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2018-05-10 23:09:50 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! It's Friday, and that means...well...many things, really. Specifically, though, it means another shot of R15F!

This week we're having a look at:

Captain Sack-Cardboard Mountains - d23legal
Jumps in history - maverickmarcari
Block Shift 2 - MonkeyBoy_Ben
Ninja leader's race - martinezmatthew8

i had a fun time with this set and hopefully y'all will as well, there aren't any super clunkers in there. Well, one's kinda ok-ish, but not terrible. Thanks as always for the support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Sometimes the title cards turn out well, sometimes they're just alright (i wasn't super-pleased with the one for Vig, f'rex). This week's and next week's, though, i really like these. Plus, it's always nice to see Officer and Ophidia. Though we did get Officer in an actual episode...err...was that last week? The week before...geh...i can't really remember any more.

Yet another level from next week's episode got picked up for Level of the Day...i don't even care anymore, not even a little, not even a lot. mdkd99 mentioned that he'd asked StevenI about that, and apparently the LotDs are picked by algorithm. Which, i suppose makes sense; there are just too many levels for anyone to trawl through. Still, it was, on another level, a deeply disappointing thing to learn.

Speaking of mdkd99, he's going to be starting up his own look-at series, so toss a little love his way too. Particularly this late in the day for LBP, the more community support and activity the better. Best of luck, mdkd! We're looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

My vacation's almost over, well, this is the last day of it, but i've always got Thursdays and Fridays off. Was nice pretending to be independently wealthy, and just be able to do whatever i want with my time. Which turned out to be make a lot of videos and drink, so...not exactly the rock and roll lifestyle, but it was nice. It's going to be a bit of a bear going back to the language factory.
2018-05-10 23:09:50
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2018-05-11 15:19:44 / Author: mdkd
Thanks for the support! And thanks for sharing the episode, it was great.
2018-05-11 15:19:44
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2018-05-14 21:54:30 / Author: waffleking23
Hey hey! Tuesday Takeaway!

Captain Sack-Cardboard Mountain - d23legal
i think i would have been better disposed to this one if they'd been upfront about using little hops, instead of no jumps at all. Through that lens, it is a really solid on level. i love the way they've incorporated the fire hazard to get sackthing up larger elevations, and over gaps. Also, the way they space things so you don't hit the fire a second time too quickly (and so dying) is really quite clever. i still think the level ends a bit too abruptly, but it's a full level in its own right, not just a glorified proof of concept, so that's cool. It's interesting, d23legal dropped a line on the video, which was really nice, but they brought up something that we address in the gradings bit. i wonder if creators that watch the show just watch the bit on their own level, or watch all the way to the end. i mean, i'm happy either way, but not watching the gradings kind of cuts out a big part of what the show is doing.

Jumps in History - maverickmarcari
i really like "levels in a bottle" like this one, as long as they're done right, and this one was, so that's cool. i found it interesting that it wasn't a randomized set-up, like the DaVinci survival challenge the concept comes from. i wonder how they had that set up. Was everything lined up off camera? Or was each set-piece emitted? Either way, they've done a great job with it. The one (relatively mild) fly in the ointment is requiring the player to use a prize sticker to get things started. Not everyone has community objects turned on, is all.

Didn't get to finish this one off this morning. With levels i know are going to be really long, i keep the "five lives and out" we had at the beginning of R15F (but never really stuck to in the end). Tuesdays are just to busy to spend too much time on a level if i can't beat it smoothly. But, something did pop into my mind playing this go. i'm wondering if this one was natively made in LBP2, and then published in LBP3. i didn't notice any logic, materials, or effects that were definitely LBP3 era. They use a forced-death teleport, which was a common style before we got wormhole/teleport logic/broadcast chips. The play mechanics, emphasis on cut scenes, and the boss style are all very LBP2-esque. The more i think about it, the more i think my theory is right. That might explain why some of the materials in the temple area are invisible for no reason.

Block Shift 2 - MonkeyBoy_Ben
i think of the slate of mostly quite good levels this episode, this one is my favourite. We've got a solidly developed environment, with enough background movement to give a sense of life and place to things. The central gimmick is well-utilized throughout, and feels consistently challenging and never frustrating. Those little animation touches we looked at in the episode are so well done. Best of all, it doesn't wear out its welcome, feeling perfectly paced and not at all overlong. This one is just really, really good.

Ninja leader's race - martinezmatthew8
This one was going to have a rough go of it even if it had been a better level. i do try to keep things separate in my mind when i play, but i do play these levels as a block. Luckily, it's just not a very good level, so i don't have to feel guilty for being a bit hard on it. There's just not much at all going on here. You've got lots of horizontal running, maybe two bits of "challenge" gameplay, and a busted race gate. i don't know what goes on with those gates, it happens relatively often so i'm guessing there's some glitch going on on the game-side of things. It's just always disappointing to finish a race and see all the points suddenly disappear.

So, that's the that, really. This was a pretty strong setlist, and the Yellow Squares could have been Green Circles with just a bit of buffing, i think. Thanks as always for all the support, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Not really all that much to say this time, yeah.
2018-05-14 21:54:30
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