mdkd
I also understood it, thanks Kubac!
2018-05-26 06:25:24
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2018-05-27 16:08:55 / Author: Star_Destroyer
Hey Kubac, that really helped and now I know how to do this, can't wait to put it in action, thank you so much.
2018-05-27 16:08:55
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