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[Roughly 15 Fresh - S2] 020 - Silkworm

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2018-04-12 23:01:21 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Coming back at you for another shot!

This time around we're having a look at:

Block world - GlitchMaster7
The wooden place of creativity - trickyomicky
Tena Sedre's City - AyrtonJensen1
Simple Cardboard Platformer - FRIZZY233
strange temple V2 - popntwinbee

It's a pretty fun set of levels, and again, nothing i regretted giving time to. Unfortunately, trickyomicky seems to have pulled their level down, so that's kind of odd, but the others are definitely worth a play or two. Thanks for all the support folks, and, as always, have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Yesterday was a bit of a dead day; just in a bad mood so i spent all day walking. Also sat down to watch Dave Made a Maze. So, not exactly a constructive use of my day off, but at least it was enjoyable.

Tried to wake up this morning to watch lsrs's live stream, which for me starts at 2.30am. Well, there was also the option of staying awake until then, but i didn't think that was entirely likely. So, went to bed early, set the alarm for 1am, so's i'd have time to make some coffee and get my brain functional. Aaaand...of course i slept through it. Well played body, well played. (edit to add)The stream got cancelled due to sickness, it seems, so that worked out kind of OK? i guess?(/eta)

Have the house to m'self for the next couple of days, so aside from work, i should have more than enough time to get myself back on production schedule for episode 020. A couple of decisions i have to make for it anyway, there's one level i'm a little iffy on including.
2018-04-12 23:01:21
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2018-04-13 07:56:07 / Author: mdkd
Well, if you are 'iffy' you could include my cardboard platformer or maybe my BWZ3?
I will watch the episode very soon. Thanks for making it and putting the effort into it. I appreciate it!
2018-04-13 07:56:07
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2018-04-16 22:18:48 / Author: waffleking23
i'd like to get at one of those levels in LBsP, yeah. Can't really do it in R15F, unfortunately; you've had your day in the limelight there (that is the one downside of five new creators every week). Glad you're enjoying the episodes, though!

Ossu! Tuesday Takeaway is coming back around again!

Block World - G1tchmas1er7
Questions of authorship aside, this was a nice little level. Paczek321 mentioned the assets were from one of Danx87's levels, and i thought about that; in the interest of not being overly negative, i'd like to think they followed Danx's tutorial on deco-animations and built the level from that inspiration (i've mentioned before i prefer CompherMC's tutorials, but you can't fault Danx's for not being easy to follow). Still, it could be straight theft, and that would make sad waffleking23 sad. Anyway, the level's short and sweet, and the only quibble i have is that it can be a little tough to judge safe landing points when dealing with the "bounce pads." That and there's no real indication where checkpoints are.

The Wooden Place of Creativity - trickyomicky
This one's still down, which is a shame, because as kludgy as it was, i kind of liked it. Actually, there's nothing like a storage level on tricky's moon anymore. If i didn't have actual video footage, i'd start to doubt i'd actually ever played it. On the one hand, it's a bit of a shame to present something y'all can't actually play; on the other, it's kind of neat to lock it down in some form as "this was a thing that actually was," kind of like a historical record. Still, in the end, i do wish people would leave their levels up (this being said by someone who's taken down levels from their Earth as well...i do regret it, though).

Tena Sedre's City - AyrtonJensen1
Not really a lot more to say about this one that we didn't say in the video. i liked the music well enough, it's got a nice pace to it. It's not really chiptune-style, that was just the first term to leap to mind when i was doing the outro. It does sound like something from NES or SNES era game, though. The race in the second half was just as dull the second time around as the first.

Simple Cardboard Platformer - FRIZZY233
Meh...meh! i mean, at least it is a level, but it isn't even near the top ten of cardboard heavy levels we've looked at on the show. Again, there really isn't too much to say about this one that we didn't cover in the episode. i will point out that bragging about the level's shortness at the end was a bit grating to me, though; it's like "Aren't i clever? Har har."

strange temple v2 - popntwinbee
Didn't actually play all the way through this one this time, just not enough time this morning. i wouldn't say it's overlong, but the limited material palette really allows for a big, chunky level, and popntwinbee runs with that. i liked the implementation of the secrets, though i'm still not sure why they didn't show up as found at the end when we played for the video. i think this one is a really nice example of LBP1 community level design (as opposed to LBP1 story mode level design, which i will maintain was often pants). Someone in the level reviews mentioned a different music track would have been better, but i don't know; i thought it worked out well enough.

So, that's the that. For the most part, the levels were decent enough to play, and there wasn't anything aggressively bad. On the other hand, playing through today, there really wasn't anything that knocked my socks off, either. i guess it's just a solid set of middle of the road community levels, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Hope you found something here that worked for you. Thanks as always for the support, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Got episode 020 wrapped but for the PiPs; should've had those done on Friday, but i lost 3epsiodes of Isaac to a mic screw-up (there was this horrible static going overtop the lot of them), so i had a bit of scramble going on there. i did, at least, get the levels for episode 021 recorded yesterday, so we're not entirely off-schedule.

For some reason, i had no idea Atomic Robo existed as a web-comic; my brain had always insisted it was a dead-tree format thing only. So...i'm reading that now, and it's pretty good.
2018-04-16 22:18:48
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