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Roughly 15 Fresh - S2] 001 - Again

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2017-11-30 23:11:55 / Author: waffleking23
(Edit to Add)Fixed the sound issue, link has been updated, sorry about that(/EtA)

Ossu! Round Two is starting up over here!

This one is just a re-introduction episode, so if you've been following along all this time, and want to pass over, that's cool. If you're new to the series, welcome! i hope we help you find some cool levels, as we bop our way across the Imagisphere. i'll put the next episode in this thread as well. If you'd like all the new episodes to be here (with links in the OP) let me know, and i'll change the thread title.

Thanks, as always, for all the support! Hope y'all have and great day, and we'll see y' around!

Behind the Curtains Stuff
We're up to the Outro as far as next week's episode. It's weird, the level recordings went smooth as, but i was having trouble getting things to click when it came to getting back to the hub. i should be able to get that done this morning, and once that's handled, the PiPs should come along no problem. There may be an LBsP coming up in the next few days, but i don't want to promise it until i've got the R15F engine running nice and hot. i was actually playing around with simple ways to reset sponge blocks on winches when they get hung up on platforms, which is so weirdly specific, but is such an annoyance whenever i run into the problem in levels.
Side weirdness: so i wanted to have some subtitles on the screen during the re-intro episode, where one would stay on the screen while the others were added. So, i clipped the video (in ShareFactory), added the subtitle, exported to gallery, started it up as a new project (because once it's been exported, it's all considered one file, so the clips are gone, but the subtitle or PiP or whatever remain). Did that three times (i wanted to list the level selection rules), and it looked good; but when i actually played the video, i found each time it was lowering the volume. The last version was almost muted, it was so soft. So...that's a thing. Glad i found out now, because i was thinking of using that technique to cheat in more than 10 PiPs. Would've been real bad to have it come up in a real episode.
2017-11-30 23:11:55
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2017-12-07 23:00:58 / Author: waffleking23
Alright! Got the real deal Holyfield first episode coming up at ya!

Episode 001 - Again

This week we're taking a look at:

Shapes - Azalon
Tower of Power - CalDav98
Cavern Catastrophe - ManPetKid
ADVENTURE IN THE FOREST - shadowbrine2009
Professional Bunny - hunter10009

It's a...well, a mixed bag to start the season off, but i still had a fun time with them, and a fun time putting the episode together. Hope you find something in here to your taste. As always, any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks for all the support folks, and i hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs

Weird, but the insert video button still seems to be MIA here. What's the html tag for popping a video in a post directly? (Edit to Add)The url tags don't seem to be working either. Has the site gotten a touch wonky?(/eta)

There's a copyright ding on the episode this time (apparently Song 2's owners are being assertive, which is weird, because i'm sure that song's come up in a ton of other episodes). So if there're ads in the show, i apologize, but at least they're not mine.

i don't think i executed it as well as i could have, but i really ended up liking how the Title Card turned out. If you recognize where it's from, you get a cupcake.

Like we said in the LBsP thread, episode 002 is uploaded and scheduled, and 003's levels are handled, so we're pretty well ahead of the curve here as far as production schedule. i had an idea pop up when i was putting together 002, and i thought i'd bounce it off y'all. So, data begets data, and i've taken to keeping track of 1st publish dates, plays (at time of recording), and time to beat. Is that information you'd like to see on the screen while i'm covering things in the outro? it'd be pretty easy to do. On one hand, trivia, and trivia can be fun. On the other hand, i can see how it might be useless visual clutter. Let me know how you feel, yeah? i could start to implement it in 003, if it's something you think would be cool.

Also, if you want the thread to be an omnibus, let me know. i'm happy doing it either way.
2017-12-07 23:00:58
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2017-12-09 04:07:30 / Author: mdkd
Looks like something went wrong with the links. :/
Thanks for sharing though! It was a strange set of levels this time, but it was fun!
2017-12-09 04:07:30
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2017-12-12 01:25:14 / Author: waffleking23
Yeah, something went wonky, not sure exactly what it was, though.

