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LBP3 New York City 2 (Republished)

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2018-05-30 15:03:04 / Author: edouble3132

LBP3 New York City (PS3 Republished)

This level of LBP3 New York City 2 will no longer be available because, Players are having a hard time entering and loading takes forever, Upgrades wont remove like they should, and yes sackboy character keeps getting ripped off. according to my latest level feedbacks on it.

Demo: a demo of the level will be published before becoming a full level. It is my Important for you the player to allow him/her to enter x4 players for a fun level experience.

 Times may differ: This thread will update If or when the level is published
Suppose to be on this Date: June 4 - 20 
Time zone: UTC-05:00 Eastern Time (US, Canada)
Central Time: UTC-08:00 Pacific Time

Take a tour: Note if the level fails to load a first time reload it the second time
2018-05-30 15:03:04
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2018-05-30 18:58:27 / Author: mdkd
Looks neat, I'll check it out soon!
2018-05-30 18:58:27
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2018-06-01 07:34:19 / Author: darkforcecarl
Cool! Whenever I grab my friends for a session of LBP I'll check it out!
2018-06-01 07:34:19
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