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[Roughly 15 Fresh - S2] 018 - Regicide

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2018-04-05 23:01:23 / Author: waffleking23
Good morning, all! Back again for another shot!


This week we're having a look at:

Dentburg Castle - wafflebert
Rural Racer - Yell0wDrag0n749
Sticker World - rexinator5
The Ruins of Earth - ImDaH4tman
Dracula's Castle - Charlie7101991

We've got a nice mix of levels this go about; no regrets, and a couple of pretty fun ones. Hopefully one of them will catch your eye. Thanks as always for the support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i've had the intro for this week's episode in mind since about the beginning of the season; if not exactly how it worked out, then at least the general shape of it. Was nice to finally get it into the show. Every now and then i'll get a scene or a gag that floats up in the back of my brainmeats that takes a good long while to actually use.

We actually got episode 019 finished up and posted yesterday, that's a little bit of a shock (especially because i spent all Wednesday morning doing Isaac videos, instead of working on R15F). It did help that there were fairly clear and well-blocked points for PiPs. This, as always, was completely unintentional; just kind of worked out that way. Every now and then, briefly, i kick around the idea of doing scripted outros. Then i think about the number of times i'll forget simple points i want to talk about, let alone trying to remember a 12-13minute block of language, and i figure i'll just stick with the off-the-cuff i've got going now.

For some reason, i got it in my mind to use my old LBP2 level for next week's title card. i guess i wanted to use something hanami-y, and i didn't really want to spend a bunch of time putting together something completely new. After an hour or so of bouncing back and forth with the US-store sub-account, trying to pick up whatever DLC i needed (also having to jump into the level on my main account, just to get a list-up of DLC used, since the "find DLC used" button was only showing me the stuff i already owned) i finally got a chance to play around with it. The logic i used in it (particularly the 20second intro) is basically a huge, kludgy mess, but you can see the seeds of what i use in R15F now, so that was kind of neat to see. i remember how long it took me to get working when i made it, i could probably put together the same scene in about 20 minutes now.

As a side-effect of being on the US-side PSstore, i ended up picking up the Afterbirth+ DLC for Isaac. i'd ended up holding off on it for some reason i can't remember at the moment...i think it took a pretty long while to come out on the PS4, and i'd only already got it on two systems...well, i guess it's three systems now (at some point i'd put a bunch of money in the wallet for the sub-account yonks back and promptly forgotten). Was nice to clear out one of the more difficult unlocks on my first try, especially since that one's been giving me a ton of trouble on the Switch. i...will play other games again...eventually...someday.
2018-04-05 23:01:23
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2018-04-06 07:24:09 / Author: mdkd
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the episode!
2018-04-06 07:24:09
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2018-04-09 21:59:34 / Author: waffleking23
Thank you, as always, mdkd!

What fresh hell is this? A Tuesday Takeaway on a Tuesday?!

Dentburg Castle - wafflebert
Once you strip off the bells and whistles of the visual design, there's not really a lot of meat on the bones of this one. Still and all it was fun enough to revisit. i found myself a little more annoyed by that one checkpoint this go about, and for some reason the swing with the bounce pad got hung up on the bottom of the flaming pillar for a bit, but really, those are minor quibbles. i did figure out what was going on with that box at the end. There's actually a wall blocking that exit that the block in the box raises. Because of the camera angle, and how quickly i grabbed on to that block, i hadn't noticed the wall at all.

Rural Racer - Yell0wDrag0n749
Hope y'all jumped on this one when you had the chance, because it's no longer up now. i really wish folks wouldn't do that, but, on the other hand i can see if you need to free up space on your Earth, and you're not particularly pleased with the level. Or even if you're just not particularly pleased with the level. i guess it just gets my goat, is all.

Sticker World - rexinator5
i just like these kinds of levels, as far as visual presentation; this one does a better job in some ways than most, as the stickers aren't completely random, and there's some nice composite work and placement. On the other hand, there's a lot of invisible material blocking things off, and that started to get on my nerves a bit this go around. There's got to be a better way to keep players out of areas you don't want them. The cameras are kind of wonky as well, but that stood out on the episode, so nothing new there.

The Ruins of Earth - imdah4tman
Really liked this one, and while it was my number two in the episode, i think it's my number one now. i think it's because of it being a level in the vein of something we'd see in story mode. That is to say, it's nice and beefy, without being overlong; and it feels like you're kept active throughout. i think we run into a lot of levels that are, while good, a little light on the game side of things, like we see with Dentburg Castle up top. The bounce pads are still a bit of an issue, though; don't know what it is about bounce pads that makes them so touchy, but it does seem to show up every so often, doesn't it.

Dracula's Castle - Charlie07101991
For something as blocky and kludgy as this one is, i really kind of like it. i found a couple of new secrets this go about, and that was neat. The option as far as how to end the level was cool too. That's something i wish i would run into more often. The boss fight, though is still...i really don't know what's going on with that. Drac just sits there doing nothing. Could have at least had him moving back and forth, maybe firing a couple of shots at you every now and then?

So, that's the that. Would've been nice if Rural Racer had stayed up, but otherwise a good set of levels all around. Hope you found something in there you had a good time with, yeah? Thanks, all of you, for the support and the feed back, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Hey! Still really busy!
2018-04-09 21:59:34
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