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2018-03-29 23:02:45 / Author: waffleking23
Good Morning, all! We're back again for another round!

Episode S2-017 - Quill

This week we're taking a look at:

Blueprints. - LiGeT_Epic123
Blue Metal - thefire1023
Dream World - kyzatom
Ship of the Gods - theelliyworkshop
>>Cosmoland.<< - Alos94

It's a pretty nice set of levels here, no real clunkers in the set. Hopefully there'll be at least one that you'll have a fun time playing. Thanks as always for all the support, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i think the real reason most "(earth monster)...IN SPACE!" movies are terrible is because they're later installments in faltering series that generally weren't all that great to begin with (i mean, i love Hellraiser, and Hellraiser 2 deserves more love than it generally gets; but we can all agree 3 was hot garbage). You could, i think, make the argument though, that most of the lead monsters are defined by their explicit interest in the main characters. Which is a stark contrast to the vast indifference of space, making them come off as rather small change in the scheme of things.

Trying to get a production schedule where i don't have to spend my entire Thursday in the house; which isn't a bad thing when the weather's crap, but is fairly disappointing now that the weather's getting nice. Haven't gotten all the kinks worked out yet. i did spend a few hours in the park having a mini-cherry blossom viewing (they are seriously nice looking this year). i did, however, not completely finish Episode 018. Too much of the week previous spent getting little things done, so i had to do all the intro set up and recording yesterday. Eh, we're getting there.

On that subject, we'll be wrapping up the Jupiter storyline next week, which is nice. It's been fun, but i think i'm ready to get back to the main hub (i don't know why i decided to make the Io hub as dark as i did). Also, if you haven't read Kill Six Billion Demons yet, you really should. i mean, because it is honestly great; but also because next week's intro will make slightly more sense that way.

Spring is here. It'll be here for roughly a week, and then it'll be summer, which is fine by me.
2018-03-29 23:02:45
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2018-03-30 16:08:55 / Author: Biorogue
Nice selection of levels. I think I've only played a couple of those before.
2018-03-30 16:08:55
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2018-04-03 21:49:52 / Author: waffleking23

Yoshi! i'm always glad when i luck into levels folks haven't run into yet.

Ossu! Tuesday (but no, really, actually Wednesday) Takeaway time!

Blueprints. - LiGeT_epic123
i found the layer issues to be even more grating this time about; i just could not keep any kind of momentum going. The level itself has some neat ideas, and i really enjoyed the visual design. Still, getting thrown out of level by funky layer launchers was...not so fun.

Blue Metal - thefire1023
Yeah, this one was still pretty cool a third time around. On the other hand, i did find two or three more spots where you could get yourself tossed out of level, so that's not so good. i somehow managed to miss the quest again this time. It's like i skip a new secret bubble everytime i play.

Dream World - kyzatom
Yeah, this one's really really short, but i still had a great time with it. It caught that LBP1 feel really well, and i appreciate that. It's got way too many different materials than it needs, but that's fine enough. i just noticed this time around that there were some bonus score bubbles in there, so that was cool.

Ship of the Gods - theelliyworkshop
i still have no idea how to pronounce this creator's name; that comes up every now and then, and i always feel bad 'cause i prolly mangle the heck out of them when i do my recordings. The mechanical elements here are so well put together, you don't really notice how much of the level is horizontal running. It reminded me of that Water Works level by JazzyLouis that we looked at way back when, but this one was a bit less of a slog to get through. Still, i wish i knew what was going on with that yellow Vellociraptor.

>>Cosmoland<<>>The Chaotic Adventure<< - alos94
This one grew on me a bit from when i played last week, but the basic positives and complaints remain. Thinking about it now, it's a bit of a surprise how much alos94 got in here. Maybe this is one of those rare successful dThermo levels. i liked the hand-made music, too. Those score bubbles, though...that little *pin* noise they make when you pop them was getting right on my last nerve.

So, that's the that. Not all that much changed from when we put the video together. Hopefully there's something you found to have fun with. Thanks for all the support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i have no idea what happened here. Woke up super-early yesterday, i knew it was Tuesday, and...i just completely forgot to do the Takeaway. i got a bunch of other stuff done, so that was fine, but it wasn't until about 9o'clock last night. So...apparently i've gone and lost brainbits or something.

Levels for episode 019 are recorded, and the hub is mostly ready for the intro; just have to put in some animations and get the cameras set and we'll be good to go. i should be able to have that part of the recording wrapped before work, and if things go really smoothly (read here: not at all likely, but still), we might be able to get PiP recordings and the outro done too. At the very least, we're on track to have things in the can tomorrow.

The cherry blossoms are almost all off the trees by now, but there's one tree right across from our apartment that's still got a bunch on it. It's a nice thing to have greet you for your morning smoke and coffee.
2018-04-03 21:49:52
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2018-04-04 01:12:07 / Author: mdkd
Fair reviews, I agree with them.

And I am looking forward to the next episode.
2018-04-04 01:12:07
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