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2017-11-16 23:02:14 / Author: waffleking23
All righty, then. Got this season's last episode coming up here.
This time we're having a look at:

Dog return home - jet_daikon
Food Quest! - KevinExDee
Bolengo - exorbitantikum
BLOOD POOL -d3b2uniqu3
Not Gonna Make It - SiPaNS-BOKUNO

It's a pretty good set, though there's one that's a straight-up stinker. Actually, i think that one is the only one of its type we've seen all year, so i guess we can let it slide. This whole year has been a hoot. We've run into some extremely good levels, a lot of just good levels, and just a handful that were flat out bad (and that one level we got taken down by Sony. Thanks Sony!). Thank you all so very much for giving me the opportunity to put these out for y'all. Hope you find something that tickles your fancy, and that you have a great day!

But wait, there's more!

Yup, we've got our kinda sorta post-mortem too. As a side effect of that we get to take a look at:

Cloudtop Mountains - m89091520
Blink Ball Bash - MofoSupervillain
Adadrtklkga - toejack2002
The Gardens Remixed - ZePwnySack
Halloween Hike II 2017 - enterzandman81
Freakshow of a Carnival Warehouse - drixxs12
A Balloon in the Mountains - VeryCoolMe

This is actually the second set of levels, which is kind of unfortunate. i'd done a first recording, wound up pretty incoherent by the end. By itself that's kind of unfortunate, but there were some really nice levels in that set. This one is fairly more coherent (i think? i hope?), though i think there were some things i touched on in the first try, i forgot to say the second time out. Basically, ad libbing for 30minutes while playing levels, even working from a rough framework, is really tough. Like my commentary (even with Isaac) tends to be fairly gameplay focused, and the outro sections for R15F can be broken down into 5discrete chunks that don't usually go longer than 5minutes. i found doing this one here that i was starting to forget if i'd already said something by the end. Hopefully it's informative, and if it's not informative, it's interesting. If it can't even manage interesting, maybe, just maybe, it'll be amusing?

Like i said earlier, this has all been great. We'll be back on December 8th, though we'll still be around here in the meantime.
2017-11-16 23:02:14
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2017-11-17 00:21:43 / Author: MofoSuperVillain
Good episode! I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for having my level in another of your videos again also.
2017-11-17 00:21:43
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2017-11-17 01:07:16 / Author: mdkd
I will definetly watch this episode! Until december: Goodbye!
2017-11-17 01:07:16
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2017-11-20 22:53:54 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Tuesday Takeaway time!

Dog Return Home - jet_daikon

i have to say, off the bat, i love this creator's name. What the actual heck? When did this one pick up level of the day? i just checked my recording now, and we've got it at 900some plays; playing it now and it's 3500 or something? i mean, kudos, but...bwuh? It's still a goofy level with its own charm, and i did enjoy it, but it could probably use a bit more polish. Something i forgot to mention in the video, but there are a number of the Checkpoints that don't pop if you walk by them in the most natural layer. There's a bit at the end with a big slide you can get your doggy stuck on (also, the layer launcher earlier can get the little doggy stuck on the roof). Still, had my fun with it...though i wonder if a Yellow Square might not have been more appropriate.

Food Quest! - KevinExDee

No surprise this one got picked up as a Team Pick, it's got a sharp look, and the gameplay is fairly interesting. Could've stood to be just a touch longer, though. i wonder what the thermo was looking like. It's fairly involved for what's going on, and you've got the collected objects. On the other hand, i didn't really notice a huge number of different materials. And on the hidden tentacle, i think it was using most, if not all of the layers...hrmm...though to say that, i'm a bit surprised there wasn't much lag/screen tear.

Bolengo - exorbitantikum

OK, so...technique is a verboten word to the text-censor? Eh? Good to know, i guess. i really had a good time with this one, but i feel a little more solid with the Yellow Square we gave it. There are a number of areas that could use some tweaking. The layer launchers (as the so often do) can get wonky pretty easily. Little things like that. Still, it is a lot of fun, and it's got that old school charm to it.

Blood Pool - d3b2uniqu2

All i can say about this one is, last night i had a nightmare that there was actually a full, complex, and well presented level here, and all i had to do was go to the left to find it. Being so wrapped up with recording and commenting, that i completely missed it, and dumped a pound of shade on d3b2uniqu3 for no reason. i'm kind of glad that this was not in fact the case. This one's still just a pool of murky water, masquerading as blood. Bleh.

Not Gonna Make It - SiPaNS-BOKUNO

Not to much to say about this one that we haven't already. It's just a beautiful, if incomplete, piece of work. Also, nice that there's not much (if any) chunky loading, and very little screen tear. It's a shame the servers got shut down before we could see where this one was going.

So...that's the that for this season's last episode. All in all, i'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. Bit of oddness, but playing through things this morning, all of the levels had players on them. i think that's the first time that's happened. Thanks as always, everyone! Hope you have fun with a few of these levels. We'll be back with our next installment on Dec. 8th!

Behind the Scenes Stuff

Glad i got an LBsP episode in yesterday, too much space between recordings leaves me feeling a bit rusty. Also, not connected to LBP at all. but...this morning's Isaac recording was like the slowest-feeling, yeah-i'm-going-to-win-but-there's-nothing-special-here runs i've done in a long time...finished it up, and it turns out i came in 127th in score, and 75th in time (Daily Runs are ranked). i idea how that happened. Maybe everyone else screwed up worse than i did.
2017-11-20 22:53:54
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