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LBFHC4 - Mother Nature

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2018-02-28 15:54:49 / Author: DeKa1357

LBFHC4 - Mother Nature

Spring is coming and Mother Nature is awakening. For our 4th hub contest, we have decided to do something with spring and nature. You have the task to create a hub that shows the magic of the nature. It’s always a great time when nature awakens and everything becomes colourful and happy. Show us the magic that happens every year after winter, when spring awakes. How you build the hub is entirely up to you. You just have to follow these rules here.

* Create a unique hub for the next LittleBigForum Picks episode based on the topic above
* Place 10 (empty) level links in your hub that we can fill with great community levels later

* Use any Level or Sticker Pack you want
* You can choose any character (Sackboy, Toggle, Oddsock or Swoop)
* The level has to be playable for 1-4 players
* Place (LBFHC4) in the title of your level and post it in the participation thread
* You are allowed to co-create with a friend, but only the person who publishes the hub will get the prizes
* Publish your level until the 31st of March 2018
* Your level must be playable in LBP3
* Do not republish your level after the deadline, unless we tell you to
* Do not publish more than 1 level

* The winner will get the rare LBF pin, a 20€/$ PSN card and a LBP Cap
* The winner hub will be published on the official LittleBigForum account and the winner will be featured with name and 1 level of your choice will be featured as well
* 2nd and 3rd will also get a LBP Cap

After we have chosen a winner, we will contact you and explain how you can send us the hub. Then we’ll publish it on the official LittleBigForum account with great community levels.

We hope you enjoy creating a nature inspired hub and we look forward to your level.

The LittleBigForum Crew
2018-02-28 15:54:49
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2018-02-28 16:06:02 / Author: mdkd
Have you seen DISARMED's picture on Twitter?

If he made a hub it would be awesome. Well, however, I wish you folks good luck. I hope you like this contest.
2018-02-28 16:06:02
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2018-02-28 16:10:17 / Author: DragonFly2500
Nice contest!
Maybe I'll build an entry

Good luck to everyone!
2018-02-28 16:10:17
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2018-02-28 17:21:08 / Author: CuriousSack
If I can beam myself from "Solar One" to Earth then maybe I can participate too! Scotty! Beam me down! ...
Scotty???... Scotty!!!
2018-02-28 17:21:08
Posts: 865

2018-02-28 21:44:32 / Author: E3X5X8X
i guess i will join this too
2018-02-28 21:44:32
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2018-03-01 04:02:00 / Author: TwisterKiller70
Always want to try to make hub! Hopefully I can find the time to do so, and good luck to everyone who participate.
2018-03-01 04:02:00
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2018-03-12 09:47:08 / Author: Blacksackman
Just to clarify for other participants, can the level links be spread around in any way or do you want creators to have them all lined up in one sturdy place? A cool idea would be to have some platforming elements to get to different grouped up levels links.

And how exactly are creators supposed to send the hubs to you guys? This one can be answered in my private inbox if it's sensitive information, I'm just curious to how it could be done safely.
2018-03-12 09:47:08
Posts: 84

2018-03-12 11:11:08 / Author: mdkd
I think the winner has to send LBF a friend request on PSN and they have to lock the level and send LBF the key. At least that's the version I am familar with.

Or we could go around the corner and then he hands over the hub like a drug dealer and then we get chased by the police. And then they see, it's only a level in LBP3. We still would get into jail. WE ARE RISKING IT FOR YOU GUYS!
2018-03-12 11:11:08
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2018-03-14 17:13:34 / Author: DeKa1357

The level links can be spread around. They don't have to be in one place.

If you're the winner you'll add the LittleBigForum PSN account, publish the level locked and copyable and send us the key via LBP. Then we can copy and publish it with our selection of levels. Hope that's clear for you.

2018-03-14 17:13:34
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2018-03-14 17:21:06 / Author: mdkd
I personally think it would be the best if the level links were in different places, to make players explore the hub and enjoy the scenery.
2018-03-14 17:21:06
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2018-03-24 10:18:41 / Author: temporary
I might join this if I find some time to make a cool hub
2018-03-24 10:18:41
Posts: 4

2018-03-24 13:26:53 / Author: mdkd
Just try it out and join. You still have one week to create the hub! Good luck!
2018-03-24 13:26:53
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2018-03-25 14:00:12 / Author: temporary
I made a little hub I hope you like it
2018-03-25 14:00:12
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2018-03-26 20:30:57 / Author: mdkd
I will play it soon, thanks for participating!
2018-03-26 20:30:57
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2018-03-31 17:15:27 / Author: Sean Heidari
question: can you be clarify that if i couldn't republish my lvl anymore because it hit to march 31 or could i still republish my lvl tell march 31 is over? because i found a little tiny problem and i want to fix it
2018-03-31 17:15:27
Sean Heidari
Posts: 2

2018-03-31 18:51:44 / Author: Hanfi1311
Yes, you can still republish your level, there are some hours left, and even when you publish 1 hour after midnight, I’m sure the team would accept it, too, not so easy with all the time zones...
2018-03-31 18:51:44
Posts: 210

2018-03-31 23:07:57 / Author: mdkd
Fix the problem and republish it. I don't see any problems with that.
2018-03-31 23:07:57
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2018-04-01 18:38:56 / Author: xxAlexInLbpxx
Now it’s time to play all entries ......

....... good luck everybody
2018-04-01 18:38:56
Posts: 26
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