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2018-03-15 23:06:30 / Author: waffleking23
Tick tock, tick tock. It's R15F o'Clock!

This week we're having a look at:

science city - kcon1111
Sackbox in the cardboard - Shaka_Warriah
Escape from abandond mine - KukalkaPolska44
Return to DaVinci's Hideout - firedragon5633

It's an interesting mix this go about, and nothing that really burnt my toast, which is always kind of nice. Sackbox in the Cardboard picked up a lot of heat after we did the recording, but there's not too much to be done for that. Hopefully you'll find something that strikes your fancy and you can have a good time playing. As always, thanks for all the support, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i finally got to see Black Panther yesterday (though, to be slightly fair, it did only come out here two weeks ago). Once again, Marvel's managed their neat trick of taking a character i could give less than two figs about, and making them compelling; and wrapping said character in a rocking story. Writing that i was thinking of Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, but thinking a little more on it, aside from Spiderman, there isn't a single major MCU character that i cared at all about when i was reading comics on the regular. And yet i've enjoyed just about every movie that i've seen so far. Damn, Marvel, how'd you work that one?
Episode 016  is finished but for the PiPs, and i'm going to be working on wrapping those as soon as i get this post done. It was one of those rare soap bubble episodes where everything came together light and easy and without a bit of stress. That's...pretty unusual, truth be told. Not that putting together the episodes is some interminable slog, but usually at least one thing goes sideways.
2018-03-15 23:06:30
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2018-03-19 21:43:19 / Author: waffleking23
Ohayo de gozaru! Tuesday Takeaway desuuuu!

science city - kcon1111
i think the visual presentation is what really brought this one up for me. The gameplay is solid enough, barring the occasional layer issue; it doesn't do anything radically different with the boost boots, but it gets the job done. The thing with the spotlights is an issue, and that one bit we see in the video can be really difficult to figure out where you need to be going. That's one reason why i don't use narrow beam spotlights in my hubs anymore. At the end of the day, though, i just really dug the frenetic-ness of the animated colour bits we see throughout.

Sackbox in the cardboard - Shaka_Warriah
This one is just straight up solid. The environment's great, and i love all the little interactions going on. Managed to pick up all the secrets this go about, and that was pretty cool. It's kind of surprising how much got packed in considering how little lag/load we ran into, though i suppose that's an effect of limited number of materials on hand. i also appreciated the little bits of animation they applied to the sackthing, that's not something we see come up all that often. i do wish they'd make the glue hazard bit a touch more clear, though. You can't really see what zones are safe, and you just have to kind of trust the level to land you where you need to be.

i think i mentioned this in the episode, but THE SHIPYARD really ended up growing on me the more times i went through it, at least in the visual aspect. The gameplay still feels a little slight, though the sackthing section is pretty close to to a solid length. The inside of the wrecked ship is cool, and the underwater bit can actually be a touch tricky. The Oddsock section, though, could definitely stand to be beefed up just a tad.

Escape from abandond mine - KukalkaPolska44
Not really all too much to say about this one that i didn't say in the episode. The environment is pretty journeyman, but it does a decently good job hitting the right notes to give you a sense of place. i don't really get what the point of having the boost boots and the floaty fluid together, seeing as they're really just serving the same purpose. Though, in most cases, i don't really see the point of floaty fluid at all.

Return to DaVinci's Hideout - firedragon5633
i could probably used up the entire outro nitpicking this level, there are just so many little things that could be polished or changed to make for a better experience. i don't think it would have much purpose, though; as i don't think that was necessarily the point of making the level. One of the reviews for the level mentioned that it was made (as a team effort) in about 3-5hours, and i imagine the fun of team creation was what they were shooting for, and that's cool. Still...i kind of wish they hadn't used triggered tags for their creator credits, they just look kind of tacky (and this is coming from someone who uses them every week for the show).

So...that's the that. Really, nothing here i would tell folks to not play, and a couple i would actively encourage y'all to look at. Glad you're finding these episodes fun. Thanks as always for the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtain Stuffs
Woke up at 4.30a. Went to bed at 12.30a. This is kind of suck, but at least it gave me time to get the takeaway done. day's schedule is 8 40minute 4person classes anyone can reserve a seat in. Or a student can use 3tickets and get a one-on-one lesson. When i'm at my home school, those group classes will pretty reliably fill with a mix of students, and i'll have a handful of one-on-one lessons to balance it out. Part of the takeaway here is, i generally won't see the same student more than 2twice in a given day, and 3times in a given week is a rare max. That's at my home school, which has a pretty large population of students, and is in the middle of an office/commercial area. Since January, i've spent Sunday and Monday working at two...not so busy schools. Empty lessons are common, as are group lessons with only one student in them (which is an issue itself, because we get a per lesson bonus based on how full the lesson is. It's small, but it adds up at the end of the month). What i'm getting at is...i taught the same student, often by himself, eight. freaking. times in the last two days. Five times in one day. i....don't have a lot of patience for extended contact with people who are not my wife, to be honest. i'm just not that social. By the end of last night's shift, my blood pressure was kind of through the roof.
About the show, i got levels recorded for episode 017 yesterday. i had a low-/mid-level migraine going on at the time, though; so i'm kind of dreading actually watching the recorded footage. i have almost no memory of doing it is all. i'm hoping that it's good enough to keep, because i'd be pretty salty if i had to scrap a full set-list because my brainmeats were too out of whack.
2018-03-19 21:43:19
Posts: 342
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