Oh ho ho ho...stupid browser...stupid Windows update...had this all written up, shut the laptop, which apparently now shuts down all programs. Which means the post got eaten. Feh...

Alright, Tuesday Takeaway take 2!

Shapes - Azalon
Pretty fun, but also pretty simple here. Having the alternate paths was kind of nice, though once you've found the optimal one to get all the score bubbles, you'll probably not have a lot of reason to go back. Still, it's chill and nice, and there's a bit of a nostalgic, LBP1 feel to it, which is cool. i'd say it's worth a good play or two.

Tower of Power - CalDav98
Got hung up on the winch issue in the outro, which means i didn't really get into why it really deserved the Red Triangle. Really, it could use a full work-over from the bottom up. There's little flow to the race, a point compounded by the way they've got the winches set up. You grab them, they run through the up-to-down cycle, and then stop. So if you miss the jump, you've got to drop off the winch and grab it again to start the cycle again. You've got bits of the level where you can get thrown out of it, like we saw in the video. Also, you get three power-ups tossed at you that you'll only use once a pop right at the end of the level, which is a pet peeve of mine. Simply, it'd be easier to start from scratch to make a more solid level.

Cavern Catastrophe - manpetkid
We're assuming the pet in their name is being used in the noun form, and not the verb form, yes. There's some decent enough presentation in here, but it does get pretty frustrating if you've forgotten how the old-school power-ups work. i'm not sure how much of that to put on manpetkid, it can be hard to anticipate what is (or will be) common knowledge among the player base. Still, it does effect the feel of the level. i can see the jetback area being a deal breaker for some (and to be honest, if i weren't doing the level for the show, i probably would've bounced), it is just as fiddly as they tend to be. Still, it's not a level without its merits, and once i noodled things out, i had a good enough time with it. The Space Race if definitely the better level, though.

ADVENTURE IN THE FOREST - shadowbrine2009
Eh, it's a run left-to-right through a copy-paste forest level. i kind of wonder if shadowbrine2009 is a younger creator, there's that kind of feel. It's got a nice Glitter Gun, at least. The attached level Guirassic Adventure was kind of fun, at least. Still heavily flawed, though.

Professional Bunny - hunter100019
First off, mea culpa, i screwed up hunter's name. Should've had an extra '1' in there. Sorry about that hunter100019! Whether you find this level fun or not will depend entirely on how much you enjoy the type. Personally, i enjoy a nice timing diagnostic every now and then, but i realize it's not a genre in everyone's wheelhouse. The same with the presentation; i found the stripped down style to be elegant, but it could be a little too flat for you. Paczek321 was nice enough to get in touch to remind me that you can turn down gameplay SFX in the Global Settings (which i really should have remembered), and the music at the end is actually from the game (of which i'd had no idea). Thanks Paczek!

So, that's the that (for the second time today). Hope you found something fun to play, i had a good enough time with everything (even the red triangles, in their own way). Hope you have a great day, and we'll see you this Friday!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
i actually woke up at my usual time (5a)! Huzzah! And then promptly fell back asleep for another two hours. Stupid Tuesday. Stupid Curse. We've got the dialogue and Frank's animations finished up for episode 003. Still got Mei's animations, the cameras, and music left to do. i lost Saturday for set up on account of my nephew spending the night with us (lots of Splattoon2! It was a lot of fun!). Sunday got eaten by a canceled party, which became basic drinking (go whiskey!). Still, i knew that was how things were going to turn out, so i'm not too chuffed about being a bit behind schedule. Even still, we should be able to get the episode wrapped by Friday, though i kind of doubt we'll get a LBsP in this go around.
2017-12-12 01:25:14
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2017-12-12 06:34:15 / Author: mdkd
Great episode!
2017-12-12 06:34:15
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