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2017-11-09 23:00:29 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Penultimate week comin' up here!

This go about we're looking at:

Creature Feature - JZX111
No Way Home - P-O-D-4_G
Run Sackboy - DARIOSCIUTO44444
Hole In The Garden - SERnGREG
Skull Island - missyhifi

Some standouts here, a few middling-but-decents, and an aggravating one (which, i suppose, is its own kind of standout). Certainly something here that you'll find worth the time. Just about done with this season, and it's been a blast bringing these to y'all ("It's been a blast"...people still say that right? Have i officially shaded over into old?). Thanks as always for the support, and hope you have a great day!

Behind the Curtain Stuffs
Lots of little stuff, i guess. First up, the Title Cards, Intro, and Levels are done for episode 052 are all wrapped up. That actually puts me a bit behind schedule, but not something to be overly concerned about, definitely not something that will keep things from getting out on time.
The questionnaire threads have been bringing up a lot of good ideas, and i'm very glad for that. Special shout-out to koltonaugust over on LBPC, who taught me how to link within threads, and how to put time-links in my YouTube video descriptions. Little QoL stuff that i'd never even considered, and had no idea how to do previous, but should have a good effect down the line. Of course, the down(ish) side of that was i spent yesterday morning updating the LBPN thread, and no the word "episode" has no meaning when i see it anymore. i should update the various LBsP threads, since they're all omnibi, omnibusses, whatever, spellcheck hates them both.
i have no idea what the day's schedule will be like. If i've got a chunk of free time, i might prioritize putting out an LBsP episode, but we'll see how that hashes out.
2017-11-09 23:00:29
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2017-11-11 10:46:43 / Author: mdkd
I enjoyed the episode! Oh I'll miss this show when the break hits us!
2017-11-11 10:46:43
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2017-11-13 23:51:25 / Author: waffleking23
Thanks, mdkd! Don't worry, there'll at least be a few LBsP's in there to tide us over (and to keep me from getting rusty).

What, what? It's Tuesday Takeaway time?

Creature Feature - JZX111

There are a few real standout levels for me this year, and this is definitely up in that list. It's just such a wild environment, the difficulty of play is easy to forgive. i like that the various elements do seem to fit together in their own weird logic, nightmare logic, but logic, it's not just random crap thrown together. This is a good reminder to me not to be lazy and just rely on my recent activities feed, but to take that extra step and dig one level deeper. Man this it! Really, it only has 30plays, and a chunk of those are mine.

No Way Home - P-O-D-4_G

Did finally manage to beat this one, but it didn't really make things any better (the trick was to charge behind those plasma bits where i got stuck). The level is huge and blocky slabs of materials. The difficulty spikes up and down all over the place. It's got some nice bits to it (that machine we saw earlier on, for example), but there's just not enough to hang a hat on. It also has a forced level link to cap things off. Yeah...i don't feel bad about the grade for this one (i did give it a red triangle, didn't i? i've not got the time to check my notes right now).

Run Sackboy - DARIOSCIUTO44444

It would have been really nice to be able to skip the cutscene at the beginning, it goes on just a touch too long, to be honest. As for the, it is what it is, i guess. i mean, it serves it's function, and i had a bit of fun with it the first time i played it through, but there's very little meat on its bones to make it worthwhile going back to. Making it a survival challenge would've helped some, having to re-run the course, only this time with no point bubbles to distract becomes pretty dull the 3rd or 4th time you've died.

Hole in the Garden - SERandGREG

For something unfinished, this is really quite good. It certainly needs some polish on the intro, and i wish it were longer, but since those won't likely change, we get what we get. i liked getting to use the water-creatinator again. The environment is pretty nicely put together, and of course, i'm a sucker for just-secret-enough secrets. Will this one set the world on fire? No, of course not, but for a little 3minute bite? It's a pretty solid time investment.

Skull Island - missyhifi

Yes, yes, level of the day pick. i should have expected that; i've seen missyhifi's name come up enough in so many people's hearted levels lists, i should have expected something new from her would get a little extra attention. Some of the things that tripped me up, like not being in the layer i needed, or not tracking hazards, were easier to navigate this time around (which, i guess, shows that some levels can benefit from a few more times through). My feelings here really didn't change much, but, then, they didn't really need to. We've still got a very solidly presented environment with good material and deco choices, and solid (if relatively basic) gameplay. There's really too much signposting going on, but no level is completely perfect, i suppose.

So, that's the that for week 51. It's kind of hard to believe we've trucked along this far, but here we are. As always, thanks to all of you for the support and feedback! Glad i can bring you some fun levels to look at (a long with the occasional stinker, 'natch). See ya's next week!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs

i spent Sunday night and Monday morning inputting creator/level names for the post-mortem episode. i think it took something like 5hours (and that was with truncating some of the level names). Ninpy, if you're reading this, sorry i couldn't respond to your invite, but i was neck deep in text. We're looking to do the recording for the first part of the episode tomorrow, and then Thursday morning will be the more in-depth look into the series (what went right, what went wrong, where we can improve, that kind of thing). If you've got two cents you want to toss in, let me know by tomorrow, yeah?

Noticed off-hand that Marble World that we looked at last week is up to 3000plus plays. What the heck's up with that? i mean, i'm glad it's getting a little love, it's a solidly done level; but it didn't really strike me as something that would take off that way. Maybe TheGraniator1 is just a name that gets around?
2017-11-13 23:51:25
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