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2018-01-18 23:01:11 / Author: waffleking23 Friday! Time for another R15F Rodeo!

This week we're having a look at:

Anpanman: Baikin Castle - iwi-iwi
Moth Garden - VilletteVillain
Hootler's Revenge - EmperorGeno
Return of Mr Sandman - EnochRoot
Cape Carnival - Robots_Shadows

Pretty fun set this time around. Of course Cape Carnival got nabbed for Level of the Day, but at least the recording got done before. Hope you find something you enjoy. Thanks for the support and feedback, as always, and have a great day!

Behind the Scenes Stuffs
Not too much that didn't get mentioned in the LBsP post. Honeybunny's going to be super busy today, so i should be able to get episode 008 wrapped up (the recordings at the very least, if not the PiPs). Might get an LBsP in as well, but that could be pushing it a bit.
2018-01-18 23:01:11
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2018-01-21 01:26:08 / Author: Biorogue
Whew! I've been looking all over for you! Found you! Nice episode man.
2018-01-21 01:26:08
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2018-01-22 23:32:54 / Author: waffleking23
Thanks Bio! i guess LBNetwork's kind of gone sidewise, but i'm glad to have you back. Hope you're doing well.

Good Morning! Tuesday Takeaway time here!

Anpanman: Baikin Castle - iwi-iwi
Meeeeeh... sometimes it's hard reviewing levels like these. Just from my own (limited) experience level building, i know how much work and effort can go into something, at first blush, looks really simple. i can respect the effort folks put into these things. But then...the end result. This one's blocky and cludgy. It's got some pace to it, but really not all that much. The enemies are only barely just, and the boss fight. Well, yeah. i can't pretend it's a good one, here; but i don't want to rag on it too hard, if you can dig it?

Moth Garden - VilletteVillain/MofoSuperVillain
i honestly had no idea VV was actually MSV, though in retrospect, i should have noticed some of MSV's hallmarks. It's still an excellent level, and i think a very solid example of good design for the Grappling Hook. A lot of Hook levels, even when the level is mostly designed around its use, it just feels like it's there. There've only been a few i can think of off-hand where the Hook actually felt necessary, and that it added to the level (really, Superk96's Dr Monday's Nemisis from S1 - Episode 004 and EVERGREEN GRAPPLE by CB7thSun in S1 - Episode 019 are the only ones in mind at the moment). This one does a really good job of integrating the Hook Hat gameplay into the level and i appreciate that. i know i ragged a little on our little goth poet, but really, that just might be me.

Hootler's Revenge - EmperorGeno
Not too much different this morning than i felt the last two or three times i played it. The costumes are nice, and i'm sure the logic was a real pain to put together; but the fight is just. so. sloggy.

Return of Mr Sandman - EnochRoot
Finally got to look at something from our very own Enoch! Woot! i really liked the presentation, and i could dig on the camera work a little better this go about. The chattery teeth ate one of the kiddos i was trying to save, and that was too bad. i still think the gameplay, being a lot of flat running, made the level drag on a bit, but i'm still happy to have played it. Also, it pushed me to play the original Mr Sandman, and that was pretty cool (and varied).

Cape Carnival - Robots_Shadows
Really glad to have gotten something from Robots_Shadows on the show, since we had to scrap a look at...i think it was Polluted Boots way back when. That time the recording wasn't clicking, and when i listened to it afterward, it just sounded like i was really tired and unhappy. This one's a really good, really solid Hero Cape level, which like the Grappling Hook, is a bit of a hen's teeth kind of thing. Not surprising that MSV served in an advisory position on this level's creation. Not too many more things to say here, but in the good way, it's just a lot of good fun.

So, that's the that for this week. Hope y'all found something fun or interesting (or hopefully fun and interesting). Thanks as always for all the support, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Episode 008's all done but for the PiPs, so that's cool. Levels are recorded for Episode 009, but i got it in my head to try something new for the hub (just as a one-shot), so that's added a little production time that i couldn't use for LBsP, unfortunately. Doing a pretty good job with it, though (at least as in pace of production). i'm thinking i should be able to get an LBsP up on Thursday, though.
Life stuff...i have 8classes a day, and usually 1class time worth of break (so...9 "classes" a day, usually). Yesterday, the school i was sent to for my kind-of-boss's whimsy...4 of my classes we're empty, and i had an extra break. So basically 5hours of nothing to do. Which gave me time to work out how much setting sent to 2non-home schools a week for a month is going to cut my paycheck by somewhere around 300bucks. How we're paid is kind of complicated to explain...but basically, next month's paycheck is going to suck.
2018-01-22 23:32:54
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2018-01-23 07:44:23 / Author: mdkd
I'm sorry your paycheck will suck next month. That's not nice, but let's hope you can still get through the month. I remember going to school for 8 hours a day. That was bad for my brain, because I had headache all the time and I was tired after 5 hours. I think having 5 hours a day would've been better.

I enjoyed the show and the levels. I'm looking forward to the experiment.
2018-01-23 07:44:23
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2018-01-25 20:23:18 / Author: waffleking23
Thanks for the support, mdkd. We should be alright i figure, just have to be a little smarter stretching it. At least all the taxes are paid up.
2018-01-25 20:23:18
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