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2018-04-19 23:00:52 / Author: waffleking23
Did i mis-number last week's post? i did, didn't i? This week is week 20...see? This is what happens when you're running a week ahead production-wise. Maa...anyway...

Guten Morgen! Here we are, back again to do that thing that we do!


This week we're puttin' our peepers on:

Toy Towers - kLuMB-Z
"Temple of Mr. Mad Elephant - Samait_
The wedding's underground - SweManTwizt
Swingin' Treetops - Chunky104
Red Woods - Bug_Boys_2

Pretty solid set of levels this go about, hopefully something in there you'll have a good time with. As always, thanks for all the support, and i hope you're having a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Just the usual two steps forward one step back type of thing, i guess. Working on episode 021, and that should be done without too much difficulty today.

Still kicking around this livestream thing for 026+, i guess we could do it late on a Wednesday night (on my end). Late Thursday would put mine up against lsrs, which i'd rather not do (and which i missed again this morning, but then, they had a bad throat again and cancelled, so that's ok). The thinking is doing the recording sometime between May 25th and May 30th which means my window for taking a day off work (if necessary) is getting smaller. If any of you folks have a day or time to suggest, let me know today or tomorrow-ish? i really appreciate it.

Finished reading the Atomic Robo series, or at least what they had up on the website. It's really good, so we repeat our recommendation from the other day.

A few weeks ago i noticed that the majority of music i own is hard, crunchy, or dark. i've got very little bouncy, chipper music. So i picked up the Splatoon2 soundtrack. i swear it's basically pure sugar for the ears. i like it well enough though, not something i need to listen to all the time, but nice to have it there when needed.
2018-04-19 23:00:52
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2018-04-20 12:49:46 / Author: mdkd
I will watch the episode later, thanks for sharing!

No cardboard level here, looks like I finally have to make another cardboard race! Can you tell me what you disliked in my cardboard race?
2018-04-20 12:49:46
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2018-04-23 22:29:41 / Author: waffleking23
Yup, no carboard levels this go about. Don't know why you assumed there'd be something i didn't like about Carboard Race 2 before i played it though. i did give it a run this morning, and i liked it well enough. Solid focus on gameplay over presentation, but i think it worked well for that. It was challenging, but didn't seem impossible; though i did get myself killed on the auto-rotating round bits. i think if i go back to it, i should be able to get through that section without too much trouble. Still and all...dude...that song, dude....that was just evil.

Righty-o floks, back again with the Tuesday Takeaway!

Toy Towers - kLuMB-Z
Even knowing the layout of the level, this one still took close to half an hour to finish, so it wasn't just my stumbling around during the secondary recordings; definitely budget time for this one. i came away again enjoying the level. It's got a good mix-up of gameplay elements, but each bit is chunky enough it feels warranted. This was one of the few levels with a Toggle section that was actually a bit of a challenge, and that almost never happens. Something came up this time that did kind of irk me though. i screwed up the race at the end again, i guess i'm just not good at that type of set-piece. The issue was, this time, i screwed up enough times on the lower end of the tower, that on my fifth death, i didn't respawn at the scoreboard. Not a big problem, but that section is limited lives, so when i died again, i just died out of level. It's not a sin to have a level where the player can actually completely fail, but...after all that work, to pull the rug out right in sight of the scoreboard, while having had infinite life Checkpoints earlier in the level...that's a thing that'll make a player a wee bit salty, i think.

"Temple of Mr. Mad Elephant" - Samait_
Not much of a change with this one. i really liked looking at the level, though i do think the materials should have been more visually distinct. The pace isn't terribad for an Oddsock level, but it does manage to keep you going in the main. Got to work on those cameras a bit, though, there's enough shake and twist in them to make me a bit sick. All in all, it's nice and short and worth a play or two.

The wedding's underground - SweManTwizt
Playing through this go around, and i kind of wonder if this was natively made in LBP1 and then imported/published through LBP3. If not, SweManTwizt really went out of their way for the verisimilitude. There's even a section with obvious visible dissolve material. There're even really badly placed checkpoints that sometimes don't trigger when they ought. There're even bits where you should just do a jump, but because there's an open space with a candle in it in the layer back, you'll be forced onto the candle and get burnt. i'm actually not all that salty about it, but this one is very much a your mileage may vary kind of level, and, like i said in the video, i was never a huge fan of LBP1's level design in the story mode.

Swingin' Treetops (beta) - chunky104
Nothing much changed for me this time around from when we made the episode. The lack of death when you fall in the mud was amusing the first time, but really that should've been handled by something lethal. That one checkpoint, as well, could've been better placed. Despite that, it managed to be a fairly solid grappling hook level that i didn't much mind spending a bit of time with. Having finally played Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubbles, can i ask why folks feel the need to cram 3d movement into levels like these? It just makes jumps awkward as all get out. i mean the levels in the adventure would've worked perfectly fine without that (in fact, some of them are rather well done), but with it, they were mostly a pain.

Red Woods - Bug_Boys_2
Don't know why i didn't notice how deep some of the platforms were in this one...maybe i did, i know i noticed that they were grab-able. Physically the design is pretty kludgy, and the gameplay is fairly slight, but i still walked away happy with this one on account of the attention to colour and lighting. It was just nice and relaxing playing through.

So that's the that this week. Fairly well pleased with the levels this go about, nothing particularly bad, and a couple that stood out (for me at least). Hopefully there were a few in there that worked for you the same. Thanks as always for the support, and i hope you're having a great day.

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i have been unforgivably lazy recently. Well, lazy in my own weird way, which is being busy with things that do need to be done, but probably don't need to be prioritized right at the moment. Which is not the best of signs, and is something i need to get on top of. But they say the first step in solving a problem is knowing you have a problem. Though...i'd like to know who this "they" is before i commit.

i did a livestream of Risk of Rain the other day, just to see how that works from the PS4 (or, i suppose, from anywhere, as i'd never done one before). It went fine enough, though the connection got lost about halfway through and i had to restart. No one showed up for it, but that was fine and expected, to be honest; doing it was pretty spur of the moment. One issue did come up, though. i was recording the footage through Share while doing the stream, and when i looked at it in Share Factory, i noticed it was just raw game footage and didn't include the comment scroll/UI. i tried poking around in the Broadcast Settings, but didn't see anything that looked related. i know when lsrs uploads their weekly streams, the UI is present in the video. Is it because i was streaming to Twitch and not to YouTube directly? i'm not sure, but it's something i need to find out before the end of next month.

Apparently my nephew subbed to my YouTube channel/Twitter account, and...i'm not entirely sure how i feel about it. i mean, my language when i play Isaac can get pretty salty (though, i think within acceptable parameters socially), and he is only 9yrs old. Also, w/r/t Twitter, it's nice being the cool uncle, but i am also the cool uncle whose interests and hobbies intersect with folks who post art and photography that is...well...i wouldn't choose to directly show to him, personally, Now, the account isn't very active on my end; i don't like or retweet all that much, but he can always just look at my feed. His mom said it was ok (they did this all without asking me, while i was at work), but to be honest, she should darn well know better. Saaa...stupid social media.
2018-04-23 22:29:41
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