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2017-12-21 23:01:10 / Author: waffleking23
Righty-o, then. We're at it again.

This week we'll be having a look at:

Tiki-Island - momi-arsen
Peace & Tranquillity - justnummy
Sackboy's Running Trails - cristobol1996cri
Sackboy Can Do it - DannyFerreira98
Tiki in the Clouds - bielplayer34

It's a bit more of an even set than the last couple, i'd say. Had an honestly good time with all of them (as opposed to a trainwreck good time). Hopefully something here will stand out for you, as well. As always, thanks for all the support, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i think, between my wife and i, we may have eaten a whole cow last night. i tell you, all-you-can-eat-yakiniku coupled with an all-you-can-drink is a dangerous thing. But, luckily, something we only do on special occasions...i'm pretty sure neither of us has the frame to carry a huge amount of extra weight. i'm thinking maybe we won't need to eat much at all for the next few days.
i've been kind of on myself here for being lazy recently, but looking back at what i've actually been doing the past week or so, i'm not sure that's entirely correct. i mean, looking at activity, actual things done, i haven't had a huge amount of extra time floating about, it just hasn't been focused where it needs to be. i've certainly recorded enough Isaac, which is a thing that does need to get done (though perhaps not to the degree i've done it). It's a comfortable form of work, though, and something i can use when i've got too much stress to deal with elsewhere. This upcoming week will be time to get back on schedule with R15F/LBsP, though. i do feel bad that i've got the meat of an episode for both all ready, but haven't been able to bring myself to put together the frame.
2017-12-21 23:01:10
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2017-12-22 01:58:34 / Author: mdkd
Thank you for sharing, I'll watch it later!

Haha, I know that feel as well. I'm a thick guy, but I can't eat that much anymore. Everytime I eat 3 slices of bread instead of 2 I'm feeling bad. Some would say that's a powerful gift, but it can get very bad. I hope it doesn't get too bad.
2017-12-22 01:58:34
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2017-12-25 23:36:34 / Author: waffleking23
Despite the slightly expanding middle (stupid beer), i'm still really scrawny. i think if i put on a bunch of weight, it'd look pretty darn weird.

Right then, time for the Tuesday Takeaway!

Tiki-Island - momi-arsen

It's...ok...i guess is the best i can say? momi at least makes the effort to actually make a level, with discrete phases, and an actual environment, i do have to give props there. There's just, there's not all that going on beyond that. The decorating is a bit slipshod in placement, but at least is coherent. There is some gameplay to be had, and they did toss in a secret, so those are good points. i just wish this one had a bit more meat on its bones.

Peace & Tranquillity - justnummy

i feel a bit ashamed that it's been so long since i've last heard this that i couldn't remember any of the lyrics. That would've made for a good bit of bonus material. The level is fine enough, there's definitely a nice mix of gameplay. The presentation is very much in that "well, it's coherent, but still very much an unnatural platform environment" mold that we saw a lot of in LBP2 (especially with this material set...i think it's come up at least 3times over the course of the series). Still, while i walked away feeling the level was a bit overlong, i still found it overall pretty enjoyable. There are a lot of charming little touches. i forgot to mention, but, i found my clone in the level too.

Sackboy's Running Trails - cristobol1996cri

i wonder, do you think the 1996 in cristobol's name means "born in 1996"? That'd make them 21, so it's certainly possible; but i graduated HS in 1996, so...yeah...feelin' kinda old. i really found myself enjoying this one more and more the more i played it. It's not particularly challenging, but it's such a well crafted race. The point bubbles are well placed, and having to choose between timer and extra points is always nice. The pace is really steady, so even though the level's a bit long, it never really feels that way. Also, it's a very good example of background choice (which has nothing to do with the race aspect, but is still pretty nice).

Sackboy Can Do It! - DannyFerreira98

This one's...not particularly pretty; though i did find it to have its own charm. i did like the depth of the level, and the fact you can see the later bits of the level; i don't know why, but i tend to like when creators do that. Gameplay is....not bad...there's at least a bit of a mix. i still find myself not really liking attract-o-gel all that much, i'm not really a big fan of the snapback on it. The first spinny obstacle definitely needs a bit of work, it kept on grinding me when it was supposed to launch me. At least i figured out that it's completely skippable if you just jump off the top of it.

Tiki In The Clouds - bielplayer34

i think we can assume that the 34 here is not referring to a birthyear of 1934, yes? i mean, i suppose it's possible, but...probably not? Anyway, i came away this morning feeling much the same as i felt in the episode. i liked the environment, i liked the gameplay, i just wish there were a bit more to it. i do think the velociraptors could have been a little better placed, unless some of them were meant to kill the player, it's not always easy to tell.

So, that's the that for this week. Had a good enough amount of fun with the levels, so that's cool. Hope you found at least one to your liking as well. Thanks, as always, for all the support; and i hope whatever holidays you're rocking are great.

Behind the Curtains Stuffs

Episode 004 is done but for the PiPs, which i should be able to get to today, so that's nice. i'd wanted to get a Christmas episode of LBsP in, but that didn't turn out to be in the cards, but i should be able to get one up tomorrow, i think. i do have to meet a friend and his tattooist that evening...but still, there ought to be enough time.  Seems the forum likes html tags again, so that's always nice. i think that's...yeah, that's about it, really.
2017-12-25 23:36:34
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