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[Roughly 15 Fresh - S2] 021 - Uzai

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2018-04-26 23:01:14 / Author: waffleking23
Good morning, good morning! Back again for another go...and some coffee...must 'ave coffee.

This time around we're having a look at:

Card Platformer - cooper_trooper19
Sack in Savannah - DeadDolls2015
Two Worlds Collide - critterme
Asylum Run - PiggyPog380
Run of Ruins - gatods10

It's certainly a set of levels this week, you can definitely say that. None of them are exactly bad but a little bit more polish could have gone into a few of them. Still, hopefully one or two will catch your eye as something you can have a bit of fun with, yeah? Thanks as always for the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i kind of hate ShareFactory. i mean, i love ShareFactory too, because i couldn't do what i do without it. At the same time it is filled with mysteries, and it's functions and limits are oft occluded.

i got it in my head to do a LBsP, and i wanted to use some footage off the laptop, going into where we pull the levels up from. Just getting the right set up on my iPod, 'cause you need to have like a "SHAREfactory" folder with a "video" folder in it, but it can't be the "SHAREFactory(tm)" folder with "Video Clips" folder in it that the app sets up for you the first time you save on to it from the PS4. That was kind of confusing but we got there eventually.

So, i thought to try out some of my Isaac stuff processed through SF, just to see how it went. And hey, what do you know, doing it that way somehow got rid of my framerate drop problem. Gosh, would've been nice to have figured that out, i don't know, 500episodes ago? you can only load one file on at a time, even if it looks like the files you're importing are under SF's arbitrary, and displayed, limit. So, like import and render one file, put it back on the laptop, erase the raw footage, and then you can import and render another file...look, i don't know how any of that works...just typing it out and looking at it now and it looks like a bunch of gibberish.

Anyway the takeaway is it took basically all day to finally get four episodes finished, which is kind of absurd (ok, i also got a stream of Isaac done, and wrapped episode 021...way later than i should have, but still). Levels are recorded for episode 022, some of the hub set-up is done as well (but not nearly as much as i would like). We're kind of getting back on our normal production schedule, even if it's taking a little while.

i think maybe we're going to see Infinity War today, if it's not sold out, at least. That's kind of cool.
2018-04-26 23:01:14
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2018-04-27 16:33:11 / Author: mdkd
When reading the title I thought 'Wow, Uzi is a cool name for a show.' And then I realized it's Uzai. Well okay, I'll watch the episode later.
2018-04-27 16:33:11
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2018-04-30 21:59:21 / Author: waffleking23
Hah! i hadn't even considered using uzi. Uzai is a slangy bit of Japanese, it's a short form of urusai, which translates a lot of different ways depending on tone and situation. None of them are particularly polite.

Ossu! Happy May Day fellow labourers! Also, i guess there's a Tuesday Takeaway?

Card Platformer - cooper_trooper19
This one's a bit of a shame in timing, i think. Had i played it early on in the series i probably would have been a lot more impressed with it that i was. It's certainly not a bad level, mind, and it's definitely better than the rest of the levels this week; at the end of the day, though, it's not really stretching itself all that much. i think this does cement my odd allergy to angled bounce pads. It's come up before, and i've always thought it was on them, but, no, the problem is me. Though, as a counterpoint, Paczek321 got in touch to say the same thing happens to them, so...maybe?

Sack in Savannah - DeadDolls2015
This one's down at the moment, which is a bit of a shame. Unusually, DeadDoll2015 did leave a comment on my profile that they'd seen the episode, and they wished me luck, so maybe this is a case of "down for repairs," and we'll see it back up again in the future. i do hope so.

Two Worlds Collide - pt1 - critterme
Not really a heck of a lot to say about this one, it's just so extremely short. i mean, as a simple prologue, i guess it works. Though, if it were me, i'd have probably made sure i had part 2 on tap if part one was going to be this short. Then again, if it were me, It'd probably sit on my moon for years with work only being done on it intermittently until it was, eventually, tearfully, abandoned. So critterme's already got a leg up on me.

Asylum Run - piggypog380
This one was going to have an uphill fight with me anyways, seeing as it claims to be based on one of my favourite level sets/themes, but doesn't actually do anything with that. i do have to say in its favour that the boost boots jumps are pretty perfectly spaced, it's actually a tense little bit. i kind of have to assume jumping forward out of level was the intended method to progress the level, as there are some score bubbles in that layer...but it does seem an odd way to go about things, and the cameras don't really make it obvious. Hrmm....i wonder if you could set up a secondary camera set once the player's unlocked that velociraptor you need to get to the final area of the level. i mean, i'm sure you could do that thing, just wondering if it would be worthwhile.

Run of Ruins - gatods10
Another really short one here, seemed to be a bit of a week for that. Again, i think we covered this one fairly well in the episode. It's a nice enough level to look at, but not quite so nice to play. Too easy to get lost in the detail and pulled out cameras. i'd love to know what was going on with those little glitch bits that we saw. It was pretty weird, and i don't think we've seen it come up before (unless it wasn't a glitch, but was actually invisible material or something, but that'd be a pretty odd design choice). Would've been nice if there'd been a bit of build up to the end, as opposed to just having that button sitting there.

So, that's the that. Nothing really bad, but still, nothing that was really head and shoulders great. i wouldn't say not to play any of them, but if there's something more compelling in your queue, you might want to go with that first. Thanks as always for all the support, folks, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i did end up seeing Infinity War on Friday, it wasn'T looking like it was going to work out, but there was a sudden schedule change so, that was nice. i liked the movie a lot, and that's all i'll say about it, 'cause i'm sure there're folks who've not been to it yet.

Kind-of-sort-of stumbling back to my regular production schedule. Got episode 022 wrapped yesterday, which is a bit late, but we're getting closer. Isaac's all sorted through Thursday, which frees up a bit of time to get on episode 023, and i think i should be able to have that done by Saturday. i've got a week off coming up, so that'll help a lot. i'm a bit salty i haven't really been able to get LBsP episodes out consistently recently. There're a couple i have in mind that i want to week should let me get to that. Hopefully if we get the machine running smoothly again, we'll be able to have regular weekly episodes again.

There was something else i was going to say here, but i can't for the life of me remember what it was. Something about rendering PC Isaac episodes in Share makes for a better finished product, but is kind of annoying? Maa...whatever, i'm sure it'll come back to me by Friday.
2018-04-30 21:59:21
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