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2018-05-17 23:01:03 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Another week's rolled around and that means another shot of R15F!

This week we're having a look at:

Super Mario 3D Land: World 4-3 - noseben
LittleBigPlanet GDC (Platformer) - nesterr180
haunted house cape - fidelide
An PLATFORM HubbardTile81
Midnight Mountain - Blushing_Kiss

A fairly solid set of levels, though it is a back-up playlist to be honest. Still, hopefully you'll find something you like in there. Thanks as always for all the support, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i really like the title card for this one. Next week's is kind of fun too, but i think this one might be my (second?) favourite.

Right now i kicking around the evening of June 2nd for the livestreaming. i'd have liked to do it sooner, but it looks like the last week of May and June first are going to be really quite busy. i'll probably put up a quick announcement LBsP a week before we're set to go, and a thread on the boards as per usual. Hopefully some of y'all will be able to drop in.

Yesterday was a pretty dead day, as far as production goes. Well, we got a bunch of Isaac done, and the hub for episode 026 is...i'd say about half to three-quarters finished (still have to do the animations and cameras...i might give another pass over the dialogue to tighten it up a bit). i guess it's not a huge issue, episode 025 is in the can, so we're a week ahead and all. i just kind of hate lazy days, even if my brain insists i need them sometimes.

i keep on having this idea of putting together a little bit of writing to expand on the world and characters of the show. Like maybe make a picture in-game, and use it to illustrate a magazine article, or book excerpt, that kind of thing. The problem is i always think about this when i'm riding to work, or taking a walk, and by the time i get back home all desire to put in the effort has evaporated. Grah...

There was something else i was going to put here, but it's floated off from my brainmeats like a soap bubble. Maybe it'll come back to me later.
2018-05-17 23:01:03
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2018-05-21 21:59:46 / Author: waffleking23
Guten morgen, guten morgen! Time for another Tuesday Takeaway!

Super Mario 3D Land World: 4-3 - noseben
This one does a decent enough job recreating the layout of the original level, at least, though i do think a better job could have been done with the material choices. The problem is the supported play-style is so different from LBP that the juice isn't really worth the squeeze. Checkpoints are sparse, and death will cost a fair amount of progress. i think recreations aren't the worst things to do, but i think they work best when they work with level flows and control schemes already present. Still, for a relatively new creator, kitting together even a passable 3d level is no small feat.

LittleBigPlanet GDC (platformer) - nesterr180
This one's an interesting contrast to the previous. It nails (almost perfectly from what i can tell watching videos on YouTube) the recreation, with the only obvious point of difference being in the "original" score bubbles (though their mechanic is the same). This one does exactly what a demo is supposed to do, present the style and feeling of the full game in a way that maximizes fun. Playing through this was really quite nostalgic, even the third or fourth time through. It's perhaps not the meatiest of levels, but its an all around good time.

Haunted house cape - fidelide
There was an Oddsock level from fidelide we were going to look at that got snapped up by the LotD gods. When we were scrambling about to put together a new set-list after the mic kerfluffle, we landed on this one, and completely didn't notice it was a survival challenge until actually playing it. But then again, recently i've played a bunch of levels tagged as survival challenges that actually weren't anything of the sort, so who can really tell? Anyways, this one does well enough for what it is. It's very similar to Stomach Virus (if i'm remembering right), though a very stripped down version thereof. Grabbing the score bubbles is annoying as heck, to be honest, but the pace is slow enough you'll probably still pick up a couple thousand points before you get bored of it. Umm...the music is kind of cool, though.

An PLATFORM - HubbardTile81
Eh...this one's a level, at the very least, and there is a(n extremely) little bit of gameplay. Otherwise, it's just not enough to really justify loading up. Actually, if your internet connection isn't all that hot, it may take longer to load than actually play.

Midnight Mountain - Blushing_Kiss
Not much new to say about this one (but when has that ever stopped me?). The environment's well presented, clear, poppy, and fun. i liked those animated roaches. The gameplay can be a little bit janky, but it does a good enough job getting the player from point A to point B. Those hanging bits we saw in the video had a really weird movement to them, i kind of wonder where the fulcrum was. i also wonder why i always think you have to hang and swing from those types of obstacles, when quite often you can just run along the tops for an easier time of it.

So...that's the that this go about. Some pretty fun ones here, for me at least. Hopefully there was something there that caught your eye too. Thanks as always for all the support and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
So, it appears i have a fan for the Isaac series. It's actually kind of weird, but that's the locked-in-a-box-redheaded-stepchild of my channel. But, anyway, they dropped a comment on one of the recent videos, and it was really touching. They were worried about my persistent cough (heavy smoking, plus recording 4 or 5hours in a go will do that to you, kids, so...maybe choose just one of those bad habits?).

On Isaac, i tend to be fairly focused on the game when i'm recording, so my commentary tends to revolve around that fairly heavily. To be honest, i don't really like that style, but i fall into it so easily. Every now and then, though, a run will get so easy thanks to a great set of items, that my brain can get a bit more drifty. i spent a decent chunk of time in the run yesterday talking about pronoun usage and identity...which i was a little happy that i could actually do in Japanese. Felt like i'd leveled up.

Not a lot to talk about w/r/t LBP, i'm juggling a bunch of plates.
2018-05-21 21:59:46
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