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Freakshow of a Carnival Warehouse

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2017-11-14 14:25:42 / Author: stixxs
Welcome to the Freakshow Warehouse can you beat the timer to end to get through this Circus warehouse of a freakshow (1-4 Players) 

Lbp.Me Link:
2017-11-14 14:25:42
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2017-11-15 07:49:34 / Author: mdkd
It's already on my queue, I'll play it soon.
2017-11-15 07:49:34
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2017-11-16 09:28:06 / Author: MofoSuperVillain
This is a good level. The gameplay is fun and it is very good visually. There are a few problems though. At the start of the level I don't think the bounce pads should be obscured as it is slightly unclear what to do there. Some of the spikes are not static objects and can be moved with the blink ball, and in a few spots it is unclear what surfaces you can land on which can lead to frustrating deaths. Otherwise it is a good, fun level, maybe a little short, but that is not much of a problem.
2017-11-16 09:28:06
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2017-11-16 09:30:39 / Author: Xx-53Luffy53-xX
I wiil play it tomorow !
2017-11-16 09:30:39
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2017-11-16 13:54:33 / Author: stixxs

Thank you for your feed back im currently working on a new section that will replace the bounce pads but Idk yet when it will be added or ever the level is currently running on update 1.5.0 (and update system i made for my levels) with barriers being placed at specific spots 

Again Thank you for your feedback

Thank you all so much for the Plays and Hearts we made it to the level of day feature maybe even a team pick soon who knows Happy creating to all 

2017-11-16 13:54:33
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