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Destoy The Factory [1P] [Platformer]

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2018-04-06 23:37:13 / Author: Bruce-lee1947

I know i posted here just a few days ago, but i finshed this platformer finally and couldn't wait to share it.
It's somewhat long, features 2 different "areas" (outside and inside the factory) heavily based on the color pink and you're going to encounter a ton of pipes. just a whole lotta pipes.
2018-04-06 23:37:13
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2018-04-07 08:38:23 / Author: mdkd
Your levels are on my queue and I started playing my long queue, so I might play your level very soon.

Don't worry about posting often. It doesn't hurt, when the posts per day counter goes up to 2-3 instead of 1.
2018-04-07 08:38:23
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2018-04-16 23:37:56 / Author: MrMaikiu

Hey there, I played it. 

I must say a good a good level all in all, but sometimes I didn't relly knew where I'm supposed to go, maybe better camera angles would eliminate this problem.
Also the cutscenes could be triggered multiple times, so I would suggest you build it that way the cutscene can oly be triggered once. I triggered them too often by accident tho.
But all in all i enjoyed it!


Maybe play my newest level 
2018-04-16 23:37:56
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2018-04-18 11:50:26 / Author: mdkd
Thanks for the review, now I know a few things before playing the level. I'll play the level soon.
2018-04-18 11:50:26
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