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2018-05-03 23:01:13 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! It's that time again! We're coming back at you for another round!

This go about we're having a look at:

Springinator Platformer - neoraptor
The Neon Side - Gentleman1S3YT
The Missing Miners - CraftyVers3
Space Run - jordana2310
Grappling Performance - TheNavigator77

It's a pretty fun set of levels this go about, a bit of a step up from the set last week. Hopefully you'll find something that catches your eye, and that you'll have a fun time with. Thanks as always for all the support and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Still don't know what's up with the import issue, so whatever. i seem to be good with really tiny files, which is all i might need for series mainly put together on the PS4. Eventually they'll port all the Afterbirth+ booster pack stuff to the PS4. so i won't even need to record off my laptop anymore, and that will be 100% fine.

So, i mentioned i had that problem(?) with Twitch in one of the LBsP updates yesterday. So, on a lark, i figured i'd do a quickish stream to YouTube as a test. Good news: it keeps the UI in a video file that is automatically saved on YouTube. Bad news: Video quality seems to be noticeably worse (though not terribad). Now i was broadcasting at "Standard," and there are two higher levels of quality that i can try. i worry a little about my connection there, though; one weird thing that came up was a warning notice that my connection wasn't solid enough to broadcast, even though i was clearly still broadcasting (had my laptop open next to me). That was on standard, if i try one of the higher quality ones, would the broadcast just straight cut out? Well, i still have about four weeks to figure it out.

Oh, side note about the stream to YT yesterday...of course i had my mic off the whole time. Geh...

We're about half-way through next week's R15F as of now. It's not the schedule i want to be on, but it's the best it's been in the last...almost month? With the vacation time i've got now, we should have things back on track without too much difficulty. Heck, we would have had it all sorted if i hadn't been fiddling around with the import issue, and the stream thing, and the two LBsP episodes, and the three episodes of Isaac we were up to yesterday. Crap...written out like that, i was pretty busy, wasn't i?

Play Assault Android Cactus, it's straight-up fun.
2018-05-03 23:01:13
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2018-05-07 21:39:58 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Here we are for another Tuesday Takeaway! Woot! ...woot?

Springinator Platformer - neoraptor
This one is a...i don't want to say a hot mess, that's a bit strong. neoraptor does put in the effort of making an actual level with actual set-pieces, and i appreciate that. It does go for some decent usage of the Sprininator, and i do like that showing up. It's just, like everything seems to be a bit off? In the bottle section the bottles are just big enough to make it really awkward to get through, as opposed to just challenging, and why not have a visible hazard there? And why have it three layers deep? And what was up with the "you have to hit L1 (for the only time in the level)" right at the end (presumably before hitting the invisible hazard, because i got killed there this morning). Also, weird glitch maybe, but right before i hit the scoreboard i got teleported back to the beginning of the level...i did not go through the effort to beat the level again.

The Neon Side - Gentleman1S3TY
i like this one, it's got a few of those early level flaws, but it's earnest and relatively well developed. There's also not really a lot to say about it that we didn't in the episode itself. The structure of the level, having the challenges (though, to be perfectly honest, nothing was all that challenging) in their own discrete area with their own colour scheme was a nice touch. i also thought it was nice giving the player the option to put on a light up costume, though the level is certainly beatable without one. i'm looking forward to seeing how Gentleman1S3YT develops as a creator in the future.

The Missing Miners - Craftyvers3
There's really not enough level here to say all that much more about to be honest. i liked the attempt at building a semi-realistic environment, at least, even if it was kind of LBP1-era-esque kludgy. At the end of the day, though, it really needs a bit more expansion on the concept, either go all in on the story, and make it a cinematic heavy level, or really build up the platforming/exploration. As it stands it's hardly even appetizer-sized.

Space Run - jordan2310
i wonder if this one might have been better off without the race aspect? It's not really badly done, but there's an awful lot of it where you just don't have any control of the player, and when you do the majority of that is running across a flat space. The only bits that differ, gameplay wise, are the monkeybars/rope bit, where at least there's some player-skill necessary to keep a good time, and the two swimming in space areas, where the player is artificially slowed down. At least it has a nice environment, though if you're focusing on score, you'll probably blow through too fast to really appreciate it.

Grappling Performance - TheNavigator77
Even with the awkwardness of some of the grappling sections, i just loved the goofy charm of the level presentation. It just hits my buttons right, and looks very much of itself, as opposed to some more generally shared concept. i was left wondering, though, why so many of the logic bits were left visible. It had to have been on purpose, right? They'd be obvious enough in create mode. It's just kind of an odd choice.

So that's the that for episode 022. i had a good enough time with the levels, there were certainly none that i would regret playing through even without the excuse of putting the show together. Hopefully there's something in the set that you can have a good time with too. Thanks as always for all the support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
So...not having work, and being so far ahead of schedule, means that time basically has no real meaning at the moment. i mean, yes, morning vs. night means something still, but i woke up this morning and i could not say for certain just what day it was. It was a weird feeling, but not an uncomfortable one.
It is nice having episode 024 wrapped already, though. *looks at the Level of the Day pick* ... well played, Sumo, well played.
i know we've been blitzing the LBsP levels, but frankly we don't really have the opportunity all that often, and the weather has been mostly jank. It rained like hell here yesterday. There might be another coming out today, but honeybunny has the day off as well, so i might not have the chance to record one. Ought to be one Wednesday and Thursday, though. i should (and likely will) use some of the extra time to do some advance set work, so i don't need to be scrambling when that comes up.
2018-05-07 21:39:58
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2018-05-10 08:13:24 / Author: mdkd
Fair reviews, thx for sharing!
2018-05-10 08:13:24
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